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Title: Cohabitation
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin (TVXQ)
Warnings: Nothing that isn't perfectly work-safe. Well, save the boy-kissing.
Summary: Yunho and Changmin find themselves in an awkward living situation.
Word Count: 4599

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FRIENDS CUT >> My hiatus kept me away for too long and now LJ seems kinda unfamiliar. 8D;

Took you off if your username didn't ring a bell (though if it's because you recently changed it and I missed the post, let me know!) or if I just don't feel like we ever talk. ^^; If you'd like a re-add, just comment back~

Kept some people for sentimental purposes (just don't feel ready to move on, yet). But if you think we should remove each other, you should comment also!
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So yesterday I went to the TVXQ fansign event in Cheonan. It was inside an auditorium, so we had assigned seats, which meant I couldn't sit close to my friend. But there were some very helpful high school girls next to me, who informed me of the direction we were going to go and the order of signing. (Changmin was first, then Yunho.)

When they came out, of course everyone cheered. Yunho explained that this was going to be the last fansign, and that Changmin was sick (he confirmed this with his coughing T_T). When it was Changmin's turn to speak, he greeted everyone and, after hearing his sick voice, all the fangirls went, "Awwwwwww." He paused, then responded with, "Ehhhhhh." lol

The fansign was underfoot. Didn't take long before Yunho had about 6-9 people in his line. lol Changmin went through them fast. It was easier to watch Changmin, so I watched Changmin for most of it. He was really polite and bowed and smiled to everyone who came up to him.

Also his legs are super long. At a point, he stretched them out underneath the table and his feet peeked out a bit from under the table cover. xD It was cute, I don't think he was all that aware.

(I wasn't sure what to say to Changmin, but made up my mind to tell him his hair was nice, because a friend of mine at ContinueTVXQ told me to ask about his shampoo. lol)

Whenever I caught sight of Yunho, he was smiling brightly and greeting every fan who came up to him. He's so cute.

Anyway, I got in line and the girl behind me, one of the high schoolers, was freaking out. She kept saying "They're so handsome! What should I do?!" lol I asked if she was a Changmin fan, because she and her friend were looking at Changmin's pictures earlier, but she said she was a Yunho fan! :D

Finally, I was at the front of the line, and was about to go up when a fan was leaving, when one of the coordinators held onto my hand and told me to wait. So I did, but Changmin's line was empty. She wasn't really paying attention, but finally she did and told me I could go.

I heard about this from my friend, because I wasn't really aware and because I wasn't looking, but when the girl finally let me go, I guess I squawked or eeped or made some kind of noise, and Changmin smiled. (I was thanking the coordinator, so I wasn't looking at Changmin as I was walking to him.)

I was super nervous, so I don't remember them as well as I did from my first fansign, but here's basically how things went down.

Me: ㅊ-창민씨...
CM: 네?
Me: Your hair is really... um... 죄고요!
CM: *laughs* 감사합니다... *kinda shyly; looks down, confused about card*
Me: *distracted a bit* Ah! *points to which one he should sign (I had written two separate "names" for Yunho and Changmin)* Mai 누나...
CM: Ohh. *gets to signing*
Me: Um... *struggles to remember what she was going to say* ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-나를... 다라해봐요!
CM: *looks up* Hm?
Me: Knock it. *holds up fist for bro-fist*
CM: Knock it? *notices fist* Oh! *holds up his own, too, smiling* (Seriously, he has such a gorgeous smile.)
Me: 아-아뇨... *tries to show we have to touch*
CM: Ahhhh. 안돼요...
Manager: *repeats that they can't*
Me: Ohh... 감사합니다... *must be looking pretty dejected about it or something, as walking away, because...*
CM: Sorry...

Then I got in the back of Yunho's long line. Soon my high school friend joined me, she was seriously freaking out, so I kept asking her if she was okay. It also gave me somethign to do. I couldn't focus or think very clearly.

When it was finally my turn to go up, I saw Yunho and... basically forgot where my tongue was. And where my card was. I looked down to figure out which one I needed to give him, and the bodyguard beside him helped me.

Me: 감사합니다...
YH: 안녕하세요~
Me: 안녕하세요~
Yh: *looks down at card* Eh? *confused* (I had written on the post-it "Mai Girl")
Me: *looks down at it, and forgets to look at him basically the rest of the time* Um... Mai. 내 이름이 Mai...
Manager + Bodyguard: *lean in curiously*
Me: *afraid manager won't let him sign to that request*
Manager: Girl. *reads it for Yunho and then explains what it says*
YH: Oh! *finally gets it! gets to signing* (He mighta been smiling at me, I promptly hid behind my paper so it's hard to remember.)
Me: 오빠... Keep Your Head Down 첫 팬사인에 돈 드렸으니...
YH: *looks up from signing, kinda confused*
Me: *pushes on, because is so nervous* 코뿔소 그려주세요!
YH: 코뿔소?
Me: *uncertainly* 코뿔소...?
Manager: Ah! *gets it, always faster than YH; explains that they can't*
YH: *explains that he can't, in a cute voice; kind of apologetically points at the paper and says something like there might be no room*
Me: Ah... 감사합니다...
YH: *smiles kindly as he finishes signing and hands the paper back to me*

I don't even remember if I told him good-bye, but I was so upset that I didn't wish him luck on figure-skating or that he was awesome.

