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YoonHope Donation Project Through Wish-YoonHo

:: Introduction & Purpose ::

This is the information page for the YoonHope Donation Project Through Wish-Yoonho.

YoonHope represents any and all international fans of TVXQ or U-Know Yunho who are interested in celebrating Yunho's return to dramas through the gift of donation. We will be applying through Wish-Yoonho for a donation of rice wreaths to be sent to a charitable cause.

Our message for the banner: We Are T! We Are YoonHope! (left) Baek Dohoon Fighting! (right)
If you'd like to suggest an alternative message, please leave a comment. ^^

-To make a donation, e-mail kry.eowook@gmail.com for details.
-To suggest an organization to donate to, please leave a comment.
-To submit a photo to be used for the rice wreath, please leave a comment.
-Deadline: December 22nd.

:: Donors & Donations::

@coyotecolored 10,000 KRW
@summerfm 10,000 KRW
@figmagination 10,000 KRW
@yundorphin 30,000 KRW
@yuxisushi 10 USD
@mayonnaisepan 10 USD
@sparkleypoga 10 USD
@ttalgiyoon 10 USD
@kiryokuu 10 USD
@taengoolove 10 USD
@babyytiian 10 USD
@masaki1703 10 USD
@wawajunk 50 USD
@screaminpka 20 USD
@theangelnoona 50 USD
@yilunleong 50 USD
@susie89_05 30 USD
@chenb0t 20 USD
@yb_silvis 30 USD
@loveyunhosama 10 USD

:: KG of Rice for Donation ::
120 KG

:: Proof of Application ::

:: Proof of Payment ::

:: Proof of Approval ::

:: Proof of Donation ::
Here! and Here! and Here! at 0:30 and again at 0:53

Screencaps will be posted of all Proofs. ^^
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