May 24th, 2014

Giselle - in the throng

140523 EXO: The Lost Planet

Honestly, this is kind of weird to write, because I haven't done a full length fan account in a really long time. But I think it's time, I think this is a concert worth keeping for longer than a few twitter updates that will disappear on my timeline.

So I got to the venue at a little past 8pm. It was cutting it really close, but tbh the line was still outside rofl. People were still being let in. Standing E hadn't even filled up the space yet. I got into the back of the line after picking up the ticket from a good friend willing to wait for me outside (T_T Thank you, Lucy!) and managed to get inside before anything had even started.

My friend waiting inside (:D Hey Aya) was in the same row as me, though many seats apart, so I went to her first to get my lightstick. Haha, just as I got to her, the lights went down, so she was frantically trying to find my lightstick and we hoped we weren't missing anything just yet. I made it back to my seat before the first VCR started.

The first VCR was the boys running through these trees, looking quite feral and sleeveless. It was pretty cool for a bit. Then it was Twilight. Rofl. Spidermonkey, that's all I could think of, as I saw one of them dashing up a tree. It was really amusing.

Then the boys were on stage, at the back main stage, and they were chanting what sounded like a Native American tribal chant (but done by Koreans and ending in EXO EXO EXO >>;) and somehow we got MAMA (tribal ver.) Collapse )