I don't think he remembered me, really, but that's okay. Now that I've typed out this conversation, it was longer than it seemed in the moment. lol

Anyway, I sat and watched them sign. The high schooler behind me came back to her seat shortly after I did, and I asked her what she told him. But she was replying too fast for me to understand. Then she saw my signature, which he signed to 마이걸 and expressed her jealousy. lol But in a cute way. She was so nice, really.

I watched them the rest of the fansign (again, mostly Changmin, because it was easier) and watched to see my friend, who was much more charming than I was. :) Though Yunho also failed at understanding some of her English. He's seriously the most confused boy...

They gave a final ment afterwards, and Yunho said something about figure-skating. (I shouted out good-luck to him just before... I hope he heard. lol)

Then when he passed the mic to Min, Min wasn't sure what to say, so he stalled a bit with, "I... am not figure-skating." lol He's so ridic.

On their way out, they waved. Changmin seemed kinda rushed. Yunho, on the other hand, had to kind of be guided backstage by one of his security guards. A fan shouted for him to wave one more time, and... he did! Just before disappearing behind the curtain.

I love him. I love them.

I made Changmin LAUGH. lol And apologize. (All I really wanted to do was troll Changmin... but he's too awesome for that.)

And now... well I've always been Yunho's girl, but now he knows, too~ (thanks to his awesome manager.) Overall, a pretty successful fansign. ^^
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So I decided to just post this here, publicly, for anyone who wants to come see it. Rather than advertise it at a public community, I think this should be enough for those who are curious. ^-^; It's a very detailed and personal account from my own perspective, so forgive me if I don't say enough about Yunho or Changmin. My brain basically went to mush when I saw them, though.

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HoMin Day~

Thoughts on Yunho
A Mix of Meta + Fangirling

(Sorry, this came out longer than I intended.)

So Yunho... Where do I even begin with Yunho? It's weird if I say he's perfect, without backing it up, but sometimes I look at him and wonder why people can't see it for themselves. Yunho is what I aspire to be as a human being. He is considerate, generous, eternally optimistic and so incredibly hardworking.

I think his optimism fuels his work ethic. He never lets anything get him down. A fall from the second floor onto his head? 60 trips to the hospital a year? It's just another story for him to tell! 8D Actually, he's kind of like Lancelot in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - perhaps a bit suicidally brave.

But I do admire the fact that, rather than see a failure as a setback, he sees it as a lesson and keeps pushing forward. Though he may be injured, though he may be hurting, he keeps in mind the task he's set out to do and he tries his best to complete it. (He's like the little engine that could.) After getting bad reviews, he takes it upon himself to improve, and I think the results show if you follow HTTG through to the end. Even as a fan, I have to admit he was pretty terrible to start with. But comparing the first episode to the final one, all of this taking place over the course of a couple months, the improvements he's made are clear.

I think this is only possible because he's always pushing his own limits, trying out new things and finding what joy he can in them. I don't think he's actually found anything that he dislikes, other than liars - at least so far as he's said. This is why his collection of friends is so diverse - from silly Kang Hodong to sharp-tongued Kim Heechul.

Yunho is known to be sociable and I think this is probably easier for him than some because of his good-natured personality. He's obviously able to talk to others easily, but more important than that is his ability to empathize. You can see this in his sincerity at charity events, both public and private. He doesn't let people down, he's always loyal and good to the people around him. I can't remember a time when anybody who knew him personally actually commented negatively about him, other than perhaps to say he was too nice. When he so readily decided to participate in J.Rich's video to help out a friend, when he decided not to press charges on a girl who tried to poison him, when he worked to clean an entire orphanage with a smile on his face and no complaints, his level of engagement with all his fans no matter how tired he is (I witnessed this at the fansign) - this is the kind of person I want to be, someone who really appreciates all the people around me.

Of the people that he cares about, everybody knows the person he most respects is his father. And this is something that I think is a bit more personal for me, but I really admire this trait in him, because he recognizes what his father had given him and I can relate. My own father is a source of strength and it makes me feel closer to Yunho every time he talks about his dad, because he understands very well the lessons his father has been trying to teach him in his life. This is what I think every father should be trying to teach their children.

That Yunho wants to be his father is not only obvious in how he talks about him and how he behaves, but also in how he interacts with children. I think he really adores children and how much he wants to be a father at such a young age is really interesting. Most people at eighteen or even twenty-two don't think about that kind of stuff. I think he'll make a very capable father, though, when the day comes. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

Yunho's tendency towards the ridiculous belies his self-awareness and intelligence. He's honestly a very smart person - he graduated I believe in the top two of his class, he's working out a series of inventions - he just doesn't brag about it. (Modesty is another of his wonderful personality traits.)

But hard work and a good personality aren't always enough to make an idol. The reason Yunho is Korea's representative idol of the moment is because he is also incredibly talented. Though he got very little voice time in DBSK songs at early debut, over the years he's shown how solid he is as a singer. His voice isn't just pleasant, either, getting by on vocal training alone. He's able to express himself quite well through his performances. He also has quite a range, doing not only his assigned bass for DBSK's acapella songs, but also branching out into some of their higher adlibbed notes.

It makes me proud that he has goals for music writing. I really enjoyed "Spokesman" and "Checkmate." They are not the best songs, but they're good. Better than that, they're different from anything else DBSK has worked with - they're very him.

