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HoMin Day~

Thoughts on Yunho
A Mix of Meta + Fangirling

(Sorry, this came out longer than I intended.)

So Yunho... Where do I even begin with Yunho? It's weird if I say he's perfect, without backing it up, but sometimes I look at him and wonder why people can't see it for themselves. Yunho is what I aspire to be as a human being. He is considerate, generous, eternally optimistic and so incredibly hardworking.

I think his optimism fuels his work ethic. He never lets anything get him down. A fall from the second floor onto his head? 60 trips to the hospital a year? It's just another story for him to tell! 8D Actually, he's kind of like Lancelot in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - perhaps a bit suicidally brave.

But I do admire the fact that, rather than see a failure as a setback, he sees it as a lesson and keeps pushing forward. Though he may be injured, though he may be hurting, he keeps in mind the task he's set out to do and he tries his best to complete it. (He's like the little engine that could.) After getting bad reviews, he takes it upon himself to improve, and I think the results show if you follow HTTG through to the end. Even as a fan, I have to admit he was pretty terrible to start with. But comparing the first episode to the final one, all of this taking place over the course of a couple months, the improvements he's made are clear.

I think this is only possible because he's always pushing his own limits, trying out new things and finding what joy he can in them. I don't think he's actually found anything that he dislikes, other than liars - at least so far as he's said. This is why his collection of friends is so diverse - from silly Kang Hodong to sharp-tongued Kim Heechul.

Yunho is known to be sociable and I think this is probably easier for him than some because of his good-natured personality. He's obviously able to talk to others easily, but more important than that is his ability to empathize. You can see this in his sincerity at charity events, both public and private. He doesn't let people down, he's always loyal and good to the people around him. I can't remember a time when anybody who knew him personally actually commented negatively about him, other than perhaps to say he was too nice. When he so readily decided to participate in J.Rich's video to help out a friend, when he decided not to press charges on a girl who tried to poison him, when he worked to clean an entire orphanage with a smile on his face and no complaints, his level of engagement with all his fans no matter how tired he is (I witnessed this at the fansign) - this is the kind of person I want to be, someone who really appreciates all the people around me.

Of the people that he cares about, everybody knows the person he most respects is his father. And this is something that I think is a bit more personal for me, but I really admire this trait in him, because he recognizes what his father had given him and I can relate. My own father is a source of strength and it makes me feel closer to Yunho every time he talks about his dad, because he understands very well the lessons his father has been trying to teach him in his life. This is what I think every father should be trying to teach their children.

That Yunho wants to be his father is not only obvious in how he talks about him and how he behaves, but also in how he interacts with children. I think he really adores children and how much he wants to be a father at such a young age is really interesting. Most people at eighteen or even twenty-two don't think about that kind of stuff. I think he'll make a very capable father, though, when the day comes. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

Yunho's tendency towards the ridiculous belies his self-awareness and intelligence. He's honestly a very smart person - he graduated I believe in the top two of his class, he's working out a series of inventions - he just doesn't brag about it. (Modesty is another of his wonderful personality traits.)

But hard work and a good personality aren't always enough to make an idol. The reason Yunho is Korea's representative idol of the moment is because he is also incredibly talented. Though he got very little voice time in DBSK songs at early debut, over the years he's shown how solid he is as a singer. His voice isn't just pleasant, either, getting by on vocal training alone. He's able to express himself quite well through his performances. He also has quite a range, doing not only his assigned bass for DBSK's acapella songs, but also branching out into some of their higher adlibbed notes.

It makes me proud that he has goals for music writing. I really enjoyed "Spokesman" and "Checkmate." They are not the best songs, but they're good. Better than that, they're different from anything else DBSK has worked with - they're very him.

He is also very talented as a dancer and has not only shown even further improvement over the years. But what gets to me with his dancing is probably what has also inspired others. Other than Karam from D.NA, there are others who have seen him and been encouraged to keep working at their craft. That's an incredible power, I think, and I wish I was good enough at anything that I could inspire others.

Actually I think if I was to sum Yunho up into a word, it would be exactly this: an inspiration. He's an excellent role model, not only to idols or those who want to pursue entertainment, but to people everywhere.

Thoughts on Changmin
Why I Like Him (In More Than Four Words)

It's hard to put into words why I like Changmin. Probably because I don't think about it often, I just... do it.

I guess my feelings for him run a bit more shallow than my feelings for Yunho. I find him attractive, especially in recent years. Sometimes I find him even more attractive than Yunho, though it's interesting because, on an individual basis, I think his features are really wonky (big nose, uneven eyes, vagina lips). But then, put together, he's a gorgeous human being.

Don't get me wrong, though - his looks are not the only thing I like about him. I like that he's smart. And not just book smart, he's also self aware. From his body to his intelligence - he knows what he looks good in and acknowledge he isn't the genius everyone makes him out to be. His good scores he got after plenty of hardwork.

I also enjoy the fact that he's so outspoken. Even if it's an unpopular opinion or bursts the fans' bubbles of the happy pop group DBSK were supposed to be. He was of the first to admit they had a hard time in Japan, and the first to talk about what he felt he was missing out on being an idol. Sometimes he just says things he shouldn't, though. One of the best moments in my life was probably his admitting to watching porn on national television. Though the talk about his super hairy back and how he used to color on his own dandruff was interesting, too.

Though young and occasionally strange, I believe he is wise enough to understand how to behave appropriately to most situations. He never takes his comments too far. You can tell he really gives respect to his parents and the people that he thinks really deserve it. That's why I trust his opinion when it comes to other people.

He's very mature for his age. His relationship with Yunho shows that. Though you'd think they get along because Yunho is so childish, it seems to be the other way around. Whenever they talk about how they interact, they talk about their serious conversations, and Yunho has noted that Changmin is the one that he feels most comfortable going to when he's having a hard time.

This may actually have the largest impact on my liking Changmin - his close relationship with Yunho. But I won't get into that.

On other end of the spectrum, Changmin is really silly. I'm pretty sure he's a hypochondriac. He's so obsessed with his health and it seems with even the slightest cough he worries he might be coming down with something. He always carries medicine around with him, and he's always overly prepared with his Mary Poppins bag full of everything imaginable. I can relate - I always have a bag full of everything, too.

Overall, I think Changmin is an interesting kid to watch. He's definitely out there. But his many quirks are why he's got so many devoted fans. :)
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