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*Disclaimer: This fan account may not be as detailed as usual, because I was sleepy from having only slept 3 hours last night and gotten up at 4:30 AM for merch. ><;;

So SM went all out with the SMTown Music/Virtual Nation concept this year. The introduction to the concert was super elaborate and took much longer than expected.

First, it began with a drumline and then a brass band playing some music. Then it introduced Eeteuk, Shindong, and Hyukjae, who were basically introducing various countries' representatives (aka fans who signed up for the Global Package, I think). Each country had a person whose video was shown, giving a message to SMTown, and that country's reps got to walk down the field to the main flag pole (where the SMTown flag was to be hoisted) with an artist from SM. Here is a list of the countries and their paired SM artist. It should be noted that Henry looked super proud to be walking with Canada. I believe Jessica got confused about where she was going. Or maybe that was Chanyeol. Minseok was super happy and excited and waved and gave thumbs up almost the entire way. Kyuhyun did the derpiest dance on his way down.

Earlier before the start of the show, I had noticed Kris, Junmyeon, Yunho, Changmin, Yoona, Victoria, Taemin, and Shiwon walking down over our section and into hiding, but none of us were sure of why. Because of Junmyeon, Yunho, Kris, and Victoria, I assumed they were coming back from a press conference. But actually they were all the flag bearers! ^_^ So we got to see them with the flag chilling in our area for a bit (which was unfortunate, because then nobody was paying attention to Zhou Mi walking with Korea and then saw them walking down. While they were walking, Eeteuk commented on how handsome Kris is. And he was very surprised that Shiwon showed up. lol

TVXQ got the honor of hoisting the flag. :] And then Kangta and Boa were introduced and gave a speech together. Kangta gave the speech in Korean with Japanese subtitles and Boa gave the speech in English with Japanese subtitles. Fireworks were lit and Lee Sooman was shown on the screen waving and cheering. ^_^

The start of the concert was with the song Our Family. ;O; I was so touched. They all sounded amazing. I was so happy to see the EXO members come out, including Chenzi and Luhan. Yunho got a lot of cheers when he came out and did his part. It was spectacular to listen to him harmonizing with Changmin. Guh, those two.

From here, I am going to mark in bold the songs that were performed. >o>;;

Following this was Dana & Sunday's performance. They sang My Everything and it was gorgeous. Not too many cheers, so I screamed my head off for them, especially during one of Dana's adlibby parts. It was super impressive. ;A; They introduced themselves briefly and performed One More Chance and all I could really do was stare at their gorgeous legs. Dana didn't seem as into it as Sunday.

Zhang Liyin came out next and performed I Will, which was spectacular. She did it in Korean and I was singing along, but in Mandarin. lol The girl next to me was, too. >o<; All the feels when Hankyung's voice came on. She introduced herself after and spoke for a bit. Her Korean is really clear! Then she did Moving On in Mandarin. >< She looked so pretty in her yellow dress and it was so hard to believe such a strong voice could come from such a cute thing.

Chu Gayeol came out and introduced himself as an ajusshi, then sang one fairly happy song that called for everyone to clap along. After that, he sang a song in English that was much slower. Actually I cannot say I stan Chu Gayeol much, but I am a huge fan of his voice. *o* It was so nice today, too.

f(x) bounced out next with Pinocchio, sans Sulli. Victoria was looking really sexy in her short dress and fishnet top. I couldn't help looking at her, uh, chest. >>;; Amber's voice was a bit lower, I think, for her "Remember me" part. They introduced themselves and said they would work harder since Sulli wasn't there (or something like that) and then performed Hot Summer. Spent most of this song looking at Victoria's legs.

Video clips were shown from Kim Minjong's work. He came out and sang. It was not the performance of SM's usual artists, but you could tell he worked really hard. After the instrumental part, he really got into the song. It became a long stronger. ^_^

Like a G6 with Kris, Amber, and Key was kind of a hot mess. Key was actually flying high like a G6. Amber was having fun as usual. And Kris was so awkward that I cringed. -sigh- There is not much to say about this other than that it was kind of a fun song because a lot of fans were singing along. But really, Kris. Really. He didn't wear a trench coat this time, though, but a sparkly magenta coat, if memory serves me right.

I don't know what song Jessica & Krystal performed (edit: apparently California Girls, thanks hyperballad), but they seemed to have a lot of fun. Though I think Jessica might still be jetlagged and made a few mistakes. ><; Poor girl. It never fails to amaze me how different these two sisters' styles are. Jessica is super cute on stage, but Krystal is fierce.

