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So I'm not updating about the TVXQ concert day 2 because everything wound up tweeted anyway, and I lost my notebook. Oops! lol But EXO came and I had a lot of fun watching their reactions to TVXQ. I'm glad they came the second day, coz I already knew what stuff TVXQ were going to do. xD

Afterwards, though, I ran with Sarah to the K.Will fansign and omg we got there an hour past the time and thought we would have totally missed it, but he took so much time to talk to all his fans and sign for them that we wound up not getting out until 9:40, an hour and 40 minutes after we arrived! lol

Here is how that encounter went. Keep in mind I was wearing a shirt with a Yunho + strawberry on it that even said U-Know because of the concert.

Me: Hi~ Oppa, I'm sorry, but even though I don't speak Korean well I practiced what I wanted to say.
Him: ^^ -doesn't start signing yet, just looks up to wait-
Me: Last month, I watched Music Core for the first time... Your stage was the best. Since four years ago I listened to your songs well, but while I was watching your stage I thought I definitely had to-had to go to your concert. ^^; -embarrassed at failing Korean-
Him: -smiles really cute- Ah thank you. -starts to sign, then looks up- Oh! I'm going to have a Christmas concert! -back to signing-
Me: Really?? Then I've got to go!
Him: ^^ -looks down at my shirt- It looks like today you went to TVXQ's concert~
Me: ^///^ -embarrassed, hides behind peppero gift for him- Ah, yeah...ㅋㅋㅋ
Him: ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you~ -holds out the CD and his hand for a handshake-
Me: -shakes his hand and hands over peppero- Ah, it's a little late... It's a loveletter.
Him: Ah thank you!

K.Will's autograph~

Brief, but amusing encounter.
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So sitting at the last row at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium is still pretty awesome. :) I was on the far left, though, so I couldn't see the main screen in the center. The only time this was a problem was the photo segment, though (more on this later). ^^ But here's the concert, in detail!

So before the show started, they played a teaser for "Humanoids" which I am pretty sure is the TVXQ repackage for "Catch Me". The screen went black due to a technical difficulty, though (there were quite a few of these throughout the concert lol) but fans still screamed. When the real teaser played, it seemed to be a dance song and they were in flashy colorful jackets. ^^ Nov. 26th! Everyone look forward to it~!

Finally, though, the real intro started! Collapse )

As a TVXQ fan, it was an amazing concert, an unforgettable experience. There were things that could have been better, but it was our first concert in four years and I was so pleased to see them giving tribute to so many years of history. I know some people maybe disappointed there weren't as many new songs, but I think they were trying to give Cass back a bit of what we all thought was lost. And there are some songs that these boys once sang as five that still represent their history, legacy, and feelings just as well as or better than some of their newer songs. There were new songs I wish had been performed for us, too (She and I Swear), but I was also so pleased to hear songs I thought I'd never hear again (Like Now, I Wanna Hold You, Unforgettable). ^^ So overall, I'm pleased and cannot wait for tonight's show!
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Hey all! I'm back with a fan account of the TVXQ fansign on Saturday. ^^; This is all I do here anymore... lol.

Anyway, when I came in, I was #21 but due to weird numbering I think I was around the 40th to 50th person for a signature. All good because being #21 is too early for my tastes - I get anxiety and need to rehearse before meeting my idols, especially Yunho and Changmin. My seat was facing the screen was second from the right, so I had a pretty decent view of Yunho until they moved his growing line around my way. One of the staff came around to write our names on the post-its and when I gave her the name "Lucky" she was really baffled. But she signed wrote it down for me anyway.

Before I go on, let me explain that right now I am doing a Catch Me giveaway to support TVXQ's album sales. You can find more details over at homin_yongwonhi (HERE) if you haven't been following me on Twitter. ^^ But at the start, I promised I would give away any signed CDs I get (you can still win a signed CD because the winner will be selected from the overall group of winners!), and thus for this fansign I labeled the CDs with "Lucky" for my name, because they are both going to a "lucky" fan. This is important for the fan account.

When the boys came in, Yunho talked about how excited he was to be doing the fansign in a theater because their MV was on display on the big screen. Then Changmin talked but his mic didn't work so Yunho handed his own over. While Changmin was talking, Yunho drank some vitamin water and puffed out his cheeks. They were given Vitamin water in yellow like the unofficial Catch Me color. When they took the mics back, Yunho was testing the broken one. His face was so cute as he spoke into it and got back no sound. As fans lined up, Yunho waved to everyone in the back with a huge smile. A fan gave him flowers early on (maybe sixth fan?) and he lit up. From here the telltale Yunho line began to form.

Collapse )

Some asked about my impression upon seeing them. In short, they are physically perfect and both smile so genuinely. But the smiles are of a different quality. Changmin's has more of a boyish charm. He looked happy and healthy and alive. Yunho on the other hand is all sincerity. There is nothing warmer than his smile and he looks directly at every fan's face and into their eyes when he speaks to them. I said the first time I met them that though I am Yunho biased, Changmin stole my attention, but today it is still Yunho's smile I remember the most.

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*Disclaimer: This fan account may not be as detailed as usual, because I was sleepy from having only slept 3 hours last night and gotten up at 4:30 AM for merch. ><;;

So SM went all out with the SMTown Music/Virtual Nation concept this year. The introduction to the concert was super elaborate and took much longer than expected.

