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140523 EXO: The Lost Planet

Honestly, this is kind of weird to write, because I haven't done a full length fan account in a really long time. But I think it's time, I think this is a concert worth keeping for longer than a few twitter updates that will disappear on my timeline.

So I got to the venue at a little past 8pm. It was cutting it really close, but tbh the line was still outside rofl. People were still being let in. Standing E hadn't even filled up the space yet. I got into the back of the line after picking up the ticket from a good friend willing to wait for me outside (T_T Thank you, Lucy!) and managed to get inside before anything had even started.

My friend waiting inside (:D Hey Aya) was in the same row as me, though many seats apart, so I went to her first to get my lightstick. Haha, just as I got to her, the lights went down, so she was frantically trying to find my lightstick and we hoped we weren't missing anything just yet. I made it back to my seat before the first VCR started.

The first VCR was the boys running through these trees, looking quite feral and sleeveless. It was pretty cool for a bit. Then it was Twilight. Rofl. Spidermonkey, that's all I could think of, as I saw one of them dashing up a tree. It was really amusing.

Then the boys were on stage, at the back main stage, and they were chanting what sounded like a Native American tribal chant (but done by Koreans and ending in EXO EXO EXO >>;) and somehow we got MAMA (tribal ver.) lmao I like this stage version, though, because all 11 were on stage. >< It was really nice to be able to watch them all, without the transitioning. The boys did great, but I go distracted a bit here, because a girl by me was being taken out for taking pictures on her phone, I think. She got dragged away, but I guess they let her delete the pictures and go back to sit down.

Tbh, my eyes were on only a few members at this point, so it wasn't until Let Out The Beast that I finally got a good look at Luhan. Wow, he looked... absolutely adorable. lol They styled him to make him look super young and boyish, it was so weiiiird. But I thought he looked cute. Chanyeol, though. Omg those arms. And the crowd developed their own fanchant for this song, which was really impressive. Everyone was so loud and in synch. T_T Junmyeon came out and looked stunning, as well. In the background, a video was playing, in which they had a very wolf boy concept. Some of the boys were shirtless. Others were dressed in black. There was an actual tiger on the screen, too. Haha. I really liked the Beast Mode part!

Yixing's dance solo was one of the highlights of the night for me. Wow, he was so impressive. Later on, I believe he said it was a choreography that he and the hyungs made themselves. ;^; So proud of him. He was very sexy and charismatic. He called out for everyone to scream and it was just... so cool.

Moonlight surprised me, because they went from these intense songs to something really soft and ballady. Chanyeol was on my side, by the platform stage near me. Wow, his arms. He looked incredible. His hair was retouched and so bright! They had BaekSoo at the center stage and the rest joined them around the raised platform they were on. They sat on these chairs in a round table kind of setting and proceeded to dance that way. Then these women with headdresses came and it was kinda bizarre.

The whole concert was kind of like this, though - this almost Cirque de Soleil visual experience. The women wound up on the center, raised part of that stage, and the boys rotated around them. I think that was the order.

Anyway, eventually I got to see Minseok, because they finally rotated him around. lol It was really hard to see him the whole night from where I was sitting, though. T_T There was a VCR in the back, with the boys fading in and out, sitting on various pieces of furniture. lol Then the boys split up and headed back to the main stage for ment.

It was hard to focus after Minseok for ment, so I don't have too many notes. I know that Tao gave pretty standard greetings, saying it's been a long time and I love you. Baekhyun said let's have fun together until the end, I think. And then he added a cute kkaebsong just because. He was so adorable. When it was Minseok's turn - well, there was a lot of cheering for Baekhyun, and somehow there seemed to be even more for Minseok. Idk, it was just very intense. He seemed a bit taken aback himself. Jongdae asked us that we waited a really long time, right? And said he had been, too. T_T He was just so cute.

Then Junmyeon. Omg Junmyeon. Idk, his face was covered in sweat, and he already looked a bit like he might cry, even though this was only their first ment. T_T The whole night it just seemed like he was carrying this heavy weight around on his shoulders. I was so focused on his face I couldn't hear him, but he didn't speak much. He said I love you, though.

Jongin was surprised by how little Junmyeon said, actually.

