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150220 'WITH' Concert in Nagoya (TVXQ)

This fan account is mostly going to be about Nagoya, but I'm using my Fukuoka notes for some details I might not have paid attention to this time. So along the way I might also recount things from Fukuoka. I'll make a general note of it, though! ^^ Also I mention a lot of stage direction and movement... orz Sorry, I just really took a lot of notice of it.

The intro VCR had a post apocalyptic theme. It started off with Changmin alone in a room full of computer screens. Yunho was alone in a workshop overlooking a cliff in a desert. He had a map and it was all marked up with red Xs. Text appeared on the screen: A world where civilization declined. Two men wander looking for someone in the wasteland. The boys got up suddenly and coordinates were formed. Changmin put on a leather jacket and gloves. Yunho had on a really nice necklace and a long coat. Then they got into some really hot cars (Changmin - Red, Yunho - Black) and raced towards each other. They passed each other briefly and made sharp turns to stop, then... flirted? From their windows??? lmao Before they finally drove off together.

The cars appeared on the second level of the main stage, Yunho on the right side, Changmin on the left (all these directions are facing the stage, mind) and Refuse to Lose began. During this song, they went down to the first level and performed there a bit, before walking together towards the center. They had on checked black and white jackets with a sparkly trim.

Spinning started in the center, then Yunho went to the left side and Changmin to the right. The long extensions of the stage suddenly lifted and rotated, carrying them over the audience and making a path from the main stage to the extended stage. In Fukuoka, this was really amazing to me, because I was on the ground level. It still looked really nice from the third floor, though. The extension lowered and the boys walked to the extended stage at the center of the dome. In Fukuoka, I noticed how cute Yunho's flirting expressions were.

For Keep Your Head Down, the Japanese fans did the fanchant. T_T So different from my first experience at a Toho concert in Japan, because back then Japanese fans hadn't yet really adopted the fanchanting custom that comes from Korean fandom. I noticed at this point in Fukuoka that Yunho's boots were calf high and white. I love boots like that. The extended stage started to lift during the dance break segment. This was like a military march formation. They screamed during one part of it. Then there was a 1, 2, 3, 4 count into the proper dance break. The stage shook so much because of their steps.

For this series of concert, we were given wrist bands that changed colors according to settings from signals at the venue. Hehe it's pretty nifty. Anyway, during Choosey Lover, the wrist bands changed to a variety of very vibrant colors and gave the dome a club atmosphere. The disco ball at the main stage completed the illusion. The boys went back to the main stage via the extension rotating back to its original position. During the "choose me baby, uh~" line, Changmin did a slow hip thrust. Yunho's "sexy lady, uh~" was done with a sexy slow hip roll. They split up again, Changmin going right and Yunho going left. They did the adlibs really well.

During the first ment I really just understood Yunho's "genki desu ka?" I think he said he was happy, too. Changmin left the stage and Yunho handled the ment by himself a bit, then Yunho left and Changmin was at the center handling it. Changmin had discarded his jacket. When Yunho returned, his jacket was also off. Yunho looks so freaking handsome this entire tour, I swear. In Fukuoka, Yunho's cuff caught on his jacket. T_T Cutie.

Baby Don't Cry they split up again. Yunho went left, Changmin went right. The backdrop was a forest road first, but it changed to other locations, before becoming clouds. There was a city landscape at some point, too. Yunho's shouting part was excellent. Yunho sings so sincerely, I really felt what he was trying to express even though I don't really understand the lyrics. After that part, they rejoined at the center of the main stage.

For Believe in U, the sides of the stage were lowered, but the boys remained at the center main stage, which was still raised. The backdrop was candles and it was very bright. The atmosphere was hopeful and warm. When the stage lowered, they separated again. Yunho went right this time, Changmin left. They were raised on individual platforms this time, much higher, and stepped onto the second level where they got into their cars and "drove" away backstage.

