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So sitting at the last row at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium is still pretty awesome. :) I was on the far left, though, so I couldn't see the main screen in the center. The only time this was a problem was the photo segment, though (more on this later). ^^ But here's the concert, in detail!

So before the show started, they played a teaser for "Humanoids" which I am pretty sure is the TVXQ repackage for "Catch Me". The screen went black due to a technical difficulty, though (there were quite a few of these throughout the concert lol) but fans still screamed. When the real teaser played, it seemed to be a dance song and they were in flashy colorful jackets. ^^ Nov. 26th! Everyone look forward to it~!

Finally, though, the real intro started! There was a dramatic shot of rain falling onto the city, and some wide (and I mean wide) shots out into the stratosphere where we could see the planets... align? lol No, this isn't an EXO video. Anyway, from the fire of the sun was formed... well, TVXQ. In black wifebeaters. Changmin's eyes were blazing and Yunho had his arms out like Jesus. Changmin also demonstrated his signature screen. The sunspots came to the Earth and thus the Gods were introduced to us.

The intro to the first song had TVXQ spelled out in sand. There were weird faces screaming from the sand. And then the boys came rising from the "sand" with green lasers. They were really like gods, flying directly above the pit, dressed in classy white suits with coats and gold/silver shirts.

Rising Sun was a great way to kick off the concert! They had sparks and fireworks. After Changmin's "You Know Why~" he popped his collar with a cocky smirk on his face. They moved on platforms that went directly through the pit. Changmin had a lot of fun gesturing to hype up the crowd. The dance resumed at the center stage and was pulled off without a hitch.

To keep energy high, Get Away was next. They were rasied on paltforms at the center of the pits in A/B section. Cass screamed louder than they did. *-* Different platforms were waving over the pit, to all sections. And then they were on a rising center stage with two levels, the dancers on one, and TVXQ at the center on the top.

The boys did their dance intros for Keep Your Head Down, but wound up performing Hey! Don't Bring Me Down next. I guess the method here was divide and conquer. They split and then were raised on poles and moved to the center line. Yunho had trouble, clinging on for dear life, and was late being dropped down. They did a great sing off at each other, though. I'm pretty sure Changmin sang "can't believe I'm loving you" at Yunho. Idk what the line for that was, but lol it's what it always sounds like to me. They had another face off later on and some aggressive shoulder bumping. Fans went crazy at their hip thrusting at the end.

Then came the video break. 2 v 1000? Lol It was the both of them v. an army of... Romans. They set a castle ablaze and then walked away.

To connect to the next performance, "bricks" fell from the ceiling and then they came out to do O. Confetti fell from the ceiling. The lights outlining the stage were moving, it was awesome. Yunho's hair was getting soaked from sweat at this point. The dancers came out as roman soldiers with swords and shields. Changmin's scream was extended. They ended on a punch and all the dancers fell over.

At the ment, they were both breathing heavily. Yunho introduced the tour and his cute laugh came out while they were walking back up to the main stage to greet the fans. During the second introduction of themselves, Yunho did a cute leg bend. He said "Long time no see, this is TVXQ's U Know Yunho!" He rolled his arms to get more cheers and then asked outright for more while Changmin ran off stage to change. Yunho mentioned the red ocean that he was seeing and was really so cute. Changmin returned and Yunho left. So Changmin carried on and talked about how long it's been since their last concert. His aegyo came out. Then Yunho returned and they had on matching shirts, glittery gold and sleeveless. Changmin kept saying "yes yes" in English during the ment - it seems to be a new habit. They were talking about the Korean fans and Changmin sounded like he wished they could have another day for the concert. This part was a little unclear to me.

Like A Soap was the following song, which Changmin introduced. There were giant flowers that "bloomed" on stage and the dancers came out as bugs in a garden. Yunho got kind of bullied lol. They were fighting off the bugs. Then Yunho found the bug spray! But after he killed all of them, he helped them up again. lol Changmin, on the other hand, fought on. He kept kicking one of the dancers. xD This song is supposed to be a sad song, but everything aside from the lyrics said otherwise.

How Are You really changed the mood. The background was the lone silhouette of a tree behind each of them. The light slowly spread during the climactic part of the song and revealed many trees between them. It was very poetic. The trees then were given color and pink petals fell everywhere.

Journey had a background of flowers, as well. They got onto these ridiculus toy plane contraptions that were then flown above the crowd to the middle section of thes tage. Yunho's had issues getting down, I think. They threw confetti into the pits and Changmin got some in his hair. Yunho sang Seohyun's part, which is just really funny as a fan of the original. xD

The next video was Changmin's solo video, in which he played a barista (who looked more like a bartender) whose patron was Lee Yeonhee. There was some creeper Min happening, as he admired her from... well not really afar. Yeonhee cried beautifully and there was awkward Min. More creeper Min appeared, but he was caught this time, and then became embarrassed/embarrassing Min. He had a really stupid looking face at one point. Depressed Min made his appearance when Yeonhee stopped appearing. lol And more creeper Min when you realized he kept this mug with her lipstick mark on it. >>; Just as he wiped it away, though, she appeared again. ^^ And happy Min was happy.

