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to be continued
minseok/baekhyun; still g-rated; 600+ words and counting
warnings: high chance of remaining a wip because the writer is incompetent
a/n: some harry potter fanart got me wanting a hogwarts au, so i decided to try to write one of my own. >< i haven't written in a while lol but i'm trying to get back into it!


Part I

Baekhyun was well-known at Hogwarts. Long before the quick little seeker from Gryffindor started drawing attention with his performance in the air, he was popular for his silly antics on the ground. In fact, it was impossible not to know him, given how loudly he announced his presence anywhere he went.

Minseok was nothing like that. He kept to himself, even during class. Though some Ravenclaw enjoyed active participation during class, he was among those who preferred to sit diligently taking notes. He was a cheerful personality and most his classmates liked him, but he was certainly no Byun Baekhyun, who seemed to know and get on quite well with practically everyone.

It honestly surprised him, how much energy and presence Baekhyun had inside that tiny little body. They were roughly the same height, though Baekhyun was two years younger than him, but Baekhyun sometimes seemed larger than life with how he moved around with such confidence.

They were very different – if anything, they seemed to be polar opposites. Which was why it surprised just about everyone when Baekhyun stood up at breakfast on the first official day of classes and proclaimed to the entire hall, “Everyone, there’s something I have to say. I’m in love with Kim Minseok.” And then, ears bright red, he dashed from the halls with two cackling friends chasing after him.

Minseok nearly choked on his eggs, eyes going wide at the sudden announcement. Suddenly all eyes were on him, he could hear a younger student burst into tears somewhere over at the Gryffindor table, a handful of students from every house were whispering or snickering. Slowly, he stood up and picked up his tray. “Well. I think I’m done with breakfast,” he muttered to Kim Junmyeon, Head Boy and best friend who didn’t seem much like one right now as he was laughing so hard no sound was actually coming out.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know each other. He tutored some of the younger students in his free time, and Baekhyun was one of them. They also knew each other from Quidditch. Minseok had been playing since his third year, when he’d been accepted onto the team as a beater. Baekhyun had joined just the year before, as Gryffindor’s newest seeker.

When they met in the hallways, they always greeted each other (but Baekhyun always greeted everyone). When they met up to study, Baekhyun tried to get out of his work with silly pranks (but Baekhyun loved to prank others). When they played together on the field, Baekhyun would try to rile him up by calling him an old man (but Baekhyun liked to tease).

So Minseok didn’t take it too seriously, considered this another practical joke. Either Baekhyun was teasing him again, or Baekhyun’s friends had put him up to it for a laugh. It was a preposterous notion, really, the two of them together. Ridiculous. Crazy.
“You’re thinking awfully hard about something.”

Minseok jumped nearly a meter into the air, barely managing to avoid spilling his food all over the floor as he spun around to see who had spoken.

It was Junmyeon, who had apparently caught up with him. He was wearing an amused smirk on his face – a smirk that made Minseok suspicious, because he knew that expression all too well. It was Junmyeon’s “I know something you don’t” face, and it was infuriating.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Of course you wouldn't.”

While Minseok blinked at him, puzzled, Junmyeon took his plate, emptying its contents into a bin that made quick work of disapparating the leftovers, and set it onto the conveyer belt that whisked it back to where the house-elves were washing up.

"Let's go before you get mobbed by the second year girls seeking an explanation."

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