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So today has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster, but it all ended very well! :) Hi, this is Mai and I'm back with a fan account~ For those interested in EXO, I hope this is a treat. ^^ I attended the showcase today!!


Now the reason this has been such a crazy ride is because I was not one of the selected winners to enter. When I took the hour's trip to Olympic Park, it was without even really knowing if I would get in. But I had to try, because any chance was better than none at all. My feelings were mixed about whether or not this would be worth it, but a friend encouraged me (not that it took much lol) and I went!

I was pleased that when I got there there was a promotional banner to point the way. There were also posters up at the Olympic Hall, and I took some pictures of the giant banner at the front! After sending them over to SMent_EXO, the admin retweeted them and I spent about five hours on Twitter getting support from the fanbase wishing me luck in getting in. ;^; I also made a friend, a Japanese fan of EXO's who saw Chanyeol in SoShi's Genie MV and became his fan. ^^ She had a really positive attitude and also contributed a lot to keeping my mood and hopes up! lol

After a lot of confusion in which we realized there was not only the regular list of people who had been accepted, but a reserves list, as well... Well, we were third tier. We had absolutely nothing with us that would help us get in. A security guy even came out to warn us that we might not get in, though he said there was hope. He was just trying to help us out, so we were thankful, but we waited.

Good thing we did! At 4:30, I think SM realized that the Hall was not going to be filled. Though they sent out all those acceptances, naturally not everyone showed up. And the reserves list didn't fill it up, either. So I got an SMS that said to come quickly! I was already there, of course, and after a lot of moving around... well I made it into the Hall! xD

The Showcase

Honestly, I was a nervous screaming wreck the entire time. :) We were seated near the back, but because there were some empty seats up near the front, we hustled our way forwards and wound up directly behind a group of Xiu Min fanboys and in front of Sehun's friends. xD Sehun's friends were hilarious, shouting out that he was hot/attractive/etc. Xiu Min's fans/friends just cheered very loudly for him. I was pleased, because Xiu Min is basically my bias.

Hyoyeon came! She passed right by me, but I only saw her hair, because I wasn't looking up due to the giant camera in the way. T-T;

When the lights went down there was a lot of cheering. And then there was a video, basically telling us THE LEGEND OF EXO. In English, with Korean subtitles. Rofl.

First Performances

History started playing and the K boys came out, but too early. xD They left the stage, then came back out to perform. Partway through the song, K switched out for M. Kris is a freaking giant. Then K came back and all twelve were together. ;A; I was so thrilled.

Junmyeon's smile totally caught my attention. He has the biggest, sweetest smile. He really does look like Shiwon, especially when he smiles.

When the boys finished, Eeteuk came out as the MC. The boys stood in this order, left to right: Kris, Chanyeol, DO/Sehun/Luhan/Yixing/Kai (really have no idea, actually, because my attention was not focused here), Junmyeon, Chen, Xiu min, Baekhyun, Tao. They were introduced with a very messy "ONE!" and then "WE ARE ONE! WE ARE EXO!" (The latter line said in Korean.) xD It was so awkward, but I really love the meaning behind it. ;; They will be one, even when they're apart.


Tao introduced himself first as M's magnae. He looks so awkward. Like, seriously, everything about him screams awkward. xD It was totally endearing.

Baekhyun introduced himself as a lead vocal. Kai nearly burst into laughter introducing himself as a Dancing Machine Kai. Chen introduced himself in very textbook Korean. xD This is also basically the last we ever hear from him... I'm not sure why... I think Chanyeol teasingly introduced himself as K's leader. Kris introduced himself as M's leader. His Korean was very cute. A little slow, but not bad at all.

Solo Stages

Kai performed My Lady. Boy can the kid move. Seriously, he is so sharp. He also grabs his crotch and lifts it up, rather than tap and lift. xD It's kind of hilarious.

Tao performed the solo he did at the SMTOWN Orchestra stage, I believe. He was sleeveless (very nice arms, btw) and had the bo staff.

Xiu Min, Lay, and Luhan came out next to perform... I forget. Run & Gun? Anyway, Min stood out because he had neon green in his color scheme. Yixing was clearly the star, though, sticking in the middle.

Chen and Luhan came out to do Baby Don't Cry (Mandarin);o; I love this song, I was so excited. It's my favorite song of all the teaser stuff. Chen was wearing something that made me think of a dead cat on his shoulder. xD Here's where I noticed Luhan looks older in person than he does on pictures. They sounded phenomenal.

But What is Love caught my attention and imo was the best act of the night. DO looked awesome, and I had a moment where I just fell over in my seat when Baekhyun started singing. ;; I'm not sure what overcame me, but his voice... Omg. Even better live than on the audio.

Chanyeol and Kris did the rap for Two Moons next. Man Chanyeol has this delicious sounding voice, it's so deep compared to his cutesy face. Kris going "Hey yo what's up" cracked me up. Lay and Kai did the dance as they rapped and the boys have a great stage presence, but it was a little awkward when they tried to get some audience interaction. Not that the audience wasn't receptive, but I don't think they carried as long as they could have. Chanyeol's rap is really really good, btw.

Junmyeon's solo stage was... Not really one. They just played a clip show of all the pretty pictures they have of him. I'm serious. Junmyeon's charm? His looks. Rofl.

Kai and Sehun came out in couple outfits next to dance. There was a lot of lasers, and some Kai cleavage. xD My eyes weren't sure how to feel after that. Sehun's fanboys were the best, they cheered SO loudly during this stage. I know they were all his friends, so that means they were probably Kai's, too. They were super excited. The song was Run & Gun, I'm pretty sure. And I couldn't help but notice how sharp Sehun's movements were. I think this group has seriously talented dancers.