Confession was thus the next song and he was off key during his solo, but I really liked this performance, anyway. It was softer. He was dressed in pants that showed his ankles and a kind of... grandpa jacket. lol But still looked very charming. There was fake snow that came down over him.

Honey Funny Bunny started with a dancer highlight, in which they did their own solo dances underneath lampposts. Yunho came out in an outfit that was honestly much classier than the suits he wears in Japan. It was an incredible outfit. He had great chemistry with his female dancer, it was a shame they couldn't look at each other. The rap was nice. He stripped out of his glittery jacket and fans went wild. They went even more wild at the moment of Every Thrust. His solo was incredible.

The next video had them fighting shadow warriors with katanas and trenchcoats (sexy). The dancers were dressed like... pro hit men, or mafia lackeys. It was very Kill Bill.

Wrong Number was the next song and Yunho did Jaejoong's rap. they were in white suits with red-orange print. Then there was a sword fight in the middle of it! lol

I Don't Know was funny because they were up in the air for a bit for the previous song and didn't have enough time to take off Yunho's harness. lol Awkward, it was all anyone could see during this song.

The next video was an intro to Humanoids. It was in a futuristic setting in which they were altering their own data and doing the same kinds of things (working out, drinking coffee, working on the computer) in the same clothes, but they kept reversing... well faces. lol Basically they were designing the perfect humanoids to take over the Kpop industry. xD We had some nice shots of them working out, though. *-*

Humanoids was then performed on stage. It was really heavy on the synth, from what I wrote down. There is one silly repetitive dance step, but everything else is very nice and they were synchronized and on point. It was another set of choreography that had them playing off each other.

Purple Line was awesome if only for the way the lights around the stage recreated the MV. Changmin took off his jacket before this started, but he looked kind of weird in just his t-shirt while Yunho still had his jacket on.

There was a video of Yunho dancing for Before U Go. The pairing here was Yunho/Sulli, so my friend and I spent a lot of time yelling "NO!" at the screen. Except when Yunho would be exercising coz we were then distracted by his arms. The theme was a secret, forbidden love. There were paparazzi involved and suddenly some dudes appeared to steal her away. She tried to call, but he didn't answer. Then he left his cell phone in the cell phone booth, I can't even, it was ridiculous. lol He kissed her on the cheek and fans went crazy. So did I, but probably for a different reason. (TOO YOUNG!) Then the boys appeared and they actually performed part of it as an intro into the next baby making song.

Destiny had girls writhing on the floor for Changmin and some (sexual?) tension with Yunho. The dancers used their hats to cover a kiss move. Changmin threw something into the crowd to the fans on his way back to the main stage. They danced really well, but it was a shame there could be no eye contact. It was kind of awkward for Changmin, ngl.

During the next ment, Yunho asked if we were having fun. After our explosive "YES!" he went "Yeah..." Changmin was overcome by a laughing fit at some point and had a hard time going on. I think it was something about choreo. They then shared some unseen pictures and talked about them.
-The first was with the dog from Catch Me.
-The next was with Tony Testa, where Changmin proudly proclaimed they were "friends" because they're in the same age group. Then they imitated the silly posing he did.
-Changmin was cute in this one, but I don't remember what he was with.
-Then it was them being cute with UV and Yunho looked instantly embarrassed. Changmin pointed out Yunho's fails and Yunho acted like a dork in... retaliation? lol Or just proved him right.
-The picture of Changmin sleeping with Tiffany harassing him and Seohyun looking concerned. lol They pointed out the dancer in the shot, too. They said Changmin fell asleep because he was too involved in the music. xD What.
-This was a cute picture with TTS, but they were pointing out why Changmin looked so ridiculous.
-This one was with the SMTown dancers. I think Yunho spent a little time talking about Kai's dancing, but I couldn't understand it. He didn't speak clearly enough. T_T
-A picture with SMTown. Changmin called Eeteuk just "Eeteuk" and then corrected himself so he wouldn't offend anyone. lol

Then they talked about the newer groups' intros and how they are jealous because of theirs. So Yunho tried to do a cute "We are TVXQ!" with a less formal verb ending. Changmin kept going "yes yes" again. Yunho was making a point about their name and saying it in Japanese, then asked Changmin for the Chinese. Changmin said it in Chinese and naturally fans squeed and he said "yes, yes, calm down, calm down." in English. xD Then Yunho said in English, they are just T.V.X.Q. and Changmin responded with "yessss" in English. xD So because of all the T's, they decided we had a new greeting. And demonstrated. If Yunho and Changmin say "We are" then we have to respond with "T!" and do a T-shape with our arms. (A lot of fans wound up using lightsticks.) yunho trolled us by doing "We are" "We are" in succession without a breath and laughed at us as we shouted "T! T! T!" to try and keep up. He said we really have to do this from now on. Why are they so embarrassing?

