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unfair, g, humor
Minseok + Henry; one-sided Minseok/Luhan, Henry/Amber; implied Kris/Amber, Luhan/Sehun

Minseok is by the snack table when Henry approaches, dropping down to the seat beside him with a heavy sigh and resting his chin on his arms. Minseok glances over at him from where he is polishing off a celery stick and reading over a new set of lyrics (a new song, new expressions to learn and plenty of pronunciation to correct) but with little interest. Henry often gets like this these days, which makes no sense to Minseok because shouldn't he be happy to be joining them finally on the SMTown World Tour? But he doesn't ask questions, because he doesn't like to pry.

"Min..." Henry finally says, and sounds uncharacteristically distraught. Probably a sign of hunger, confirmed when he reaches for a plate to start piling fruit and vegetables and slices of ham that were probably intended for a sandwich that he seems too lazy to make because the bread is situated at the other end of this table. Impractical, so Minseok gets up to move it over.

"Yes?" he asks, when he returns, placing two slice of bread on Henry's plate.

Henry nods his head and Minseok follows his gaze to where Kris and Amber are fooling around. There is a brightness to the girl's eyes that is different from her usual pre-concert glow of anxiety. She looks delighted by something that Kris has said, even as she punches him in the arm for it and he laughs at her, pulling her into a headlock that she seems all too happy to be in.

"What does she see in him?" Henry grumbles, gnawing on a carrot. Minseok hadn't even known there were carrots, where had he gotten those?

"Hm?" he asks, looking around and finally locating them. He takes a slice for his own, nibbling on it as he awaits Henry's response.

"Kevin. What does she see in him?"

"Oh, the usual," Minseok says with a bit of a sigh. "Tall, handsome, speaks three languages." The answer is pretty obvious to him. He'd talked about it all in an interview before, of course.

Henry grumbles something about how he was there first and Minseok gently reminds him that Kris and Amber both joined the company around the same time. "Still," Henry says with a sigh and puts his hands to both his cheeks, turning to his friend as he squishes them lightly. "I'm cute, aren't I? I thought girls were into that."

Minseok blinks at him mid-bite, then bursts into quiet laughter and shakes his head. It is then that he catches sight of Luhan and Sehun walking by, Sehun's arm slung over the elder boy's shoulder. They smile as they approach the snack table and Luhan grins at the sight of Minseok with the carrot in his mouth and Henry still making puffy faces beside him.

"Do you know what you look like right now, Baozi?" he asks.

"Hm?" Minseok asks with a good natured smile.

"Two cute hamsters."

Henry squawks a protest, but Sehun is whining about wanting to get something to drink, so Luhan waves as he is dragged away.

Henry turns back to Minseok with a defeated sigh and a shake of his head, attention back on Kris and Amber. "Life's really not fair."

"Yeah," Minseok says, eyes on Luhan's and Sehun's retreating backs.
Tags: *fic
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