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minseok/baekhyun; r; approx 3k
warnings: hints of bdsm/daddy kink
a/n: happy birthday, minseok 8D i'm sorry i'm this kind of fan. written for @proteeus and @baekxius who goaded me into this with a prompt that couldn't be resisted. unbetaed.

Zhang Yixing stared at the request form in his hand with an expression of vague perplexity. It wasn’t the first time he’d gotten this type of request for lettering on a cake, but he wanted to be sure he wasn’t misreading. As functional as his spoken Korean was, sometimes he mixed up words and misread orders.

“So…” Scratching his head, he looked up at his best friend, the very same man who had slapped the request form into his hand first thing that morning. “You’re sure this is what you want this cake to say?”

Byun Baekhyun, said best friend who had known Yixing for a good five years now, was leaning forward against the counter opposite him, beaming. “Yep.”

Yixing sighed. “This is why your nickname is Byuntae Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun’s smile widened, but anyone paying closer attention would have notice the tips of his tears were a bright red. “If I can’t ask my friend, who can I ask?”

Yixing considered sending him to someone else, but Baekhyun had already promised to pay, and he wasn’t that cruel of a friend. “All right, I’ll do it. But only because I like your boyfriend this time around.”

“You’re the best!”

Yixing laughed as he found himself suddenly pressed back against the supply fridge, arms full of an excited Baekhyun who might as well have been wagging his tail behind him.


Baekhyun and his current boyfriend had been together for over two months now. Yixing had been skeptical at first, when Baekhyun announced he’d landed himself a new Daddy. He was familiar with Baekhyun’s kinks, but disapproved of how his usual boyfriends took advantage of Baekhyun’s preferences. Most were controlling, obsessive, and downright abusive, in Yixing’s opinion.

For some reason or another, Baekhyun would eventually break up with him, but that didn’t stop him from coming back with another one a few weeks later. It was a cycle that Yixing hated seeing repeated.

Minseok, however, was not what he had expected when Baekhyun brought him over to the bakery on one of their dates. They’d entered hand in hand and Yixing noted that he was around Baekhyun’s height. He’d always thought Baekhyun liked taller men, but it was apparently not a rule.

Unlike the ones who entered the establishment as if assessing it – assessing Yixing’s worth compared to their own – his eyes went straight for the bread on display. A bit shy at first, he still made quick work of piling an entire tray with buns, claiming they would make a good gift for the people he was meeting later that evening.

“Where did you meet him?” he asked after Minseok had left them for his next appointment.
Baekhyun was seated alone at his usual spot by the window, smiling so ridiculously happily that it was infectious. Cheerfully, he chirped out the name of one of the usual clubs he frequented. Yixing had never been himself, but he knew what kind of club it was.
“He doesn’t seem like the type.”

“You’d be surprised,” Baekhyun said with a wink.

Yixing smiled and ruffled his hair. “I’ll bet.”


Minseok was indeed different from the usual types that Baekhyun brought around.

Baekhyun himself couldn’t believe he’d stumbled across someone like him. It felt almost like fate, bumping into him on his way to the bathroom. But just about anything felt like fate when you were that drunk.

When he’d smoothly slipped Baekhyun a pseudo-business card – no name, just the letter S and a phone number – Baekhyun was intrigued and called him up that same night. Fortunately, he hadn’t left.

Predictably, they wound up at a nearby motel. But when Baekhyun woke up the next morning, head pounding and a vague sense of nausea in his stomach, he noticed he was still dressed, though sans socks and his jacket. This was possibly the first time something like this had happened.

As he stumbled out of bed in search of his wallet and keys, the door opened, and he blinked up bleary eyed at the stranger standing there with two cups of coffee. He was smiling, albeit somewhat sheepishly.

“I hope you don’t mind Americano.”


“So… what happened last night?”

They were both seated at the foot of the bed, iced Americanos in hand. Baekhyun could tell nothing had happened the night before – the smell in the room wasn’t what it would be if something had – but what he really wanted to know was why.

Minseok laughed, brief and shy. He scratched the back of his neck and shook his head. It was painfully endearing. “You kind of just fell asleep.”