The Library VCR was nice because they were in attractive suits. They were looking through books together and one of the first ones they picked up was titled "With You". "Time Patrol" was selected, too. They entered a new world and are ambushed by Darth Vader soldiers. Yunho had a gun to his head and he flinched, then they were back in the library and laughed it off. The next book, "Last Minutes," had them running on a battleship. They wound up at a bomb and had to try to defuse it as the ship was entering the stratosphere. lol Seriously who was driving? These were my questions. Yunho was about to cut the red cord when it ended.

No was a sexy number, but different from obviously their first time performing it as five. They came out in colorful studded jackets. Both were very flirty and sexy and workin' those hip rolls. They started on the second level of the center stage, with the band, then moved down to the first level. They had these glowing mic stands, too. which they carried with them. Yunho went right, Changmin went left. Yunho's "Baby, kiss me, darling" was very smoothly done, punctuated with carefully choreographed kiss gestures. The extensions rose again and rotated to join at the extended stage and they were just singing and rolling their hips as they moved over the audience. Lucky ground floor audience lol.

For Answer, they moved to the extended stage. They divided into two groups with their dancers, Yunho at the left back corner and Changmin the right front corner. Then the extended stage lifted and split off, carrying them to the back of the dome. They danced the whole time, Yunho facing the back of the dome and Changmin facing towards the main stage. Somewhere along the way, the switched. Then they switched again, after facing the back, and faced the sides. Yunho faced right, Changmin left. Both moved forward at last to face the back of the dome as the stage lowered. They turned to face the main stage again and met at the center. I really like the part in the choreo where Yunho kicks up. Augh he's so flexible.

Dirt was really fun, because of Changmin's howling and flirty expression when he did wolf ears. They started at the sides, Yunho on the right and Changmin on the left. Then Yunho moved to face the back of the dome and Changmin the main stage. They rotated again so Yunho would be facing left and Changmin right. Changmin held his jacket open at this point for us and everyone screamed. He was really greasy. One last rotation had Changmin facing the back of the dome and Yunho the main stage, before they went back to the center. Changmin made a heart with his hands and broke it and they had their bro moment with a bro bump. lol It was only in Fukuoka that I realized they were singing "Diamond in the Dirt."

The stage rose again for Survivor and they danced facing the main stage as they moved back towards it. At the middle of the move, Yunho went right and Changmin left. Then they faced the back of the dome again as the extended stage lowered to its original position. In Fukuoka, Yunho made a heart with the dancer and I remember someone threw a lightstick. lol I guess everyone got really excited. Changmin went to the right and Yunho to the left, then Yunho led the fans in chanting and pumping their lightsticks. They closed together at the center, the stage lowering to meet the extension.

They walked back onto the extension for Time Works Wonders and it raised, then rotated only 1/3 of the way back towards the main stage. Yunho was on the right, facing my section. Changmin was on the eft. They were suspended over the audience, which was really cool. AS they walked back to the elevated mainstage, the extension moved back to normal position and lowered itself at the main stage. They walked back to the second level where the band was. Yunho sings the "Hello hello tell me you're mine" part so beautifully. I'm so blown away by his vocals this concert. I was really touched when in Fukuoka he closed his eyes and sang "time works wonders" so gently. T_T

They were in tuxes with a jukebox for the next VCR. They put in money and it worked kinda like a slot machine? Anyway, the combination would give them new clothes. Yunho was a rocker first. Changmin became a matador and Yunho acted as the bull for him. Yunho became an explorer next as a ball like in Indiana Jones rolled past them. "Cake" had Changmin as a baker, but then it became cat and he stayed in the same costume, but suddenly had a white cati n his arms. There was a funny mix and match, but they ultimately ended up back in the suits. There was a fortune behind them and so they pulled on the string and "Special One" came down.

Special One was obviously the next song. They came out on the stage with the band and kinda looked like matadors in black suits with gold trim. But Changmin's chest was exposed hehe. There were hip rolls, body rolls. They split up to the second level. Yunho went right and Changmin left. (I'm so lucky I was on the right side.) They moved down to the extensions, which had been elevated. The dance break was terrifying, because I worried they would break the stage from how hard they were hitting the moves. It was really trembling. The extension finally lowered, though, and they walked back towards the center of the main stage.

