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Here's To You: A Jung Yunho Fan Project

Anybody on my flist who is interested, or knows somebody who is interested, spread the word and we'll show Yunho just how much we care about him.

Note: There's no guarantee that I can deliver this myself, but I'm sure I can convince a fan who will get to talk to him to deliver it. So why not go ahead and try, right?

Anyway, here's what I want to do.

Part 1: Fan Mix
-Recommend a song (or two - maximum).
-You must upload the songs yourself for me to download. (I prefer Mediafire.)
-Comment here with a download link.
-Sign with your name and country.
-You can include a small message with your song (and maybe explain why you like this song) to be included in a booklet.

Part 2: Fan Letters
-Write a letter to Yunho telling him... well, anything you want to say.
-Restrictions: Do not mention the lawsuit or the other members, let's keep this strictly focused on Yunho. Do not include personal contact information like phone numbers or e-mail.
-E-mail it to kry.eowook@gmail.com with subject [Yunho Evisu] Your Name + Location
-Letters may be in any language, but if the script is not Korean or English, then it might be more difficult to re-write them.*

-Oct 30 for songs
-Nov 3 for letters
*If your letter is in Japanese, send it in before the 30th. There's somebody who can actually speak Japanese who might be able to re-write them legibly. ^^;
I know it's short notice, but I only got wind of this event this weekend. I also only have the 31st to collect materials and then maybe try to put it all together in sparse intervals of time over the course of the rest of the week. So try to get things in fast! I know it can't be a huge project, but I really want there to be something for him.

I'll leave this post public, so you can direct any other fans who might be interested here. ^^;

The people who will be putting all of this together.
-Kat (hyperballad)
-Fuu (coyotecolored)


Present successfully delivered!
Tags: *here's to you, *note to the flist
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