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tangents, pg, humor
cr: virgin + filming lines to The OC

Jongdae’s mind works in mysterious ways. Every time he closes his eyes and starts to move as if he hasn’t got a clue that anybody else exists, Minseok suspects he is retreating into a world that only makes sense to him.

“How can you learn the steps with your eyes closed, pabo?” he mutters when they try to practice ballroom dancing together during a break.

“Dancing is all about the music, right? I need to hear it if I want to feel it.” Which makes sense if you are Beethoven writing music, but doesn’t explain the three mirrors taking up three walls in their practice room.

Because every answer that he gets comes out something like this, Minseok has long since given up on trying to make sense of Jongdae’s thought processes.

All the same, when he confesses to Jongdae, he does not receive the reaction he had been anticipating. In retrospect, perhaps it is his own fault for going about it in entirely the wrong order.

Five minutes of pacing in front of Jongdae, who is sitting patiently on his bed awaiting an explanation, Minseok blurts out, “You weren’t the only virgin in the room!”

He expects silence. He expects wide-eyed confusion. He expects perhaps a good, hearty laugh at his own expense.

Instead, Jongdae bolts out of bed (well, there is some of that wide-eyed confusion) and demands to know, “What? Was there somebody else there?” And there is a sharp intake of breath that lasts only a second (not long enough for Minseok to respond) before the most shocking question of all. “Were they filming us?”

Minseok’s palm once more familiarizes itself with his forehead and he takes Jongdae’s hand, settling in for what looked to be another long-winded explanation.
Tags: *fic
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