Luhan gave his typical speech, promising to work hard today. xD Seriously, it was so typical Luhan. Yixing said something similar, too. Kyungsoo said they would show us a stage that was as cool as the effort they put into it. ;; I didn't hear what Sehun said coz I was watching Aya rofl.

Chanyeol excused himself for the next stage jfdlsajldfjsla I was so excited at this point lol. And Junmyeon asked Yixing about his dance/choreography. :D While he was asking him about this, Jongin had randomly started dancing. lol He looked really good, though - he seemed really interested in Yixing's dance. Junmyeon sang a bit of something and Idk but it was really embarrassing lol.

Then the ment was over and CHANYEOL ON DRUMS. Omg we have been waiting so long for this and I couldn't stop thinking about how Lyn was reacting wherever she was. Chanyeol was incredible. He was just so captivating and his piece was so good! Idk much about drumming, but never before has Park Chanyeol been this attractive.

Chinese version of Into Your World (Angel) started up and I freaked out, because I've never seen it live. Naturally I tried to find Minseok, haha. But he wasn't doing the dance that day, so I wound up watching a bit more of Luhan, instead. They put a few of the boys in these baskets that they suspended into the air and moved over the audience. Jongin and Tao were in the baskets that wound up in front of my section and they were both sprawled out looking comfortable and cute. Minseok was further away. T_T Whyyyy. He looked really cute as he was getting into his basket, though, just plopping back all ^_^. Somebody save us all from Kim Minseok.

Then they did a VCR with baby pictures to the music of 나비소녀 ;^; There wasn't enough Minseok, tbh. lol And most his pictures were pre-debut, but not very young. >> What're you trynna hide lol. But the rest of the boys were adorable. I loved Junmyeon's baby pictures so much! He was absolutely adorable as a child. He looked like a little prince.

Then the boys came out for Black Pearl in... ruffled button up old style coats. OMG IT WAS SO DUMB I WAS LIKE YOU ACTUALLY DRESSED LIKE PIRATES. (Yet I still thought Luhan looked adorable. ><) Minseok was the only one in these white shoes and he looked like a little kid. lol They went from the center stage down to the front and did a bit of performance and some fanservice there. When they were getting off that stage, Minseok did some form of skinship with Junmyeon, but I can't read my notes to see what it was. rofl

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jongdae came on stage to do his rock solo. JFLDSJLDJF JONGDAE ROCK SOLO jfc that high note and just everything! He did amazingly well. ;; I was thinking that Jonghyun must have encouraged him because it was just a very Jonghyun vibe. And I was just so so proud of him. Like, he slayed. Absolutely slayed.

The boys came together on stage, still dressed in the ridiculous pirate outfits. They were just running around being noisy lol I was like wtf is going on. Then they were looking out for a fan to bring up. lol Minseok crouched to look out into the crowd. He was so unbelievably cute!

Finally they pulled a girl up and sat her down in a chair and crowded around her. Jongdae asked her name, I think. But she had no mic. lol SO BAEKHYUN LEANED IN AND OFFERED USE OF HIS. Omg so horrible, the fans just went crazy rofl xD And he looked back at everyone with this smile that was like- fjdlasjdlfj he knew what he was doing! lmao Anyway, no mic for her, and I think it was Junmyeon who asked, "Who do you like better? K or M?" And that's when the M v K battle started.

M team did Sorry Sorry lol They looked like idiots and losers in those costumes. But then Minseok hip thrusted at the girl, so I guess she's super lucky. Then K team came at them with mops for Dream Girl and cleared them away so they could woo the girl, instead. Then M came back with Ring Ding Dong, carrying bottles of cola. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY MADE THE COLA JOKES THAT INTERNATIONAL FANDOM HAS BEEN MAKING SINCE RDD HAPPENED. Minseok continued to thrust at that poor girl. Then K team did Genie lol it was very awkward legs everywhere. But Minseok doing Gee was the highlight, tbh. He did Gee and wiggled his butt and Luhan smacked it, then Kyungsoo and Junmyeon placed Minseok and Luhan in a fake kiss situation. BUT IT WAS SO OBVIOUS THEY WERE ENJOYING IT OMG.