First, it began with a drumline and then a brass band playing some music. Then it introduced Eeteuk, Shindong, and Hyukjae, who were basically introducing various countries' representatives (aka fans who signed up for the Global Package, I think). Each country had a person whose video was shown, giving a message to SMTown, and that country's reps got to walk down the field to the main flag pole (where the SMTown flag was to be hoisted) with an artist from SM. Here is a list of the countries and their paired SM artist. It should be noted that Henry looked super proud to be walking with Canada. I believe Jessica got confused about where she was going. Or maybe that was Chanyeol. Minseok was super happy and excited and waved and gave thumbs up almost the entire way. Kyuhyun did the derpiest dance on his way down.

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And that there is that. ><;;
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Did a bit of an LJ-cut. This journal is dead anyway, so I didn't cut people that aren't talking to me.

Instead, names eliminated were ones that didn't strike a chord with me when I looked them over, or just names that I couldn't really recall who they belonged to. If you think I made a mistake, please message me.
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So today has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster, but it all ended very well! :) Hi, this is Mai and I'm back with a fan account~ For those interested in EXO, I hope this is a treat. ^^ I attended the showcase today!!

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And that was... it. Honestly, my only complaint about this was that it was so short. I could watch these boys for days, though. ;; They are so sweet and earnest and talented and that's all I have to say about that.

Omona_Lounge, SMENT_EXO
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So. HoRella for @thesproutdance.

First, a quick discussion of how HoRella works - or rather, the dynamic.

We're used to seeing Yunho as the manly leader, but when he's with Heechul all of that changes. Because of the age difference, because of the way Yunho clearly has stars in his eyes for his hyung, because of the way that Heechul sees right through Yunho's image - well, we have a very sweet display of affection between these two. Heechul doesn't exactly coddle, but he's very sweet to Yunho. And Yunho laps it all up.

How did they get so close? It began when they were trainees. Yunho was very important in Heechul's career in two ways - one, as his dance trainer; two, as a potential bandmate.
-Yep, Yunho trained Heechul in dance. Rather, Yunho trained quite a few other trainees in dance because he was so good at it himself. And Heechul was so dreadful at it that I guess the company thought he could use with extra help. According to Heechul, Yunho was a really harsh trainer. But if you watch 2VXQ's appearance on Youngstreet, he says this with a huge smile on his face. It's clear he looks back on those times with fondness and affection.
-They were also part of a training-for-debut group called 4Seasons. Heechul's talked about this before, as well, I believe on Boom's radio. When he talks about 4Seasons, he gets really animated and excited. But we see more of how their dynamic works when he talks about Yunho, noting that he used to be their cute magnae, taking the position of Spring. Apparently when 4Seasons argued, they went ballistic. But it was a fun time - I guess Heechul likes the excitement.

Because they lived together, they have a lot of stories. Yunho is the reason Heechul developed a flamboyant flair for clothing. Because Yunho is a slob and just takes whatever clothes are laying around and will fit him, and because he used to be much shorter, he often stole Heechul's clothes. At the time, Heechul's style was simple black and white. But Heechul got fed up with it and decided to just buy crazy pink clothing to deter Yunho. It worked. And suddenly Heechul had a signature style.

He also had ammunition against Yunho's girlfriends. Of course this is speculation and probably not at all true, but even Yunho admitted it was strange that Heechul always wore pink and carried a crazy bag when they met. (He actually joked he thought Heechul was into him, because of this.) This led to a lot of misunderstandings - once or twice, a girl dumped Yunho because she thought she saw him cheating on him. No amount of explanation would persuade her it was just his hyung.

They were obviously close friends outside of work. Yunho, who takes his relationships very seriously, dragged Heechul along to help him make ring decisions for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, this once led to a clerk mistaking Heechul for his girlfriend. But what does Heechul do, rather than correct her? He plays along with it.

Heechul and Yunho go way back. They even have a kind of three-musketeers going on with Donghae. The Robbong brothers (Heerobbong, Yoorobbong, and Doorobbong) are a tight knit group. Heechul and Donghae have taken advantage of Yunho's gullibility to prank him a few times, once convincing him to burn a brand new leather jacket to "prove" it was real. As a trio, they've shared in memorable experiences, all of them together burying time capsules containing their hopes and dreams over the next five years. There's a lot of history there.

If you watch for clips, there's plenty of HoRella to see when they actually are together. A couple of notable mention are 1) EHB (where after Yunho fails to catch the ruler, Heechul mauls him for a hug) 2) Youngstreet with 2VXQ (where after they are done, Heechul gives Yunho two hugs and even buttpats) and 3) the No-Cut Red Sun filming (where if you follow Yunho in the cameras, he is vying for Heechul's attention; however, Heechul is pissed or something and blatantly ignoring him; but then Yunho takes matters into his own hands and comes over, pulling Heechul into a tight hug, which Heechul of course just melts into).

One of the most epic HoRella moments, however, happened during one of the darkest moments of Yunho's life. It was the time that an anti fed Yunho glue juice. While Yunho was in the hospital, Heechul wrote a cyworld entry full of outrage, speaking directly to the anti-fan and promising her she would be punished. He made a reference to how Yunho kind and smiling Yunho is, and apologized for not being able to think thoughts worthy as a hyung, because he so badly wanted the girl to be caught. You can find the translation here, but it was presented in a much darker way on the original cyworld page - Heechul even had a giant skull picture heading the post.

And I think that's it! :D;