Before U Go started in the center of the main stage, but then Yunho went right and Yunho left. But only a bit. The camera panned in today on Yunho's slow hip roll. On his d. orz

The middle ment started on the main stage. It lifted after Changmin pointed to the "center" stage" and moved the extensions in to make a bridge for them to the extended stage. They walked together from the midpoint of the extensions to the extended stage as it was lowered. They talked about what the title "With" means and Changmin said "With Bigeast. With Nagoya. Yunho with Changmin. With music." Yunho then said "With you. Meet you. With me." orz This silly boy. I took a potty break and made it back for Yunho being stupid during the drum roll. Yunho introduced Changmin's birthday, I think. I'm not sure. Then they mentioned the back of the dome and the extended stage again separated and lifted, to carry them to the back. Yunho was being silly again, singing. It had Changmin on the ground laughing in embarrassment. Changmin sang a tongue twister and challenged Yunho, but Yunho kept messing up. It was so cute. He tried to lead a chant Na-Go-Yah but needed Changmin's assistance because he's dumb and talks too much. lol Yunho was really silly during this part, tbh. In the end, he had Changmin stifling laughter behind his hand. Changmin could barely speak from trying not to laugh. But then Changmin had to sing and the lights went down and we heard him without any accompaniment. T_T He sounded so good. Until he looked at Yunho and then started laughing. Yunho interrupted him during an important part and started dancing around him, doing his silly chant. Omg I can't believe sometimes that he's the hyung. Yunho took over the ment and Changmin bent down to dump water over his own head. Then he was wiping the floor with his towel and Yunho asked if he was okay. lmao I'm not sure, but I think Changmin complimented Yunho, while shaking with laughter, and Yunho shook his hand and said thanks. Then they introduced the next song, Calling.

They took off the gold jackets, which is good for the mood of the song, and the sea of lights changed because we had to turn off our red lightsticks. The boys were raised on platforms, Changmin on the right, Yunho left. They sang beautifully.

Duet had the stage raised as it moved back to original position at the center of the dome. Changmin stood left, Yunho stood right. Then they switched. They turned to face each other as they sang passionately. In the silence at the end of the song, a male fam screamed out for Yunho. xD This concert series is my first time hearing Duet live and I'm sad that they didn't sing the full version.

I don't know what to say about Doushite because it was just a very touching song and the fans around me were crying. This section of the show was super emotional. I felt so charged because of them and their voices. I was so touched and impressed.

For Chandelier, Yunho remained alone at the center of the extended stage with the spotlight on him. It was a beautiful start. THen Changmin was at the center of the walkway back to the main stage singing. Yunho joined Changmin and god I was so impressed by Yunho's vocals in this song. When he sings "You're my chandelier," it really gets to me. He walked back to the main stage first and Changmin followed. The ending was full of emotion.

They returned to the library, for the next VCR. They picked up the book "Historyf of TVXQ," which is still hella depressing, because the history only features clips from after KYHD. :( So it's like writing the other three off entirely. Idk, it really got to me. In the Humanoids video, I really liked that they finally revealed what the boys were looking at. It was themselves at this concert. T_T The time traveling theme was done very well. Suddenly they woke up and fist bumped and it was as sweet moment, until suddenly darkness started taking over, and strong winds. Changmin was blown away, but Yunho grabbed him.

Then they did Humanoids in colorful jackets. Yunho had on blue and Changmin pink. They had mesh shirts under, so their bodies were quite visible. Changmin's moreso. This was done at the center of the main stage.

Break Up the Shell split them, Changmin going right and Yunho left. They got on carts and went around. The guns scare me, because what if that hits someone in the face.

During High Time, the streamers dropped. Yunho, as usual, is always high. He had the dancers this time do the "Ho!" parts. Changmin was really cute, too.

Just Can't Quit Myself featured the city's dancers again. Yunho started with a silly dance right away. The lady next to me was able to follow the steps very well. Changmin tore one sleeve off and fans went nuts. Then they joined on the extended stage and Yunho went right, Changmin left, then returned to the main stage.