That's when I lost it and had to pull my phone out to tweet rofl. I realized it was actually okay to have your phone out, though. Just don't take pictures. ^^

XOXO was next and Idk why but my notes have "move dat booty babe." >> It was probably about Minseok. But then Minseok was all cute after doing this booty wiggle and Idk what to do with him anymore, really. He's clearly a menace to society. He kinda stole this performance for me, though, since they did this at the main stage and HE WOUND UP IN CENTER. \o/ Minseok at the center of any formation is enough to make me go nuts, though. Kyungsoo was super cute while we were singing the XOXO parts, because he would make an X and an O with his arms. At the end, Chanyeol lifted Kyungsoo up. It was so cute! Minseok made hearts at everyone, and finally Kyungsoo danced his way off stage. t was adorable!

Sehun's special stage was right by me. *-* He came out dressed as the rest of the boys would be, in a white button up with suit pants. but he had on this leather jacket and this attitude and wow, he really was incredible. He does so well when the dance is more his style. He was gesturing for fans to cheer louder for him and he just commanded his stage and his audience. I was very proud of him.

Then K came out in black suits and did Love Love Love. M came out eventually in grey. Anyway, Baekhyun was in front of our stage, flirting with the fans. Minseok was looking out into the crowd, hand over his eyes like peering. I noted the difference in the way Baekhyun and Minseok handle fans lol. Some members were raised on platforms, these glowing cubes. They looked incredible.

As the boys switched positions, I noticed ChanSe. I think they did a kind of high five. I missed whatever BaekSoo did, though.

M left and K did Thunder and wow does Kim Junmyeon know what year it is? lmao jk but really he was like gramps trynna be cool. I suffered from so much second hand embarrassments. I wound up watching Kai a lot, though, and wow is his dancing separate from the rest. His movements all told a story. Idk how he moves the way he does, but damn, it's a gift.

Kyungsoo's solo came on and I'm pretty sure it was composed to Yoo Youngjin rofl. It had all his basic elements. Actually, at the start of the song, I was freaking out, coz it sounded like the intro to "Ten" and I was like IS HE COVERING TVXQ! But why would he cover "Ten" tbh. Anyway what he wound up singing was really beautiful. I can't wait to hear it on the live album ^o^ I'm pretty sure SM will release! Haha.

Then the boys came out and did My Lady and the background VCR was a woman getting ready to go out. I really enjoyed this song, because it started out as Chinese version again, and JOngdae's voice is heaven. When Luhan and MinXing came out, though, was when I realized - shit, Kris should have been there to back up Jongdae with Tao. ;A; And that was one of the few times in which I felt like his missing presence was noticeable. (More of those to come, because I can't erase Kris from my own EXO experience.) Anyway, when MinXing walked down to the center all I could notice was Minseok's swag. And on the screen, while Luhan was singing, all I could see was that his eyes were sparkling. *-*

When the boys went back to the main stage, they were joined by the rest of K. The woman in the VCR was arranged to look down at them as they lay on the ground and carried out a choreography that we could see reflected on this mirror. OMG IT WAS REALLY HOT AND CONFUSING. The boys did a slow hip thrust up at the woman and all I could think was THAT IS NOT HOW YOU BEHAVE IN FRONT OF A LADY. But it was a really cool choreo, tbh. I really liked the concept of it overall.

After this bit of sexiness, there was a weird calm, and suddenly a piano and Baekhyun at the piano. Baekhyun's solo was It's My Turn To Cry on piano and I got super emotional. His voice is definitely one of my favorites in EXO. I think it's right up there with Jongdae's, tbh. My notes were just full of NOOOOOO because I couldn't believe I was able to listen to him singing this song. Baekhyun was dressed in white and looked like an angel. He looked so beautiful and elegant and gentle.

I used to be calm in fan accounts, but I just want to keyboard smash right now.

When Baby Don't Cry came on, all I could think was, "Yes, I can sing along! Because of all that practice at noraebang!" Then Junmyeon came out and I lost it. The vocals here were just incredible. Chanyeol's rap was really nice, too, and he fell to the ground dramatically at the end of his rap and it looked a little bit silly, but I was proud of him for trying.

Though the song finished, the instrumental for Baby Don't Cry continued and there were these dancers suspended in the air in flowy outfits and they looked so so beautiful, the movements were really touching. Felt like Cirque de Soleil again!