He is also very talented as a dancer and has not only shown even further improvement over the years. But what gets to me with his dancing is probably what has also inspired others. Other than Karam from D.NA, there are others who have seen him and been encouraged to keep working at their craft. That's an incredible power, I think, and I wish I was good enough at anything that I could inspire others.

Actually I think if I was to sum Yunho up into a word, it would be exactly this: an inspiration. He's an excellent role model, not only to idols or those who want to pursue entertainment, but to people everywhere.

Thoughts on Changmin
Why I Like Him (In More Than Four Words)

It's hard to put into words why I like Changmin. Probably because I don't think about it often, I just... do it.

I guess my feelings for him run a bit more shallow than my feelings for Yunho. I find him attractive, especially in recent years. Sometimes I find him even more attractive than Yunho, though it's interesting because, on an individual basis, I think his features are really wonky (big nose, uneven eyes, vagina lips). But then, put together, he's a gorgeous human being.

Don't get me wrong, though - his looks are not the only thing I like about him. I like that he's smart. And not just book smart, he's also self aware. From his body to his intelligence - he knows what he looks good in and acknowledge he isn't the genius everyone makes him out to be. His good scores he got after plenty of hardwork.

I also enjoy the fact that he's so outspoken. Even if it's an unpopular opinion or bursts the fans' bubbles of the happy pop group DBSK were supposed to be. He was of the first to admit they had a hard time in Japan, and the first to talk about what he felt he was missing out on being an idol. Sometimes he just says things he shouldn't, though. One of the best moments in my life was probably his admitting to watching porn on national television. Though the talk about his super hairy back and how he used to color on his own dandruff was interesting, too.

Though young and occasionally strange, I believe he is wise enough to understand how to behave appropriately to most situations. He never takes his comments too far. You can tell he really gives respect to his parents and the people that he thinks really deserve it. That's why I trust his opinion when it comes to other people.

He's very mature for his age. His relationship with Yunho shows that. Though you'd think they get along because Yunho is so childish, it seems to be the other way around. Whenever they talk about how they interact, they talk about their serious conversations, and Yunho has noted that Changmin is the one that he feels most comfortable going to when he's having a hard time.

This may actually have the largest impact on my liking Changmin - his close relationship with Yunho. But I won't get into that.

On other end of the spectrum, Changmin is really silly. I'm pretty sure he's a hypochondriac. He's so obsessed with his health and it seems with even the slightest cough he worries he might be coming down with something. He always carries medicine around with him, and he's always overly prepared with his Mary Poppins bag full of everything imaginable. I can relate - I always have a bag full of everything, too.

Overall, I think Changmin is an interesting kid to watch. He's definitely out there. But his many quirks are why he's got so many devoted fans. :)
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Here's To You: A Jung Yunho Fan Project


In the end, I didn't get a fansign ticket. I couldn't hand it to him in person. But actually, the staff were going around collecting all the gifts from fans in line, anyway, so nobody was able to hand him a gift personally.

But I think because this is Yunho, his staff put all the gifts in a bag so they will deliver all his presents to him and he will look at all of them. :) Let's have faith in that.

^^v Good job, everyone! We're all now a little closer to Yunho through this fan project!
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Here's To You: A Jung Yunho Fan Project


I'm also going to include a bottle with little pieces of rolled up paper. I want to include the names of all his fans who have contributed to this project, but also the names of those who can't find words to express what he means to them. :) So if you want to be included in that list, please comment.

Note that those who have already sent something in, be it a song or a letter, will already include their names. This is just for those who have no time or no idea what to say. ^^

Name in a Bottle
-Krista, USA
-Kat, USA
-Alexia, USA
-Brianne, USA
-Olga/Haido, USA
-Elizabeth, Canada
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Here's To You: A Jung Yunho Fan Project

Anybody on my flist who is interested, or knows somebody who is interested, spread the word and we'll show Yunho just how much we care about him.

Note: There's no guarantee that I can deliver this myself, but I'm sure I can convince a fan who will get to talk to him to deliver it. So why not go ahead and try, right?

Anyway, here's what I want to do.

Part 1: Fan Mix
-Recommend a song (or two - maximum).
-You must upload the songs yourself for me to download. (I prefer Mediafire.)
-Comment here with a download link.
-Sign with your name and country.
-You can include a small message with your song (and maybe explain why you like this song) to be included in a booklet.

Part 2: Fan Letters
-Write a letter to Yunho telling him... well, anything you want to say.
-Restrictions: Do not mention the lawsuit or the other members, let's keep this strictly focused on Yunho. Do not include personal contact information like phone numbers or e-mail.
-E-mail it to kry.eowook@gmail.com with subject [Yunho Evisu] Your Name + Location
-Letters may be in any language, but if the script is not Korean or English, then it might be more difficult to re-write them.*

-Oct 30 for songs
-Nov 3 for letters
*If your letter is in Japanese, send it in before the 30th. There's somebody who can actually speak Japanese who might be able to re-write them legibly. ^^;
I know it's short notice, but I only got wind of this event this weekend. I also only have the 31st to collect materials and then maybe try to put it all together in sparse intervals of time over the course of the rest of the week. So try to get things in fast! I know it can't be a huge project, but I really want there to be something for him.

