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So yesterday I went to the TVXQ fansign event in Cheonan. It was inside an auditorium, so we had assigned seats, which meant I couldn't sit close to my friend. But there were some very helpful high school girls next to me, who informed me of the direction we were going to go and the order of signing. (Changmin was first, then Yunho.)

When they came out, of course everyone cheered. Yunho explained that this was going to be the last fansign, and that Changmin was sick (he confirmed this with his coughing T_T). When it was Changmin's turn to speak, he greeted everyone and, after hearing his sick voice, all the fangirls went, "Awwwwwww." He paused, then responded with, "Ehhhhhh." lol

The fansign was underfoot. Didn't take long before Yunho had about 6-9 people in his line. lol Changmin went through them fast. It was easier to watch Changmin, so I watched Changmin for most of it. He was really polite and bowed and smiled to everyone who came up to him.

Also his legs are super long. At a point, he stretched them out underneath the table and his feet peeked out a bit from under the table cover. xD It was cute, I don't think he was all that aware.

(I wasn't sure what to say to Changmin, but made up my mind to tell him his hair was nice, because a friend of mine at ContinueTVXQ told me to ask about his shampoo. lol)

Whenever I caught sight of Yunho, he was smiling brightly and greeting every fan who came up to him. He's so cute.

Anyway, I got in line and the girl behind me, one of the high schoolers, was freaking out. She kept saying "They're so handsome! What should I do?!" lol I asked if she was a Changmin fan, because she and her friend were looking at Changmin's pictures earlier, but she said she was a Yunho fan! :D

Finally, I was at the front of the line, and was about to go up when a fan was leaving, when one of the coordinators held onto my hand and told me to wait. So I did, but Changmin's line was empty. She wasn't really paying attention, but finally she did and told me I could go.

I heard about this from my friend, because I wasn't really aware and because I wasn't looking, but when the girl finally let me go, I guess I squawked or eeped or made some kind of noise, and Changmin smiled. (I was thanking the coordinator, so I wasn't looking at Changmin as I was walking to him.)

I was super nervous, so I don't remember them as well as I did from my first fansign, but here's basically how things went down.

Me: ㅊ-창민씨...
CM: 네?
Me: Your hair is really... um... 죄고요!
CM: *laughs* 감사합니다... *kinda shyly; looks down, confused about card*
Me: *distracted a bit* Ah! *points to which one he should sign (I had written two separate "names" for Yunho and Changmin)* Mai 누나...
CM: Ohh. *gets to signing*
Me: Um... *struggles to remember what she was going to say* ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-ㄴ-나를... 다라해봐요!
CM: *looks up* Hm?
Me: Knock it. *holds up fist for bro-fist*
CM: Knock it? *notices fist* Oh! *holds up his own, too, smiling* (Seriously, he has such a gorgeous smile.)
Me: 아-아뇨... *tries to show we have to touch*
CM: Ahhhh. 안돼요...
Manager: *repeats that they can't*
Me: Ohh... 감사합니다... *must be looking pretty dejected about it or something, as walking away, because...*
CM: Sorry...

Then I got in the back of Yunho's long line. Soon my high school friend joined me, she was seriously freaking out, so I kept asking her if she was okay. It also gave me somethign to do. I couldn't focus or think very clearly.

When it was finally my turn to go up, I saw Yunho and... basically forgot where my tongue was. And where my card was. I looked down to figure out which one I needed to give him, and the bodyguard beside him helped me.

Me: 감사합니다...
YH: 안녕하세요~
Me: 안녕하세요~
Yh: *looks down at card* Eh? *confused* (I had written on the post-it "Mai Girl")
Me: *looks down at it, and forgets to look at him basically the rest of the time* Um... Mai. 내 이름이 Mai...
Manager + Bodyguard: *lean in curiously*
Me: *afraid manager won't let him sign to that request*
Manager: Girl. *reads it for Yunho and then explains what it says*
YH: Oh! *finally gets it! gets to signing* (He mighta been smiling at me, I promptly hid behind my paper so it's hard to remember.)
Me: 오빠... Keep Your Head Down 첫 팬사인에 돈 드렸으니...
YH: *looks up from signing, kinda confused*
Me: *pushes on, because is so nervous* 코뿔소 그려주세요!
YH: 코뿔소?
Me: *uncertainly* 코뿔소...?
Manager: Ah! *gets it, always faster than YH; explains that they can't*
YH: *explains that he can't, in a cute voice; kind of apologetically points at the paper and says something like there might be no room*
Me: Ah... 감사합니다...
YH: *smiles kindly as he finishes signing and hands the paper back to me*

I don't even remember if I told him good-bye, but I was so upset that I didn't wish him luck on figure-skating or that he was awesome.

I don't think he remembered me, really, but that's okay. Now that I've typed out this conversation, it was longer than it seemed in the moment. lol

Anyway, I sat and watched them sign. The high schooler behind me came back to her seat shortly after I did, and I asked her what she told him. But she was replying too fast for me to understand. Then she saw my signature, which he signed to 마이걸 and expressed her jealousy. lol But in a cute way. She was so nice, really.

I watched them the rest of the fansign (again, mostly Changmin, because it was easier) and watched to see my friend, who was much more charming than I was. :) Though Yunho also failed at understanding some of her English. He's seriously the most confused boy...

They gave a final ment afterwards, and Yunho said something about figure-skating. (I shouted out good-luck to him just before... I hope he heard. lol)

Then when he passed the mic to Min, Min wasn't sure what to say, so he stalled a bit with, "I... am not figure-skating." lol He's so ridic.

On their way out, they waved. Changmin seemed kinda rushed. Yunho, on the other hand, had to kind of be guided backstage by one of his security guards. A fan shouted for him to wave one more time, and... he did! Just before disappearing behind the curtain.

I love him. I love them.

I made Changmin LAUGH. lol And apologize. (All I really wanted to do was troll Changmin... but he's too awesome for that.)

And now... well I've always been Yunho's girl, but now he knows, too~ (thanks to his awesome manager.) Overall, a pretty successful fansign. ^^
Tags: *dongbangin', *i was there, *super pig virus girl, *the best day of my life (thus far)
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