Baekhyun and Chanyeol came out after this to do a special ment, just the two of them. And Chanyeol appeared out of nowhere from the ground, so it really shocked me. lol Anyway, they met up with each other and shook hands all formal, it was so silly. Then they talked about a car and Baek's new car. Chanyeol wanted him to show it to everyone, so he pressed this thing and there were beeps and something would up up. But weird things - one of them was Tao. lol Tao popped up and fell/sat on his butt and pouted, looking really cute. More and more things popped up that were not the car. But then-

Suddenly, at the main stage, there was this car that looked more like a space ship, and Jongin was in it, looking like the king of the universe. Haha. This was the intro for Machine! Finally! Junmyeon was so so awkward during this because he tried so hard to show off his swag. But he hasn't any. lol His face was just try hard and when he walked from one side of the stage to the center - omg, it was adorable, his swag walk. Kai was in the car for a hwile, but at the center stage he jumped out and I was able to watch him dance to Machine~ ^^ That was amazing.

Minseok's solo dance happened out of nowhere and I was frantically searching the stadium for him, but couldn't find him. I think he was just out of my line of sight. But JFC CAN THE BOY MOVE HIS HIPS. There's so much to be noted about his special stage. One was his infinite level of sluttiness, tbh, he was just so so - 야해. Second was that his dance was really interesting, because you could so easily see a girl dancing to his dance. It was sexy feminine. lol I was sad I couldn't find him, but I was happy the camera didn't zoom in a lot and did mostly full body shots so I could see everything! Wow. Just wow. #SomebodyStopKimMinseok His booty pops, his shimmying - I just wanted to yell at him "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING" and the best part is he looked at fans like he knew what he was doing to us and he was enjoying it. Wow, how did my baby gain this confidence?

365 was after this, which I think was really inappropriate. I mean how could they let Minseok go around pretending to be all cute and innocent after that? I was really offended. SM I am sick of your lies. Sick.

Anyway Jongdae was on a pole, suspended, and near my section. It was amazing. But I kept looking over to see what Minseok was doing and I was disappointed he was so far lol. I really ried to focus on Jongdae because Jongdae is always better for me. Minseok was wiggling so cutely I was so so mad.

History came up next and the boys were great. But because Luhan was preparing for his solo stage, he wasn't there. Omg I was so weirded out to see only four members of M dancing on the stage. :x I think it wouldn't have had such a big impact with five members, but since there was only four... I really felt the stage was too big for them.

Luhan came out and danced to The Star. He lifted his shirt a bit jfdlasjdf what is he even doing. But while he had this really cool choreo with male back up dancers, he had this cute smile on his face, like a gleeful kid. It was so silly because of te contrast.

Junmyeon came out to do Beautiful for his solo and fjdslajdlfj OMG HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SECTION. He was wearing a grey suit and he was so so cheesy. He took a polaroid with a fan and he looked so cheesy trynna woo everyone.

For Peter Pan I think this was the only song Minseok was actually on my side. He made so many hearts at fans, it was so cute, but I was like wtf are you doing omg I don't believe you, lying to us like this. Because I couldn't get the image of him dancing out of my head. Haha. Anyway, he was on the platform by me and then suddenly Yixing came down from this contraption they had him on in the air. Minseok helped him out, or tried to, but Yixing wound up getting out himself. And then he helped Minseok in! And I think they were just gonna shake hands before sending Minseok off, but Yixing took his hand and KISSED IT and Minseok was laughing and shaking his head like "omg stop it~" but it was so adorable. Yixing flirts with Minseok like no other, I swear. You can see how much he adores him.

When they let Minseok off again, Minseok was making hearts and doing wiggly butt motions. Idek he's just... ugh.

Tao's martial arts sequence was really fantastic. But lol since I was watching from kind of a side view, it was obvious no one was getting hit, so the intensity of it was lost on me. At least until he was panting so heavily afterwards and telling all uf us that it was hard. lol He really couldn't speak. He managed to gesture for the camera to follow him backstage, though, and then the next VCR set to Heart Attack started.