Then they went on and did the series of ballads that made us cry. Rofl.

Toki Wo Tomete was first. It is absolutely beautiful live and even just between the two of them. I Never Let Go had me flailing. I can still sing this song. Always and Like Now were next, but I Wanna Hold You brought out all my feels, because this is the first song where Yunho had legitimate parts and so it was doubly meaningful to me that they were singing it now. At the end of this, they were on a rotating platform singing at each other and ;;

Then there was another video about a cute little TVXQ fan who wanted to marry them. It was freaking adorable. Their appeal to elementary aged fans? lol

They did another new song in studded jackets. Changmin went in the wrong direction. lol Yunho had a cute little aegyo walk that he would keep doing at one part of the chorus. They went up onto the platforms to greet the audience and he was totally flirting. Because of this, he went too slowly, so when they met partway on the regular stage, Changmin directed Yunho to move faster to get to where he needed to be. xD

Dream was next and they were on the moving platforms. Changmin crouched down to greet fans. And when they were transitioning between carts, they high-fived. Yunho danced Kangnam Style. lol

The next video featured them getting dressed and ready to go out and featured YYJ's voice singing us a TVXQ tribute (FINALLY). "TVXQ make your dreams come true" or something like that. This video featured the return of the Yunho/Motorbike OTP. I couldn't tell if they were racing each other or flirting. lol I'm pretty sure Changmin lost, but somehow they wound up in the same place at the same time, runing at the same woman. Except then she disappeared and they magically exchanged clothes to become each other. lol

Catch Me was next. They were in these suits that were supposed to have LED outlines. But Changmin's was off. Oooh...

They then came out in all black after this song to perform BUT but Changmin had mic issues, I think. They had to turn his up. It ended on a bro arm bump.

But after this reconciliation, there was another face off. lol The back up dancers did a mock fight and then ran at each other. TVXQ had a throw down! With chairs! lol Anticlimactic.

Then there was a video for the fans, of highlights of special moments from debut, including some of their more momentous wins. ;^; The boys stood on stage, watching the video with the fans. But Cass had arranged a special light project that spelled out Cassiopeia in the crowd and Yunho got so curious that he turned around before he as probably supposed to to look. The look on his face ;^; there was so much awe and love. Changmin turned around, too, and they hugged.

Unforgettable was the next song. Changmin clearly wanted to cry. His face looked really strained for most of the song. At the end of the song, Yunho closed his eyes, then opened them and had this sweet smile. Fans chanted "Saranghae" at them.

The boys disappeared for a bit and instead of chanting the usual "Encore," fans instead chanted "DongBangShinKi" which was really more respectful. ♥

They came back out to do Mirotic, then the summer song series. Summer Dream was first, and they went around on the carts again. I stopped writing to run down and wave at them. They were so precious and had a lot of fun. Yunho did his flip. Fans were shouting along to the "oh-eh-oh" parts. Sky was next. Yunho high-fived and clung to the dancers. Then, the dork king slid into a model pose on stage. lol These antics. Changmin's adlibs were gorgeous. Hi Ya Ya had Changmin out on an LED tricycle scooter thing. He did a silly dance with Yunho, led by one of the dancers. He got soaked in water at one point, too, and so did Yunho. Yunho was then tended to by the dancers. They really treat him like a kid brother. There was another ment, where Yunho said, "Thanks to you, I'm still singing" and Changmin said "words like Thank You are weird, but I am really grateful to you." ;^;

I'll Be There was the final song. ;^; They sang it with all their hearts. Changmin made it a point to look at every possible section of fans as he sang this. It ended with a confetti shower that I'm sure represented our tears. ;^;

They did the usual walk arounds to bow at fans and thank them. So much humility and sincerity. They introduced the dancers and with them bowed and thanked the audience. Then as Yunho was leaving, he did a "We are-" two times and of course we shouted back "T!" at him. ;^;

The music that played for everyone to leave was "I Swear."

As a TVXQ fan, it was an amazing concert, an unforgettable experience. There were things that could have been better, but it was our first concert in four years and I was so pleased to see them giving tribute to so many years of history. I know some people maybe disappointed there weren't as many new songs, but I think they were trying to give Cass back a bit of what we all thought was lost. And there are some songs that these boys once sang as five that still represent their history, legacy, and feelings just as well as or better than some of their newer songs. There were new songs I wish had been performed for us, too (She and I Swear), but I was also so pleased to hear songs I thought I'd never hear again (Like Now, I Wanna Hold You, Unforgettable). ^^ So overall, I'm pleased and cannot wait for tonight's show!
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