“And you just left me there?” Some of the men he had encountered had just left him when they realized he wasn’t lucid enough to do anything. Some didn’t care that he might not remember anything the next day, as long as he was still conscious while they were together.

“Well, I slept beside you. I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

It was hard to miss the pink in Minseok’s ears. Baekhyun scooted over a little closer, oddly comforted by the fact that Minseok seemed almost embarrassed he had done that much. “You paid for the room. And you stayed even though you got up earlier.”

Baekhyun didn’t miss how Minseok’s finger was slowly stroking the edge of his cup, thinking a few moments before answering. “I didn’t know your name.”

Baekhyun’s iced Americano nearly slipped out of his hand.

“I’m Baekhyun.”

“I’m Minseok.”


They made plans to meet later on in the week. Both agreed they were too busy to manage anything earlier, but Baekhyun found he wasn’t quite busy enough, because every spare moment he had was filled with thoughts about what he should wear and what he should say and how Minseok might react.

Most of these thoughts were futile, because their plans were still very vague. They were meeting for dinner, but he didn’t know what they were going to eat. Minseok would send him restaurant suggestions, but as he was fine with anything, the final word was always, “I’ll see if there’s anything better.”

He also had no idea what they were going to end up doing after, since neither of them had discussed that far ahead.

“I’m meeting him at 7 and I still have no idea what to wear,” Baekhyun whined to Yixing over the phone as he held up yet another shirt that seemed ‘too blue’ to be worthy for this date.
Yixing was at work, but fortunately had time to spare before the evening rush. “Just wear anything. I’m sure you’ll look great.”

But that was how Yixing thought Baekhyun looked in just about anything, so of course his opinion couldn’t be trusted. “You always say that.”

“And I’m always right.”

Baekhyun laughed, shaking his head. “You’re no help. Okay, I’m hanging up. I might have to just settle for ‘anything’ after all.”

“Be careful! You don’t know what kind of guy he is yet!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll send you a text of all the compromising positions I wind up in.”

“Please don’t.”

“Love you, too!”


In the end, Baekhyun settled for torn black denim and a dark blue button-up. It didn’t especially stand out, but if he spent any longer tearing through his wardrobe he would be late, and Byun Baekhyun was never late.

“You’re early,” Minseok greeted him with a smile when he ran up to the subway exit.

“So are you.”

“Had to make sure you kept your promise.”

It was that easy, falling into casual conversation. Minseok seemed more at ease in this context. He had already picked an Italian fusion restaurant for dinner, but he let Baekhyun lead the way as they wandered around, killing time before the reservation.

As with everyone else, Baekhyun did most of the talking, but Minseok seemed even less talkative than the people Baekhyun was used to. Not that this really mattered, because he was still responsive, and Baekhyun found his reactions… well, quite simply put, they were adorable. For all that he did not say, he laughed plenty, and the way his cheeks lifted and his gums showed only made him more attractive.

“You’re how old?” Baekhyun asked, frowning skeptically.

“Two years older than you,” Minseok said with a laugh that said he had been expecting that reaction. “Most people don’t believe it, either.”

“So you must be some kind of vampire, right? Is that why you’re into – you know.”

To his surprise, Minseok’s ears did not turn red, though his eyes did dart around quickly as if checking to see who was listening. He leaned in just the slightest bit closer to whisper so that Baekhyun could still hear it. “If you’re a good boy, I promise to show you what I’m into later.”

The way his voice had lowered certainly had an effect on Baekhyun, who suddenly found himself at a loss of words, his mind filling with ideas and, consequentially, anticipation.


They skipped dessert after the meal. Minseok knew better than to invite someone to his house after the first date. It simply wasn’t safe, considering the things they were after. But there were plenty of motels in the Seoul metropolitan area, and soon he found himself tumbling into bed at one of them with an arm full of Baekhyun.

If he was to compare Baekhyun to anything, it would definitely be a puppy. From the moment they’d met a week ago, he had been eager – almost overly so – but Minseok found it intoxicating.

