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[eyeshield 21 :: hiruma/mamori] snippet

When it came time to choose which path they could embark on post graduation, Deimon's Devil Bats's third years were faced with a dilemma. With Musashi needing to resume work at his father's company, Hiruma and Kurita could either continue on without him or go their separate ways. But of course this decision wasn't really one at all. The one in the difficult spot was actually Mamori.

"What's there to think about, Manajerk? Of course you're coming with me."

"You don't get to decide that!" Mamori knew her glare would have no effect on their devilish (former) captain's grin. So far as he was concerned, the decision was made.

"Why not?" Hiruma shifted his assault rifle from one shoulder to the other, giving himself room to brace his right arm against the wall over her head. For her part, Mamori was doing an admirable job of holding her ground against the light-headedness induced by such close proximity. It helped to avert her eyes when she spoke.

"There are still a lot of options for me to consider before I decide on where to go. I don't have to follow you on with football, you know."

"Who said anything about football?"

Mamori's eyes immediately shot back to his face. The grin he was wearing was different somehow - though his sharp teeth were still bared, they weren't threatening.


He took a step back, arm dropping again to his side. "You're already registered for the entrance exam to Tokyo University. Better get cramming, Manajerk."

It wasn't until he'd turned the corner that Mamori realized she'd been holding her breath.
Tags: eyeshield 21, fic, hiruma/mamori
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