I'll leave this post public, so you can direct any other fans who might be interested here. ^^;

The people who will be putting all of this together.
-Kat (hyperballad)
-Fuu (coyotecolored)


Present successfully delivered!
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Yunho Pimp Post

taken from naver

Name: 정윤호 (Jeong YoonHo)
Birthdate: 1986.02.06 (official) 1986.02.16 (real)
Height: 184.0cm
Weight: 66.0kg
Bloodtype: A
Debut Album: 2004 DBSK's Single Album (Hug)
Hobby: Musical sentiment(?), reading, writing
Specialty: Singing, dancing, sports
Nicknames: Junjin (from Shinhwa), 꼬비 (??)
Ideal type: Someone with a cute and active style.



Someone with a cute and active style. That's actually how I would describe YunHo. This video is one of my favorite YunHo fanvideos, because it's dedicated to just how adorable he is. He's a little hyper, as you can see. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what he's doing, he runs around so much.

Even when it's bad for him. Just before a concert in 2007, he hurt his back and was told to be careful about moving around too much, but didn't really listen to doctor's instructions. Junsu had to physically come over and stop him from jumping up and down too much.


He really puts his best into everything he does, even at the risk of his own health. Which is already bad enough as it is (a couple of his nicknames are YunhoRus (Yunho + Virus) and Hospital VIP - according to an episode of YSMM, he apparently frequents the hospital 30-40 times a year). :( One famous incident was in the summer of 2006, where he continued to aggravate a leg injury and wound up in the hospital multiple times. He was told that he may never be able to dance again, if he didn't cease all activities, because he had injured his achilles tendon so severely. His condition got so bad he had to be carried around. He was forced to take a break, eventually, stopping activities in the middle of A-Nation, one of Japan's biggest summer music festivals.


Yunho is the leader of DBSK, and just about any fan would agree he's a good one. He takes the position very seriously, and doesn't have a problem informing even Jaejoong (the only one older than him) when he's made a mistake. (Don't pay attention to anything that says JaeJoong is crying - he's embarrassed, but I don't think he was that upset.)

Whenever they do an interview, the members like to point out how Yunho takes care of them. Yoochun and Changmin have stated that, "Without Yunho, there would be no TVXQ." They also like to point out how manly he is, and he does try very hard to keep up that image. He even claims he never cries on stage, even while everyone else is. Of course that's refuted by evidence such as this. He also cried finally at DBSK's Mirotic concert in Shanghai, when the entire auditorium of fans held up signs reading, "Mideoyo." (Though he has yet to cry to his heart's content, but you can read about that in my later edits.)


Among the band, he's also been referred to as the 'appa' (daddy) in the group, and that's become a pretty common nickname among the fanbase. Another reason he's 'appa' is because he really badly wants to be a daddy. He's such a sucker for the little'uns, and they seem to like him, too. He's said on more than one occasion that he would like 28 children, in the future. I think his reason for wanting so many kids is to populate the village he wants to build with all the 500 won coins he's collecting in water bottles. What is said village for? To keep all his friends close, of course. Now that he's grown up, he wants two kids - two boys and one girl, the boys close in age and the girl 4/5 years younger. Probably because he wants her to have little sister complex and for her older boys to be as overprotective as he would be.

Ideal Types

Back to the subject of YunHo and babies... What about the mother, you ask? Yunho's ideal type is Jeon JiHyun, who he fell for in the movie 'My Sassy Girl'. His other celebrity crush that we know of is Eugene of SES. His bandmates have talked about how excited he was when SES performed together for the first time in years, since their disbandment. There was a fancam of him staring intently from his seat in the audience, totally mesmerized. It seems he has not actually met either women, though. He had an opportunity, with this CF, but the directors decided to shoot the scene with them separate, and later on meshed it together.


Yunho has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry. Notable are popular MC and host Kang Hodong (YunHo at the wedding), Kim Heechul and Lee Donghae of Super Junior (part of the robbong clan, which consists of Heerobbong (Heechul), Dorobbong (Donghae), and of course Yoorobbong (Yunho)), also Choi Shiwon of Super Junior, Tachyon's Son Hojun, BoA, SS501's Youngsaeng and Kyujong, CSJH's DANA (who he technically debuted with, as a rapper in one of her songs), Kim Jongkook along with many others. They all have interesting stories to tell about him, so I've linked to a couple below.

Kim Heechul;

One of the more memorable ones I can't find a video link to, but it has been noted that the reason Heechul began to dress as flamboyantly as he does, is all due to Yunho. Yunho, when younger, used to borrow Heechul's clothes. They were about the same size, and they lived together, so he would pull on whatever was comfortable. Heechul got fed up with it and started to wear clothes he thought Yunho wouldn't want to be caught in.

Of course, as a result, whenever he and Yunho hung out people would mistake them for a couple. One of Yunho's girlfriends broke up with him over this, and when they went couple ring shopping for him and a girlfriend, the saleswoman mistook them for the couple.

When they discussed this, Heechul sounded like he was scolding him. But Yunho's friends are very loyal, and during an instance in which an anti fan tried to poison Yunho with glue (now known in international fandom as the glue juice incident), Heechul posted a very angry and hateful message on his cyworld directed at the fan, in defense of Yunho.