And then he had fallen asleep their first night and Minseok couldn’t bring himself to leave right away. He wound up nodding off while watching Baekhyun sleep.

Now, sitting at the foot of the bed, propped up on one hand clutched in the sheets, the other in Baekhyun’s hair, he had a sense this was exactly how things should have always gone.

“Slow,” he murmured, but there was a firm edge to his voice. This was a command, and he wanted Baekhyun to know it. He felt Baekhyun back off slightly, coming back in to mouth and suck that much more gently. “Good boy.”


Baekhyun followed directions well. Minseok liked that, but he liked watching him teeter on the edge of control much more. He liked how his calves tightened around Minseok’s waist as Minseok drove slowly into him, pressing deeper and deeper until Baekhyun’s hips were arched into the air, fingers clawing at his biceps desperately.

“Please… please…”

Minseok closed his eyes, reveling in the sound of Baekhyun’s pleas, as he slowly inched back. He rewarded Baekhyun with a harsher thrust forward, quickly setting a new rhythm that had them both collapsing afterwards, clinging to each other to hold onto each other as if they might fall off the bed otherwise.


Minseok chuckled softly, leaning in to bite playfully at Baekhyun’s earlobe. “Yeah.”


After the first date came the second, and the third, and then they were meeting just for coffee, or just because. Almost a year had passed and Minseok was ready to ask Baekhyun to move in with him.

“How can you be so sure he’ll say yes?”

Minseok was on the phone with Junmyeon, his best though often absent friend. Junmyeon’s business took him overseas a lot, but they usually checked in on each other like this.

“Because you’re Kim Minseok and it sounds like he’s head over heels for you already. Besides, if I don’t tell you that, I know you’ll use the 1% chance that he won’t say yes to dissuade yourself. You’re too cautious.”

“I just don’t want to be disappointed.”

“You won’t be. Trust me on this. When have I ever been wrong?”


“It was a rhetorical question!”

Minseok laughed, feeling at least a little more at ease after having talked to Junmyeon about it.


Minseok didn’t want to ask on his birthday. That would give Baekhyun too much pressure, he didn’t want to make him feel obligated to agree as some sort of gift to him. At least this would give him some time to prepare on how to ask him. Hopefully, by then, he would be more confident in Baekhyun’s answer.

But all the same, his birthday was approaching and he knew Baekhyun had something planned. The only problem was he didn’t know what.

For most of their important anniversaries, he had been the one to decide what to do. For their 100th day, he had arranged for a surprise fireworks display during a private dinner. For their 200th, they had gone on a hike and enjoyed a picnic at their destination. For Christmas, they had gone to Japan for the hot springs. Valentine’s Day he had kept Baekhyun in bed for two days straight and made an entire mess of Baekhyun’s sheets with all the Valentine’s chocolates he had brought over. And of course on Baekhyun’s birthday, they had gone to an amusement park and ended the evening at his place. But this was the first time Baekhyun had told him deliberately that he wanted to take care of everything.


Apparently, Baekhyun’s idea of “take care of everything” was to invade Minseok’s home – specifically his kitchen – to prepare dinner. Unfortunately, the video tutorials on Youtube looked a lot simpler than the recipes actually were.

“Are you sure you can handle so many things at once?” Minseok asked, peeking over at that night’s “menu”. He’d had a sinking feeling in his stomach ever since Baekhyun arrived at his front door with the four bags full of groceries.

“It’s called multi-tasking! I’ve seen my mom do it all the time.”

“But your mom is a professional-”

“And I’m her son. Trust me, it’ll work out!”

Two hours and a scorched chicken later, Minseok was pushing Baekhyun out of his kitchen on account of the mess. There was flour everywhere, the scent of smoke lingered in the air, and Baekhyun had somehow managed to drop his entire bowl of pasta on the floor. Minseok had only narrowly missed slipping in it.

“Let’s just order in, okay?” he asked, eyes practically pleading with Baekhyun as he held the younger man’s face firmly in both hands.

Baekhyun looked properly ashamed, so Minseok leaned in to give him a kiss to reassure him. “You pull up the delivery app, I’ll get started on clean up.”