Oh, another sign of nervousness. Once they were done, they were probably supposed to wait for the lights to go off before running back off stage. Kai did it properly, but Sehun ran as soon as the song was over. xD lol Poor awkward boy.


Junmyeon was asked a question and he started speaking, but I don't really think he answered the question. He looked so lost and nervous, but was smiling so cutely. ;o; There was an extra chair and then Kris realized that they started sitting in the wrong spot, so he walked over to Eeteuk's side with one of the extra chairs he had and gave it to him. xD Because obviously there was supposed to be a spot for the MC. I bet Tao felt really embarrassed about that, since he basically took Eeteuk's seat.

The questions that were sent from overseas were going to be asked, so Teuk had Junmyeon vow to answer... prettily, and honestly. Or something. And Junmyeon repeated the vow, but started laughing or couldn't repeat properly, and had to stop a few times. xD So nervous!

The first Question came from Saphiras from France, who asked "Where do you want to travel?"

Chanyeol gave a cute puffy face and replied in his deep voice that he would like to go to France and all around the world to see fans in many places. xD Junmyeon said he would go anywhere there was fans. This earned many cheers.

Question two was from a fourteen year old in Taiwan (I couldn't read her Chinese name). She asked them to come to Taiwan and wished them luck! So it wasn't really a question, but it was cute.

Lan Nhi from Norway asked what their most memorable moment was. Baekhyun was so cute. He laughed really adorably while giving his answer. Xiu Min was watching him with amusement as he acted out something... probably greasy. I think he said he is close to Chanyeol and Sehun and they do this kind of thing often. >o>;

Kris said today's showcase was the most memorable, because it was a special day with fans he was really happy to be there. ;; There was such sincerity in his awkward Korean.

Kris's hands are huge, by the way. I couldn't help but notice this as he was speaking.

Dong Yeen from China asked about M's living arrangements!!!! Yixing answered this question. He said that Minseok, Luhan, and Kris room together. He and Chen (though he called him Jongdae and then nearly died trying to correct himself with Chen) "sleep together." xD and he said that Zitao lives alone. Zitao says it's because he's the youngest. xD

I think Eeteuk asked them if they have a member that's as attractive as Shiwon and the unanimous response was Kris. Minseok did a really cute pose that went way out of his way to exaggerate the distance of his arms as he pointed to Kris. xD I didn't hear the reason they said Kris was so attractive because I was busy gushing, sorry.

The next question was from Nevada from Indonesia, who asked about their first impressions of each other. xD

Junmyeon says that he was scared of Tao initially, but it turns out Tao has a lot of aegyo. So of course the fans demanded he show it, but Teuk said that was coming up. Baekhyun said something about Kris that I didn't catch. Sehun said he fell for Luhan, I'm pretty sure. And Kai mentioned Sehun. Sehun's boyfriends started screaming "ATTRACTIVE!" and Kai replied, "I don't know if he was attractive, but I thought he seemed cool." xD

San from China asked which member had the most aegyo. The response was Tao and Sehun, because they are the magnaes. So they had Tao do bbuing bbuing. fjdalsjdlfjasdf So cute! Everybody screamed. Eeteuk then went over to Xiu Min, but the members told him to ask Sehun to do it instead. Rofl! I guess Teuk couldn't resist Xiu Min's cute face. xD

Sehun couldn't complete his bbuing bbuing. He did the first bbuing, and then fell over laughing.

Kai has no aegyo. His turn was a total fail. He couldn't do it at all at first, then tried again, but you couldn't hear him. xD Clearly the cutest one is Tao.

Martyna from Poland asked their nicknames. xD Xiu Min fielded this one, but he must have been nervous, because he seemed to have had some ideas, but then it got a little dull. He said that Kai is called... Kai-bun? Kai-bom? And something about him being cute and sexy. Kris's Chinese nickname is "Kris leader." ... Yeah. xD So Eeteuk started calling Kris that from then on.

Ira from Russia asked about how they felt about all the attention foreign fans were paying to them. Kris was asked to field this one. Eeteuk said, "So how do you feel about it?" and Kris had clearly zoned out, so he asked, "My feelings right now?" xDDDDDD Eeteuk explained and Kris said that they felt very good. He then said he would study Korean harder. lol So cute.

Final Performances

Your World came next! The reason the three boys were missing from the teaser video was revealed. THEY WERE THE MAIN SINGERS. Junmyeon sounded really good! DO was especially wonderful here, though.

I was busy tweeting about DO's voice, so I totally missed Xiu Min's little bit with Kai. T-T; Sad times. But when he came back out, what little I saw of him before Kris blocked him (having Kris in front of him is just cruel, lol) was wonderful. He is so sharp!

The title song came on after a video about EXO's 100 days since the first teaser. It's called MAMA and it's a totally new song with a lot of bass to start. Kai's chest was revealed and the concept seemed to be rather fierce and sexy. Xiu Min had a longer line than he did in History, I think, and he sounded really nice. Kai growled a lot. xD Random English is necessary in every SM song and theirs was a lot of repetition over the words "marvelous" "anonymous" "careless/curious".

The MV was revealed, or a teaser, or something. There were dragons, phoenixes, fire, and idek. Tao also does magic tricks with the bo staff. Chan and Baekhyun have a moment. So do Kris and Kai, actually.

Then the boys came out to say their final greetings and Junmyeon was totally tearing up. But it seems they almost all were. They did the greeting again, but Xiu Min was a little late. -dies- Poor baby. He looked so awkward and anxious about it.

And that was... it. Honestly, my only complaint about this was that it was so short. I could watch these boys for days, though. ;; They are so sweet and earnest and talented and that's all I have to say about that.

Omona_Lounge, SMENT_EXO
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