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So I decided to just post this here, publicly, for anyone who wants to come see it. Rather than advertise it at a public community, I think this should be enough for those who are curious. ^-^; It's a very detailed and personal account from my own perspective, so forgive me if I don't say enough about Yunho or Changmin. My brain basically went to mush when I saw them, though.

So I get up there, see Yunho, and promptly lose all my words. I hand him the book and, after a couple of false starts (I was stuttering so bad that I had to start over), I manage to communicate to him that I'm foreign. He smiles and starts to sign, then might have asked me, in Korean, if my name was "May fan." (I had written "Mai fan" because I like to pun my own name.) It takes me a moment to understand, so I stare at him and he turns the book around to show me what I had written. I tell him "내 이름이 Mai 그리고... Fan... fan. My fan." Which basically translates into "My name is Mai and... fan is... fan. My fan." I think he kind of got it, then, and gave a small, "Ha."

Anyway, as he's signing, I'm looking at my notecards and tell him, really fast, "우리 아버지빼고 오빠가 나의 재일 좋아하는 사람이에요. (You're my favorite person, aside from my dad.)" And he's nodding, but then suddenly he stops, looks up, and is like, "Oh!" I think it hit him, lol. (Or maybe he just didn't understand, now I'm not sure.)

As I'm looking at my notes to figure out what I have to say to him next, he surprises me by asking me, in English, "Where are you from?"

I'm just like, "ㄴ-내?" So he repeats himself, with better pronunciation, and I tell him, "California." He repeats it and nods, still smiling. I was just blown away.

Before I can get my thoughts together again, he asks, "How are you doing?" So it takes me another moment to process this, and then I answer kind of automatically, "괜찮습니다." (Which is really formal for "I'm fine.") And, after a little more stuttering, I blurted out, "내 마음이 드근드근 많이 해요," which was supposed to mean something like "My heart is beating really fast" but God knows how awkward it sounds in Korean. (Today I learned that the word for beat is 거려요...)

This exchange has apparently taken long enough, so the guard is touching my arm to get me to move, which basically foils my brilliant plan to ask for a handshake.

See, Yunho collects coins, so I brought him a coin tin full of coins. I was going to exchange this for a handshake. But because the guard is freaking me out, I just kind of slam the tin on the table and say, "선물! (Present!)" And as I'm moving over to Changmin, I keep bowing at Yunho. He continues to look at me and smile at me, so I feel like I have to keep talking and am just saying things like, "Nice to meet you. Thank you. 반갑습니다."

Finally, I turn to Changmin and he is just staring at me. He has such an intense stare. I'm stuttering again, in front of him, and then finally blurt out, "창민이 ㄴ-너무 멋있어요!" ("Changminnie, you're really handsome!") He kind of responds in the affirmative with a short syllable and looks really surprised.

I forget what I wanted to say to him next, so have to look down at my notecard. I guess he's signing at this time. When I look up again, I'm telling him, "지금 날씨가 너무 추어요. 그래서 선물! (Right now the weather is really cold. So present!") And I hand him his present, which was a scarf and hot pack. 8D;

He nods and is giving another short affirmative, as he takes his present (which I definitely put in his hand) and I want to say more, but the guard is trying to move me again. So in the end, I'm only able to deliver my friend's apology to him, which he listens to very patiently as I'm backing away. *dies* I so badly wanted to bro-fist him, but I'll save that for another day.

My impressions of them. Yunho is incredibly sociable. He really puts in the effort to talk to fans. Not surprised at all, really, but I was so pleased that he spoke to me in English. And he smiled and looked at me the entire time I was in front of him. :)

Changmin seemed more surprised by me, but he was very polite. He is also mad attractive. He had a little stubble going on and it was good.

In all honesty, Yunho left a stronger impression on me because I'm such a big fan and he was so personable. But Changmin's face is the one I remember the best because he's ridiculously attractive IRL.
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