“Are you sure? It’s my-”

“Trust me. I like cleaning, remember?” Minseok let go of Baekhyun to stand up, rolling up his sleeves.

“I swear I’ll pay for all the damages.”

Minseok chuckled as he made his way back into the disaster zone. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure of it.”


Dinner was roasted chicken and pasta ordered from a local shop. It arrived at roughly the time Baekhyun had anticipated to be done cooking and Minseok had wiped the kitchen (mostly) spotless. There was now a large bag of trash to be taken downstairs, but Baekhyun had insisted he wait until the big surprise.

“There’s another surprise?” Minseok asked, brow furrowing together in concern.

Baekhyun laughed. “Don’t worry. I had a professional take care of this one.”

Minseok was certainly surprised when said professional appeared at his doorstep. It was Yixing, still dressed in his work apron, a large box in his arms. Given his profession and the occasion, it was easy to guess what it was.

As Yixing set everything up, Minseok held Baekhyun back to whisper, “You didn’t have to make Yixing do something like this.” He felt terribly embarrassed at having put Yixing out on account of his own birthday.

“Trust me, there was no one else I could have trusted to do this. Now close your eyes.”

Minseok let Baekhyun cover his eyes with his hands, laughing softly as the two friends burst into the birthday song. He could tell the lights had been shut off and walked carefully towards his living room coffee table.

“Happy birthday to you~” Baekhyun crooned, as he let go of Minseok.

Minseok nearly choked when he saw the cake. It was a wide, flat cake, with a very creative design. The text was even more interesting. He had to read it out loud to make sure of what it said, but turned bright red as it sank in.

“Happy birthday, Daddy! Hope you enjoy eating this as much as you enjoy eating me!”


“And you made the-”


“It’s very… realistic.”

“I had a model.”

“I s- No, I don’t want to know.”

“You probably don’t.”

Minseok glanced back to where Baekhyun was still on the ground, literally rolling with laughter.

“Is he… going to be okay?”

“A month’s anticipation must have been hard for him to contain. He’ll be all right once he lets it out of his system.”


Yixing stayed for dinner, but not dessert. The moment he was gone, Minseok had his arms wrapped around Baekhyun’s waist, pulling him in for a tight hug from behind.

“Thank you, baby.”

“Were you surprised?” Baekhyun asked, squirming in Minseok’s grip as he felt the other’s hand slip inside his waistband.

“Very. And now it’s your turn.”

“Oh?” Baekhyun let out a breathy sigh as Minseok’s hand wrapped around him, working in slow strokes..

“I did say I’d make you pay. This is going to be for ruining my kitchen and embarrassing me in front of your friend.”

“But you liked it, Daddy.” He whimpered as Minseok’s thumb worked over the slit of his cock.

“You’re right. But good boys can’t get away with naughty things.”


After round two, Baekhyun had assumed his punishment was served - after all, Minseok had teased him until he had begged to come from his hand alone.

But it was apparently on the start. He found himself gasping again as Minseok turned him around and pushed him down into the sheets, raising his hips. There was no warning as Minseok thrust into him once more.

He could tell Minseok himself was still sensitive, with the way he was whimpering so as not to cry out. But this was no longer about Minseok seeking his own release. Baekhyun knew he would take him until he was sobbing, because that was what it meant for Baekhyun to be entirely satisfied.

And he had no problem with that.


Finally, they collapsed on the bed, both spent with only enough energy to cling onto each other.

Minseok smiled softly, admiring Baekhyun’s features before leaning in to give him a kiss on the forehead. He hadn’t intended it, but the words slipped out, anyway. “Move in with me.”

The question took Baekhyun aback and he was quiet for a few moments. Of course, his first thought was that this might just be Minseok speaking in the heat of the moment. But he knew Minseok better than that by now. Minseok was always careful, thinking things out before he said anything.

Then how long had he been thinking about this? He must have wanted to wait until after his birthday. Baekhyun swallowed, overcome with a sense of affection that was all too familiar when he was with Minseok. Seeing that same affection reflected in his lover's eyes, he tilted his chin up, pressing their lips together.

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