(back to Personality) kind/forgiving;

Yunho himself, however went on to forgive the fan and didn't even press any charges against her because he said that she was around his younger sister's age.


As much as Yunho is forgiving, he is also very competitive. He and Junsu mention how they regularly run together because they motivate each other by seeing which can outlast the other. He can also be somewhat scary, as seen in the prank video, but also according to member accounts. On an interview with Come to Play, Changmin talks about how Yunho reacted when a game he had been playing was accidentally deleted. Changmin was so scared of him that he didn't admit that he had closed the game until the interview itself. On an episode of Happy Together, Junsu revealed how angry Yunho got when he was falsely accused of leaving the toilet unflushed in the dorm. When Junsu admitted it was he who had done it, however, he like Changmin faced no real consequences. Seems Yunho was too kind of a hyung to actually hurt them. Though he still playfully abuses them.


Yunhos very much the family man, and it was during a period of financial difficulty that he started working odd jobs (salting the roads, etc) to pay for his sister's tutoring fees. In that video clip, he also talks about the difficulties of working and training, how he had to sleep at train stations and so on and so forth. But his love for his family kept him going.

When asked if he would like his sister to become a singer like himself, he said no. He didn't want her to experience the hardships he faced. Very protective and loyal to his sister, he says he wouldn't want any of his friends to date her, because then he wouldn't know which side to pick if they got into an argument. Yunho tends to think in black and white.

He said there is no room for lies in his life and it's the trait he despises most in people. Even when he's given a big bowl of alcohol and asked to drink "as much as you love us" by the staff, he'll drink all of it because he feels guilty if he doesn't finish. His naivete has made it possible for him to be easily pranked. Heechul and Donghae got him to burn a leather jacket of his before, just to prove it was real.

(back to Personality) just/fair;

His sense of fair play and justice is really strong. In this video, he defends a fan's honor when she is accused of thieving. (This is the video that converted many.) As a child, he wanted to be a public prosecutor like his father (one of his heroes). Or a detective like Sherlock Holmes (the other of his heroes). Yunho likes to read and write. On the AADBSK DVD, he even stated that his favorite fan gift was a fanfic, because reading it really touched him.


So looks and a great personality. What else does Yunho have? An IQ of 142. It was revealed on an episode of Family Outing, when he got excited because each team's mission was to rank the other team in terms of IQ from highest to lowest. As the idol, he was ranked a bit low, as he suspected he would be. More than just having the capabilities, Yunho has also expressed a lot of his own creativity. On an episode of YSMM, he revealed he has several inventions in the works - simple, but functional things. In Saipan, he got creative and fashioned a drink holder out of coconut skin.


Another reason to love Yunho is that, despite his celebrity status and all the great things he's got going for him (a pretty face, a solid brain), he still seems very grounded. He does not forget his friends, and has often calls someone up whenever he goes out to eat. He doesn't want to miss an opportunity to see anyone. Also, when Heechul's grandfather passed away earlier this year, he made a post thanking all the friends who were concerned for him. He thanked YunHo for text messaging him repeatedly to ask if he was all right. Not forgetting where he grew up, on January 2, 2009 he set up a scholarship fund of 600,000 won for 6 students at his old high school. Afterwards, he took out 70 students for lunch.


Yunho is known for being very compassionate and kind. On popular variety show X-Man, he often chose Park Kyunglim, an older woman who was pegged with the undesirable role, to be his partner in the love matches. I think I should note here, while we're on the topic of variety shows, that Yunho has had the most experience on Love Letter and XMan, as compared to his bandmates. He has been a regular guest on both shows, and there are plenty of videos on youtube. On variety shows, Yunho gets coddled, but he handles it with humor.


He is also consistently active in multiple charity projects. He's started an annual tradition of awarding a small scholarship to students at his alma mater in Kwangju, he donated 5,000,000 won in 2010 to the victims of the Haiti earthquake, he often volunteers at orphanages and hospitals - either cleaning or donating gifts and always spending time with the children. A friend of his from the R&B ballad group J.Rich discussed Yunho's activities in the '85 club - all the members friends of his born in 1985 (and him being a fast '86, which puts him in line with the '85-ers). Together, every year, they pull together to raise money and volunteer at public service centers.

With Fans

With his fans, Yunho is incredibly kind. In 2010, on an outing for his birthday, several groups of fans followed him despite his efforts to get away and a few snapped pictures. Though it's not easy for him to be alone and though it bothers him to have fans following him and taking pictures of him, he has never spoken to them impolitely. Rather than let them carry on with the things that bother him, however, Yunho asked that the fans delete their pictures and kindly explained that he didn't want such pictures taken on his birthday. He is direct, but always courteous.

In Paris, he was seen to be extra kind to fans, as many reported that he would sneak them autographs. He was actually prohibited from it, but would sign for fans when managers weren't looking.

Korea's Idol

It's no wonder that Yunho is so beloved in Korea. Recently, he has become something of a face of Korea - he was the feature star in Korea's mini movie for the Shanghai World Expo and will soon be featured as a main actor in a mini web drama called 'Haru', another project intended to advertise Korea.

Idol Activities


YunHo himself is very funny, and the entertainment world recognizes how he is able to keep everyone's mood up. He was one of the main participants in Dong Bang Shin Ki's Ha Ha Fighting campaign for figure skater Kim YuNa. Here he created a couple music videos with fellow members, particularly YooChun. Acapella version with members is my favorite. The dance was fun, too. Because of his ridiculous personality, he's one of the TVXQ members to have done the best on variety shows and appeared as a regular on XMan and Love Letter for a while.