Changmin and Kyuhyun's rendition of Just The Way You Are was one of my favorite performances of the night. Changmin sang so well and Idk, his English is legit really good when he sings. I didn't get as much of a feel for Kyuhyun's lines, but I did like when they sang at each other. The highlight was, of course, the part where they sang to the girl sitting in the chair. Mostly because this girl turned out to be Taemin. lol omg. Taemin was so pretty. Changmin kissed him on the top of the head. And Taemin sang along a bit near the end before they did their group hug. He was looking really pleased after. Like, imitating a fan who had just struck gold. Hard to describe, but I love how playful these kids are.

Oppa Oppa was probably fun but I was still too busy recovering from Just The Way You Are.

EXO teasers came on the screen and there was a lot of cheering. Then they performed History, the Mandarin first version. As usual, the camera did not pan onto Minseok during his small part. Rofl. During the ment, Kris spoke a bit of English and ended with "I love you" and Junmyeon added, "Me, too! Me, too!" Haha Junmyeon actually had trouble with his ment and the others were teasing him for it. Tao introduced himself in Korean, then Mandarin. Baekhyun said a lot. And right after him, all Minseok said was, "I'm glad (to be here/to meet you)!" Kyungsoo's introduction was loud and clear, as usual. Jongin talked while fans were screaming for him so of course we heard nothing except the ending, which was that they would work hard tonight. xD Yixing hesitated on his name, again. -dies- I am not sure if he will ever learn it. He made a heart with his arms for the fans. Junmyeon made some fun of Jongdae's wave. Sehun said "I love you!" After this, they performed MAMA, the Korean first version. The camera remembered to pan into Minseok enough that we saw him do the point and shoot. lol

Devil's Cry was spectacular, as can only be expected from Taeyeon. It really never fails to amaze me how versatile she is. Run Devil Run of course came after that and I think Jessica was still a bit out of it. During Genie, Tiffany shouted, "대한민국, put it back on!"

Oops! was a special treat! I liked that Hyukjae was the chimp that Shindong refers to in his song. But the best part was that they got ready to salute to Heechul on the screen, but amber burst into her own rap! It was about her identity, I believe, and she was saying Donghae was her first cover and something about Jonghyun and lead vocal... Haha.

Then there was a video about SMTown and all I really got out of it was that SMTown is Atlantis. Rofl.

Lucifer featured Luhan! I kept an eye on him for a friend. He did really well. I was really proud of him. His movements weren't quite as strong as the others during the chanting part, but I suppose he doesn't own the song in the same way they do. When I wasn't looking at him, I was watching Jonghyun's arms. Wow, impressive.

Superman transitioned into Don't Don and I really enjoyed that. There were fireworks and it was a really well done number, even without the infamous violin solo. But it was very similar to the concert so I was kind of watching a repeat. But ee Youngwoon!!!!

Ring Ding Dong was the rock remix and needed no Minho replacement, since it was a lot of head banging. Haha. The boys had a lot of fun with this.

Bonamana was nice but did Eeteuk really need to take off his shirt again? lol I don't remember some of this, I might have been dozing.

Juliette featured a back up dancer who may or may not have been Greg Hwang. lol To be honest I don't know, but it wasn't an EXO member. Taemin had some mic problems. I was all about Onew's outfit. *-* I didn't understand the point of Jonghyun disappearing. It didn't make sense at SHINee's concert and it made less sense tonight without the wings... Love Like Oxygen featured Sehun. He did pretty well, actually. There was a TaeKey moment that had all the fans screaming. Haha.

Missing You was one of the performances I had been anticipating all night. Because I love any Ryeowook performances and I especially love his duets. I am so glad he performed with Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is no Hwanhee, but he does really well. He was very into it and looked quite dashing in his suit and tie. Ryeowook was very pretty in... white? Cream? But I am sad because he didn't get as many screams as Kyungsoo and I am not sure why. His vocals were super impressive, as always. The two hugged at the end. ^_^

Twinkle was awesome. But DJ's Got Us Falling In Love was another personal favorite. Seohyun was boss in her sunglasses. Fany had to run to get to the center of the stage on time. It was so loud when EXO came out that I couldn't hear Kyungsoo cursing in English. :( Luhan has no real chemistry with any of the SoShi girls, but he tried his best. Chanyeol's rap was awesome. Sehun was really great!! I was surprised. He had a better attitude.