This VCR was actually really cool. It followed the boys through SM headquarters and featured them singing lines from Heart Attack. lol Kyungsoo actually pulled out a flashlight. They also showed some SM rookies - the boys. Jongdae with a puppy was so random but ADORABLE. Minseok did shit. And we saw LuKai in the bathroom. >>; Awkward. In the elevator, we saw more Minseok. But OMG CAN HE STOP THRUSTING FOR TWO SECONDS?

Anyway Jongin came out in a straitjacket after this for Overdose Intro and JFC IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Contemporary dance is just - omg he danced out of his straitjacket nad the struggle was beautiful. ;; I love Yixing and Minseok as dancers, but when I watch Jongin, he's just he's the one. Idk how to describe how beautiful ad amazig it is to watch him perform.

The boys did Overdose and it was pretty much standard. lol Then they left, but ofc there's always an encore. We hadn't even done our event yet.

The intro before Wolf was really beautiful. Ther ewas a dancer on stage in a very Little Red Riding Hood concept. I really enjoyed her performance. Fans cheered a lot for her, which I'm glad for. :) This fandom is good at cheering. When the boys came out to do Wolf ofc everyone did the fanchants. We will never forget it lol. M were in red and K were in black/blue jackets. Tbh I can't remember the colors. Minseok failed his ending pose a bit. lol He didn't stick it that strongly. He looked tired. The boys did Growl after that and it was pretty much wonderful. Though lol it was really obvious something was off when Kyungsoo still made expressions that he would have had Kris been there to pull his cap off. They did a smart thing by keeping Kai on stage, though, so that the space Kris had was filled.

For final ment, the boys took off their jackets. They were talking about how Minseok had sweated through his shirt and you could see his nipples. So the boys kinda tried to cover them. Jongin actually went and grabbed Misneok's discared jacket and put it around him. It was usch a nuna moment idek. OMG XIUHAREM IS SO REAL.

The boys dang happy birthday to Junmyeon and I was so happy I was able to kinda celebrate with him. TT Sorry, I have a lot of Junmen feels recently. He looked so happy, but also like he was gonna cry. Tao was stroking his shoulder or soething lightly, and Jongdae, too.

The boys did the final song, Lucky and seemed really touched by the fan support for them. ;^; I was so pleased to watch them looking out at the fans like that. I was really emotional, myself. lol But not as much as the last night.

I left the venue feeling kinda weird. I mean, it was a good concert. Not the best, but good, because I'm a fan. I was proud of them for overcoming all the difficulties to pull it off. But I also felt like some things were missing. I mean, there was obviously Kris, but to be honest, I think I was personally fine because I'm used to concerts with members missing. 8D; It was more that... the boys did seem like they had rushed the show a bit. There were weird transitions. And I was a little sad the solo stages weren't 1) longer 2) more than just their teaser songs. (Though Beautiful was actually perfect because we've all been wanting to hear that for a while.) The costume changes were really kinda obvious lol it was almost like a uni production in some aspects.

Also because my first night I saw mostly Junmyeon, not Minseok, I felt a lot for him. He looked like he was having a hard time at the beginning. I'm not entirely sure of why, of course, but he seemed so stressed and sad. I'm glad that by the last night, he was happy. Really happy. And I think it was cathartic for him, to complete the first stage with all eleven. He was so thankful to all of them. You could see that he wasn't just looking at the stadium, he was looking at the members around him, and he was so grateful. ;; Such an adorable leader.

I felt a lot for Chanyeol, though. I think he was touched, and a little sad, and just- sigh. Feelings are tough to deal with right now.

My last night, I don't want to do the entire fan account, because I didn't take enough notes, but I got to see a lot more of Minseok and for that I'm really thankful. Because even though it was a mess getting that seat, it feels almost worth it. Like... I was really close to Minseok. I was next to a really nice fan who even pointed him out to me so I was ready to see him. He was fabulous, so close, and so adorable. I was able to see him deal with a mishap in the most cool, professional way. I was able to see him own his own solo stage. I was able to see him being truly happy with the fans, because he really was so full of love and joy. Idk, it was a nice side of Minseok to see.

I'm not sure I ever want to do a concert like this ever again. But I think I'm in too deep with EXO. I think I will. I'll just be smarter about it next time. :)

I'm out! Hope you enjoyed the fan account if you made it all the way through. ^^
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