October 23rd, 2012

Giselle - in the throng

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Hey all! I'm back with a fan account of the TVXQ fansign on Saturday. ^^; This is all I do here anymore... lol.

Anyway, when I came in, I was #21 but due to weird numbering I think I was around the 40th to 50th person for a signature. All good because being #21 is too early for my tastes - I get anxiety and need to rehearse before meeting my idols, especially Yunho and Changmin. My seat was facing the screen was second from the right, so I had a pretty decent view of Yunho until they moved his growing line around my way. One of the staff came around to write our names on the post-its and when I gave her the name "Lucky" she was really baffled. But she signed wrote it down for me anyway.

Before I go on, let me explain that right now I am doing a Catch Me giveaway to support TVXQ's album sales. You can find more details over at homin_yongwonhi (HERE) if you haven't been following me on Twitter. ^^ But at the start, I promised I would give away any signed CDs I get (you can still win a signed CD because the winner will be selected from the overall group of winners!), and thus for this fansign I labeled the CDs with "Lucky" for my name, because they are both going to a "lucky" fan. This is important for the fan account.

When the boys came in, Yunho talked about how excited he was to be doing the fansign in a theater because their MV was on display on the big screen. Then Changmin talked but his mic didn't work so Yunho handed his own over. While Changmin was talking, Yunho drank some vitamin water and puffed out his cheeks. They were given Vitamin water in yellow like the unofficial Catch Me color. When they took the mics back, Yunho was testing the broken one. His face was so cute as he spoke into it and got back no sound. As fans lined up, Yunho waved to everyone in the back with a huge smile. A fan gave him flowers early on (maybe sixth fan?) and he lit up. From here the telltale Yunho line began to form.

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Some asked about my impression upon seeing them. In short, they are physically perfect and both smile so genuinely. But the smiles are of a different quality. Changmin's has more of a boyish charm. He looked happy and healthy and alive. Yunho on the other hand is all sincerity. There is nothing warmer than his smile and he looks directly at every fan's face and into their eyes when he speaks to them. I said the first time I met them that though I am Yunho biased, Changmin stole my attention, but today it is still Yunho's smile I remember the most.

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