Then came the special performance stage. Victoria and Tao performed the same thing they did at the SM Orchestra thing. Then Hyukjae, Taemin, and Kai performed the song they did at SM Orchestra. (At least I think it was them.) Yuri, Yoona, and of course Hyoyeon came out and performed a bit of a new choreography. Yunho popped up and the stadium went wild and he performed to "O". Then the boys joined him, then the girls did. To be honest, this was one of the more boring stages, because they didn't show anything new.

Hurricane Venus really picked it up, though. Wow all the stage effects for BoA were spectacular. The fireworks went up as high as I had seen them all night at that point. After this song, she did... Not Over U? Whatever will calm this headache. During her ment, she had to think about which number of albums she was on. lol

During Heechul's part for Sorry Sorry, Kyuhyun cracked. Then Zhou Mi and Henry came out for introductions and Henry spoke in Korean, but too fast, so he had to repeat himself. Then he said basically the same thing in English. He spoke a lot, but repeated himself a lot, too. Oops. Zhou Mi... got so few cheers, it hurt. :( I screamed really loud for him. The members were asked "What is SMTown?" and Hyukjae said "anchovy" because you need it for Korea's representative food, kimchi. Shiwon said "Shiwon" but I didn't understand his explanation, other than that he was probably making a play on words with "refreshing" (thanks hyperballad for confirming). For the final statement, Henry just said "I love you" and "Thank you" twenty different ways.

Then they performed Perfection which I can't find my notes for. >< Wtf I am missing some pages, weird. But Zhou Mi really rocked it and I think that fans were screaming more loudly for him during this part than his intro. After this, Zhou Mi and Henry left the stage and I think A-Cha was performed. ><;

Jonghyun/Taemin duet was probably somewhere around here. They did Internet War again and Jonghyun showed up with no shirt. Let me just say that his body is a work of art. His hip bones are seriously so sharp. They did great. During the face off, Jonghyun pressed his head directly against Taemin's and then yanked his hair back. Fans were going absolutely crazy.

TVXQ performed Maximum (wow the fanchants and screams; also I remember Yunho and Changmin's outfits had cuts down the chest and was like "wow, those are like nipple peep holes" because they really were), Mirotic and Keep Your Head Down. Wow, such fierce and intense performances. TVXQ put on the most powerful stage performances of any SMTown artist up to date.

Gee and Kissing You helped everyone relax. The magnae was so cute, dancing on our side. She was so cheerful. She sang at Hyoyeon during one of their transitions from one place to another (they didn't dance, but they were moving around to wave everywhere they could) and then gave her a hug.

Dancing Out was recognized soon as it started playing. I had a lot of fun with this song, as usual. Only Love was a surprise and confused us.

Electric Shock was very well done, considering Sulli was missing.

Sherlock was good because Onew covered Minho's parts and wow he was very good! Rapping from him is awkward, though.

I was not very awake during Sexy, Free, and Single, but I know that Shiwon was basically not wearing a shirt. lol.

Rising Sun was also very well done, but didn't keep my interest enough to keep me fully conscious.

Then Only One with Boa was up and wow Taemin has swag. Rofl. He did much better than Sehun from last night, anyway. Gregory Hwang danced in place of Shim Jaewon. ;A; All my Blackbeat feels.

There was an HOT tribute video and then Kangta came out and sang a little bit of Hope on the piano with Song Kwangshik. Then SMTown came out with some of the fans from the opening ceremony. As fireworks were up in the sky, some pretended to have guns and were shooting prey (Changmin and Taemin were of this bunch, I believe). Shindong pretended he was the one being shot at. He also pretended to be playing the flute with one of the sticks from the small flags they had. lol Minseok teases my eyes but it is amusing how easy it is to find him. Just look for Kris and then look at the bouncing thing next to him. He was very happy next to Kris in his neon pink tank top. I saw him bouncing very happily along and knew exactly where to look even though he was on the other side of the stage away from me. I lost sight of him in the crowd, though, as it slowly gathered. By the end, he had walked with Kangta and was looking very much happy with himself. He looked so good and happy all day, seriously. Kris stood by Chanyeol I think. And afterwards, he took off his wreathe to give to Kyungsoo. Minseok stood by Jongdae. At some point, I saw Kai making a heart for the audience with his hands. I think Sehun told him to, am not sure. Luhan was near Sehun and he laughed when they saw that Yehsung still wouldn't leave the stage.

And that there is that. ><;;
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