Yunho is best known for his dancing. He and Junsu are the dancers in their group, and competed in a competition here (opposing teams) and here (the same team). One of the most noted dance battles has been at the SM Concert here, where he stirred up a frenzy by pulling his shirt over his head to display his newly toned body. He also participated in the dance battle at SBS Daejun Awards Festival here. In February of 2010, it was announced that he would be participating as Korea's representative in the 'This Is It' world tour, honoring Michael Jackson after his death. The performance turned out amazing.

Yunho choreographs his own routines, but he also writes music. He wrote the song Spokesman, which he performed at DBSK's 2nd concert tour with Super Junior's Donghae, and with another friend on popular variety show XMan. He also wrote and choreographed Checkmate, which he performed at DBSK's 3rd concert tour.


As you can tell, he's also something of a rapper. In DBSK, he actually does most of the rap parts, along with Micky. They write their own raps, for the most part, and for their single Sky he attempted for the first time in English. His pronunciation could do some work, but his lyrics were rather pretty.

But what Yunho says he would like to improve with most is as a singer. I mentioned the 'This Is It' tour before and it is an especially significant event for Yunho because Michael Jackson was the artist that he said he admired the most. This isn't only because of Michael Jackson's dancing, but also because of his skills as a singer. Yunho wants to become not only an awesome dancer, but a capable singer, as well. He pours all his emotions into singing, and you can tell if you watch any performances at all. Kenzie, a noted composer and arranger in Korea, says that's one of her favorite things about his voice - how innocently he puts all his emotions into a song. His vocal position in the group is bass, though his speaking voice is actually higher. He does a variety of ranges, though, from deep deep bass (doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou) to various falsetto adlibs in multiple songs.


Outside of DBSK, he signed an exclusive modeling contract for Evisu's 2009 Fall/Winter collection. Revenue rose as a result of his endorsement. His contract appears to have been extended, as he is currently modeling for Evisu's 2009 Spring/Winter collection, under the charitable SOS campaign. It's no wonder - he's an asset as a model with his dynamic poses.

Demonstrating his range, he has also joined the cast for the musical Goong, stepping onto a new stage.

Other trivia I couldn't weasel into there.
YunHo used to be in a project band, prior to debut, with JaeJoong, Super Junior's KangIn, and Super Junior's HeeChul. They were called the Four Seasons, and YunHo was supposed to be Spring. In that group, he was actually the 'magnae' (youngest).
YunHo has a couple of very special talents.
Korea thinks YunHo has the 3rd most symmetric face in the industry.
YunHo is a slow text messager, and has been known to fall asleep in the middle of one.
He also falls asleep a lot during movies.
YunHo is known as NG King. It's not just a fan award, it's been documented.
The scar on Yunho's face starting from around his eye is a result of falling down stairs as a child, and he recounts in an interview an instance in which he fell out of a building and only barely managed to catch onto a railing and save himself. During one of their performances for their 2nd Asia Tour, his prop/car also tipped over while he was driving it on the stage.
YunHo was the first of his group to reject fans' gifts on his birthday in 2008, asking they be donated to the more needy.
YunHo has a pet dog named Taepoong (which means typhoon in Korean). It's a Siberian husky that he absolutely coddles. He talks about it here.
YunHo has a stuffed toy - a bambi - that he refers to as his daughter. He has been seen carrying it around at the airport, as well as when he displayed it at home on one of DBSK's house tours.
YunHo is from Kwangju in Jeolla-do.
YunHo can't cook much, but can apparently make delicious pizza. He likes spicy food.
YunHo is a 2nd degree blackbelt in aikido/hapkido.
When YunHo gets excited, he slips into his satoori.
His best friend in high school was also his rival; he had him rap during one of the O Encore performances, backing him up during Spokesman.
He's got a reputation as the manly one, but on many occasions exploits his aegyo. He's especially adorable with stylists and coordis, when he wants them to pay attention to him.
Though he's still learning, he seems to really enjoy playing the drums.
Another of his talents is that he can imitate a dog pretty much perfectly.
Yunho sleeps with his eyes partially open and does popping.
Yunho almost always prays before he goes on stage to perform. He says it keeps him confident.

Q&A with Yunho, around his birthday in 2010

호우 (Hou) - because he says/shouts "호우!" a lot in their songs, particularly O
훠 (Hwo) - comes from 호우
리다정 (Lida Jung) - Leader Jung because he's the leader
압카 (Apka) - comes form 압도적인 카리스마 (apdojeokin charisma) meaning "absolute charisma"
무대위의 군주 (Mudewieh kunju) - similar to 압도적인 카리스마
릴리윤호 (Lily YunHo) - because sometimes he's a bit effeminate
세작얼 (Sejakeol) - meaning "the smallest face in the world" because... he's got the smallest face in the world
빙구 (Bingku) - meaning "stupid in a cute way" because... yeah
Frog - because he can jump high
Timing YunHo - because he's got a good sense of timing
Baseball Youth - because he could play baseball well
Yoorobbong - a nickname from Kim HeeChul
Yundol - a nickname from BoA
Action Star - a nickname from friends, because he's like an action star when he's angry
Jung Star - a nickname from Changmin

large chest - he considered getting surgery to fix the problem (but didn't) and even at a point believed he might have breast cancer
small face
"Winnie the Pooh" belly
satoori (accent) - on a train ride once, some girls tried to talk to him because he looked nice (he had been preparing for a photoshoot), but as soon as he slipped into his satoori, they stopped