Love in the Ice was done at the center of the main stage. The main stage lifted during their Ah~ harmonization. T_T This song always always gets to me. It's so much better in Japanese than Korean. It really didn't hit me until later on that I would be hearing the Japanese version. And it honestly had a bigger impact on me than the Korean version at T1ST0RY did. Anyway I'm super proud of Yunho in this song. There are parts that he's singing that were not originally intended for him - Changmin wound up singing his old parts so he could sing other parts and fdsjaldjf he does not disappoint. This song seemed exhausting for us all.

They did this cool new version of introduction to band and dancers. It wasn't really live of them backstage, but it felt like it. lol They were really cute. Yunho came out at one point, anyway. The songs they played during this part were Catch Me, Suri Suri, One More Thing, Sweat, and Mirotic, I believe. They danced to Catch Me at the back and I think another song. Their bassist is also hella cute. Their percussionist is the one always leading the encore chanting.

Maximum had them in white jackets and white pants, gold shoes, and no shirts. Also columns of fire shooting up that I could feel from the third floor. Yunho popped out from the center of the main stage to begin the song. Changmin appeared at the center of the extended stage. Yunho joined him with parasols. At both Fukuoka and Nagoya, Changmin tossed his parasol to a staff at the front of the stage who caught it like a boss each time. The parasol dance is one of my favorites, I'm glad I could finally see it in person.

For Rising Sun, they had firecrackers and fire. I could still feel it. Yunho's chest looked good. Changmin unbuttoned his jacket and let us see all.

The encore chanting was helped along by the percussionist. Coz seriously it's hard to organize an entire dome of people lol.

For BUT, Changmin popped up from the second level of the main stage and Yuho the main stag.e They joined at the center. They had on red WITH tees and moved together to the extended stage. Changmin was on the left, Yunho the right again. Yunho guided the "Hey!" as they walked back to the main stage again.

During the ment, they thanked everyone for the encore chanting. Then they did the Happy Birthday song in English for Changmin. Changmin moved the candles to the center of the cake before blowing them and created a giant flame at the center of his cake omg. Yunho then shoved Changmin's entire head into the cake and frosting wound up all over his bangs. But Yunho decided this wasn't enough and spread more frosting along his jaw lmao. Changmin sang, "Let it go~" and Yunho went to do more ment while Changmin had to go backstage to get fixed up. He returned with his hair wet. His fresh face is so handsome, though.

They sang Sakuramichi next and started at the main stage. Then the extensions moved to connect to the extended stage and the extended stage rose to go to the back of the dome. Yunho was on the right and Changmin the left. They met at the center at the close of the song.

With You had them on individual platforms, raised up. Yunho was on the right facing the back of the dome while Changmin was on the left faced the main stage. The platform lowered and they met back on the extended stage. Changmin went right, Yunho left. The stage moved back to original position at the center of the dome and they had the fans sing the lalala lalala~ as they went back to the main stage. Yunho shouted out that he was really grateful to everyone. T_T

They stood in a line with the dancers and thanked the band, thanked the dancers, thanked the Nagoya dance team, thanked the audience. Then they ran to the extended stage to bow. Then ran back to the main stage and went to the left side to bow. And finally raced across to the right side to bow again. They went back to the center and they said "We are T!"

The final video began, then it stopped, and We Are happened. They came out, walking down on the ground floor. Changmin reached the stage at the back of the dome before Yunho. Yunho arrived, though, and was on the right, Changmin on the left. Then they switched.

For Somebody to Love, the stage lifted as they were in the center and moved back to the main stage. Changmin then went right and Yunho left. Changmin started to go to the main stage, but Yunho raced past him along the way and beat him to it. Yunho went left and started doing martial arts kicks, while Changmin went right. Then Changmin doused himself with water and took off his shirt, then raced to the center. There, Yunho touched his abs/chest reverently. Yunho called out "I love you!" to the fans. Then he raced to the right side and Changmin went left. Yunho rallied the fans to jump. Then they switched sides again, before meeting at the center. They went to the extended stage, then Yunho went left and Changmin went right. And finally they went back to the main stage and said goodbye.
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