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DANA Pimp Post

I've been meaning to do something like this for a while, but I'm kind of lazy. Today, though, I'll put my best effort into introducing you all to Hong SungMi (aka DANA) from TSZX the Grace. ^-^

taken from naver

Name: 홍성미 (Hong SungMi)
Height: 171.0cm
Weight: 48.0kg
Bloodtype: O
Siblings: Eldest of two daughters
Solo Debut: 2001 [1st Album]
Debut Album: 2005 [CSJH Single Album 'Too Good']
Hobby: Internet, Songs, Dancing, All Sports, Movies
Specialty: Songs, Japanese
Nicknames: JamManPo (Sleep Walker)
Habits: Touching my nose all the time. (thanks for the translation, wondergirl_jen!)
Character: Like a man, is unaffected and frank (direct)
Ideal Type: looks like N'Sync's Justin, can't tell lies, takes care of her and looks out for her a lot, and who understands her work (thanks to clayray3290 for translating~)
Religion: Christian
Favorite Food: Burger King hamburgers (especially cheeseburgers), chocolate
Charm: Unaffected character
Favorite Musicians: Mariah Carey, Seo TaeJi, Amuro Namie, Christina Aguilera
Fancafe: CheonSangJiHee's HeeYeol DANA fancafe

Now you know a little more about DANA. She's got pretty interesting taste in music, right? And a strong personality. But what drew me in initially was her aegyo. She's the queen of cute, and everyone knows it (everyone also knows that she's a total camwhore). Not only is she generally adorable, but her personality is totally adorkable.

But just because she's cute doesn't mean she can't be sexy too. Just check out her s-line (want more?). She hasn't got the thinnest waist in CSJH, but her figure is nothing to laugh at.

Physical image aside, though, she's very professional. Knows just how to handle a wardrobe malfunction without disrupting a show. And even when she makes a mistake, she recovers herself gracefully. The only problem is how much she pushes herself to the point where she gets hurt and misses performances. :( But her hard work during her trainee days is obviously still something she keeps up.

I also have no doubt that she spends all her free time in front of a mirror with a hairbrush imitating other people's songs. Kinda like HeeChul. Just look at how much fun she has here and all over 1000 Songs Challenge (part 2 part 3 part 4). I bet she imitates the dances, too.

She's one of the more emotional members, too. I've never seen a girl tear up so much. But she's compassionate and it's totally endearing.

If that's not enough to like her, there's also her undeniable talent. Not everyone likes her voice, I know, but you have to admit the girl can sing. 1000 Songs Challenge wasn't enough? Let's try her out with YehSung or just her girls. Live performances are my favorites, but you can test out other songs she never got a chance to perform, too.

As a musician, though, she does more than just sing. She writes lyrics and music. 'Tonight is on Me' was by her, as well as her solo track on the 'Juicy Love' single.

I'm not the only one who likes her. Watch her impress her future husband and papa-in-law Eru and Tae JinAh, dork it up with Super Junior, girltalk Bada, tease newbie DongBang, abuse MinWoo, rock the dance floor Tim, win JiSuk's heart, even YoonAh mentioned her. But my favorite DANA x other people video is... Hotmail. :> Here she is abused by HwanHee, coddled by Shoo, snuggly with YunHo, and... well it's just amazing. Then again, who's surprised? She's so friendly even with strangers.

She's so cool, that KangTa even took her on in Polaris.

But WonBin might be a lost cause.

As an actress, she has participated in the 'Dae Janggeum' musical in Spring 2010, starring as its lead - The Great Janggeum. She remarked that it was a difficult transition, but finally learned to channel her frustration into her acting and improved a lot. Fall 2010 she will be participating in a more modern rock musical - 'Rock of Ages', as the female lead Sherrie.

Want a deeper look into her personality? I recommend... the video above - it's a tour of her house, a look into her family interactions. You should also look into as many of her nonstop episodes/clips as you can find. She's positively adorable. And devious in the one about the bear. There are no subs, but DANA v Eru on Happy Shares Company and CSJH on Star Watch are great for laughs. She's also sweet in interviews, like with Arirang Showbiz Extra or Happy Days. And I loved CSJH on KM Idol World.

There you have it. ^^ I hope that was a helpful introduction to CSJH's cute one~

solo music videos

What is Love?
To the end of the Earth

If anyone wants her first two solo albums, I can upload them for you. :D

Also... CSJH pimp post
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