Other videos of interest
audition into sm
dance solo at 1st concert
dancing to sexy back at love letter interview
yunho and donghae video
yunho's 1st spokesman performance on xman
yunho's korean lessons
dbsk singing saranghamnida - yunho gets many parts
yunho cut in all about dbsk dvd [2]
yunho featured in dana's 'diamond' mv
yunho featured in dbsk's haptic cf's - follow related links
yunho shows his tender side - waking up junsu
yunho (and others) taking care of changmin during mkmf 2008
yunho with shinee's onew mkmf 2008
yunho's dance solo for smtown concert in bangkok 2009
yunho's dance solo for smtown concert in seoul 2008 - different fancam
yunho during rehearsal with dbsk, boa, csjh

TVXQ Dramas
First Love (with Micky YooChun)
YunHo's Tokyo Holiday (with DBSK)
Cassiopeia (with DBSK)
there's one more, but I can't find a link for the video at the moment

-Heading to the Ground (2009)
-Haru - Korea Tourism Web Drama (2010)
-Poseidon (coming May 2011)

I fail pic spams. Visit bestofyunho for that.


Okay, so it's getting to be really hard to actually update this post smoothly, by editing internally. Thus, I'm going to add edits this way! :)

Since coming to Korea, I've had the great pleasure of seeing Yunho more often. Since their comeback, there are lots of videos and interviews that have also cropped up to give everyone more insight into his character. I'm going to briefly summarize what may or may not be new information.

With Fans

Yunho is still the chattiest between himself and Changmin. Every fan account says the same thing - and after going to a fansign and watching, it was kind of funny how quickly fans moved on to from Changmin, only to have to wait in line because Yunho was still talking. Whenever they did Yunho first, Changmin had a little time in-between to just wait. As I watched him at the Evisu fansign event, he took time to answer questions from every fan. With foreign fans, he makes the effort to speak in their language if he can (or English, when he can't).



Humble as ever, Yunho actually teared up at their first win since their comeback, on Music Bank. He couldn't speak and had to pass the mic on to Changmin during their Thank you speech.

At the start of their comeback, he and Changmin also went around and greeted everybody as if they were rookies, presenting and exchanging albums.


Sometimes he's really cool and fierce, especially when it comes to bouquet throwing.

His friends say he's still really cute and abuses aegyo. It was also confirmed at his birthday party that he's still forgetful, and goes picking through other people's pockets when he loses his phone.

We also recently learned on Music Station that he's just as ridiculous as ever - after taking a bath in which he dropped his laptop into the water and accidentally shocked himself, he decided to stop taking baths. Fortunately, the MC was sensible enough to advise him to stop taking his electronics/laptop into the bathroom.

He's also been so ridiculous as to erroneously mistake his second to last weekend of Goong shows as his last show... which unfortunately he announced as such at the TVXQ website.

His drawing skills have not really improved, as you can see from Running Man, where he drew a rhino that looked like anything but.


But ridiculous and adorable as he is, Yunho is also a very classy guy (2). He continues to speak well as the leader.


Taking on all responsibilities, he has come under a lot of stress. How he handles the stress demonstrates his maturity, though. Rather than complain about it, he has talked frequently about how he took the time to go on long walks or subway rides and re-assess his life. There are also accounts of how he's continued to smile at work, even though at times it was obviously rough on him.

Overall, Yunho does a fairly good job of being the happy go-lucky guy he is, though, even when he isn't always happy. But, recently he's expressed on Strong Heart that even he wants to cry sometimes. He would like to be able to cry to his heart's content, at the end of the year.


Still gullible, Yunho was at first proud that Changmin was calling him Jung Star. When he was doing it every time Yunho did the smallest things, however, Yunho finally caught on that he was teasing him.

works you hard, too;

Apparently he's quite the taskmaster. Heechul talked about the intense training he had to go through, when he was taking Yunho's dance classes, on Youngstreet. Yunho confirmed now it's Changmin who has to undergo it. Recently Kim Woojoo, a friend from Yunho's "85 Club" who has debuted as a singer under J.Rich (which Yunho starred in the MV for) and Old Men, tweeted about how Yunho "scolded" him after a recording.

Idol Activities


He is also still clearly a little insecure about his singing. At the birthday party this year (2010), he guzzled down some water and apologized in advance that he might have a hard time singing because he had been talking all the while. He did wonderfully, though, and it's amazing he doesn't seem to realize how good he's gotten. Even though he apologized for being sick and therefore not perfect for their comeback lives, nobody was really able to tell until he announced it.


Ever since Goong, his singing has really improved. I hope his acting has, too, but he wasn't very impressive during Goong. Nonetheless, he's working hard and has shown a lot of improvement since Heading to the Ground, so hopefully after Poseidon I'll be able to update this post with even more news of improvement. For a clip of him singing from Goong, look here.


Still working on choreography, he actually came up with the idea for the whip dance in the intro to their "Keep Your Head Down" music video. It's really worth checking out, though he does hit himself with the whip.


We always knew Yunho was family-oriented, and it seems things are still that way. His sister and he look to be very close - she was the first to message him on his birthday.

Yunho cried for three days when his grandfather died. His grandfather originally didn't support him working to become a singer and wanted him to pursue his studies. But after his debut, he went to visit his grandfather who had become sick, and his grandfather gave him a thumbs-up to show his support. It was Yunho's last memory of him. Now, he does the thumbs up as a reminder of an unspoken promise to his grandfather that he won't cry until he's done his absolute best.



Changmin's and his relationship as developed a lot, as well. Though Yunho still sometimes refers to himself as the leader in the group, he also listens and learns from Changmin. Perhaps the most important thing that he's learned is not to walk into the house with his shoes, anymore. Changmin is picking up bad habits from him, though, by drinking direct from their water bottles. Changmin is also taking good care of Yunho, keeping stalker fans away from him.

Meanwhile, Yunho has been paying a lot of attention to Changmin, and even went to Jeju twice to watch him film. Whenever he couldn't be with Changmin, he felt lonely, as he explained it in Spur magazine. Unfortunately, he/his friends and Changmin don't seem to fit very well, since Yunho/his friends are loud.

But Yunho really treasures Changmin and on Guerilla Date talked about how Changmin is the thing he cherishes most, when it comes to the success of this album. He also refers to him as wife and is basically the biggest HoMin shipper ever. (Okay, I'm going to stop talking about HoMin now.)

other friends;

In regards to some other friends, he still seems to be very close to Super Junior members. It's really worth watching him interact with Heechul and Eeteuk and Hyukjae on their respective radio shows, Youngstreet and Sukira. He was adorably energetic and bouncy, especially for Heechul. It seems he reverts back to his middle school days, when he's around Heechul. Kim Jongkook still dotes on him (even defended his rhino picture), and on Strong Heart he revealed that Kang Hodong was actually his dance mentor. Hodong fell in love with his popping from XMan on and encouraged him to do it whenever they were on a show together (including Star King and, of course, Strong Heart).


Yunho expressed a lot of excitement this year, for the SMTown lives. He said it was like going on MT (which is like a club or company trip for bonding purposes) and he's always saying good things about the other artists under SM. According to Sulli, he nicknames other members of f(x) (though she's apparently not included in this, haha) really cute things like "Charming Krystal." In his "Thanks To" for the latest album, he thanked every single SM artist, including the Grace who were not even mentioned in Changmin's "Thanks To" and who haven't really been presently active. He seems very close to SM's current director of performance Shim Jaewon, who was a former member of Blackbeat and Yunho's own former dance instructor/mentor. Together, they worked on choreography for "KYHD" and Jaewon even appeared for the beginning of TVXQ's promotions as a back-up dancer.


The hoobaes that TVXQ (and therefore Yunho) seem to be really close to recently is SHINee. Not only were the boys seriously fanboying at their concert, but Yunho was extremely supportive of Onew at his birthday party event, where he was MC.

first impression;

When he was younger, and perhaps even now, he made a really bad first impression. Because of his handsome looks, he can look cold, but it isn't just that. Changmin reports that when he and Yunho first met, Yunho greeted him very casually. And the second time, Yunho told him, "If you're going to quit, just do it now." Yunho explains that he had gone through 4 groups up to that point, with members leaving just when he felt they were getting closer, and it clearly had an effect on him and his abandonment issues. 8D

Future Hopes & Dreams

About kids and marriage - Yunho said at his birthday party that he wants to get married at 32 (that's about 31 in American years). That's because, at 26, he still doesn't have a girlfriend. When he talks about the future, he always mentions his children and grandchildren. He wants to be out doing family events, like going on picnics.

Trivia (Or something like that.)

Yunho is a really active story-teller. Every time he tells a story, you're compelled to listen. Why? Because he won't stop moving the entire time, his voice changes to suit the situation, and he's lived one heck of a life. Today, on his birthday, he actually won the Strong Heart on the SBS Talk Show Strong Heart, for a story he told about a promise made to his grandfather, the reason he can't cry, and his debut as a singer. A brief summary is here and here (comments). Watch the full episode here. Basically it's everything already mentioned in the first two links, with an additional mention of how Yunho's grandfather kept telling his father, "I can't die until I see 'our Yunho's' debut."

-My own fan account of Yunho at his official birthday event. There are also Other translations from fans who went.
-Fancam of him performing KYHD at birthday party event
-Cut of his singing at the same event
-My fan account from a fansign event, during which I actually got to *meet* Yunho, albeit briefly.
-Translations of TVXQ on Sukira
-Translations of TVXQ on Youngstreet
-Translations of TVXQ on SSTP
-'O' concert director/producer speaks about his impressions of Yunho and helps trend #UKnowTime on Twitter in honor of his birthday
-Yunho being very attentive to fans at an Evisu fansign
-Yunho at This Is It concert series of fancams (follow links for more)

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DANA Pimp Post

I've been meaning to do something like this for a while, but I'm kind of lazy. Today, though, I'll put my best effort into introducing you all to Hong SungMi (aka DANA) from TSZX the Grace. ^-^

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Name: 홍성미 (Hong SungMi)
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Also... CSJH pimp post
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