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jealousy in 5 parts
minseok/chanyeol (side kai/baekhyun, suho/sehun/tao, changmin/minseok's sister; past minseok/luhan, minseok/yunho); nc-17; approx 7.6k total
warnings: master/slave dynamics, possessiveness (duh), and unresolved final installment (because - trust me)
disclaimer: reversal of danie's petau, which masters are now pets and pets are now masters.

part i.

Minseok would never admit it himself. He would never do anything, either. Because he knows that Chanyeol likes Jongdae and he knows that Jongdae has a strong affection for the pet, having been the one to bring him to Minseok in the first place. He's also well aware that is situation is not a dangerous one - neither his pet nor his friend would do anything to betray him.

But that doesn't mean his own imagination won't. That doesn't mean he doesn't entertain the idea of how things might have been had he turned Chanyeol out the first day. How things might have been had Jongdae decided he wasn't a worthy enough master for his pet. How things might have been had Chanyeol recognized long ago how compatible he and Jongdae really are.

He's envious. Because Jongdae's jokes always makes Chanyeol laugh (becuase he doesn't joke much at all). Because Jongdae always knows the right thing to say when Chanyeol is feeling down (because sometimes he's the reason Chanyeol is feeling down). Because Jongdae knows better what suits Chanyeol's styles and tastes (because he still feels uncomfortable when his pet parades himself so freely for the world to see, because sometimes he wants his pet to be something only he's allowed to see).

But Minseok would never admit it, and of course he could never do anything about it.

It's fortunate enough for him that his pet is rather more observant than he might seem at first glance. Chanyeol doesn't miss how quietly Minseok fades into the background sometimes, when Lord Jongdae visits. He doesn't miss how easily Minseok slips away, to give them time to catch up if it's been a while. And while he recognizes it's out of consideration, Chanyeol doesn't find it at all natural how Minseok hardly ever calls him to his room on those days.

Tonight, Chanyeol knocks on his master's door unbidden. This is something he never would have considered doing during his first year's stay. But things have changed, since he's been moved next door, and Chanyeol almost expects when Minseok asks him to come in right away.

"Do you need something?" his master asks, frowning with concern from his bed, where he's being threatened yet again to be swallowed up by all the work he insists on bringing home. "Are you not feeling well?"

"No, Master." Chanyeol steps closer, when Minseok reaches out his hand, and takes it before raising himself onto the bed first with one knee, then the other, until he's kneeling over either side of his master's thighs.

"Did you just miss me?" Minseok teases.

And Chanyeol smiles, leaning in to kiss him. It's slow, languid, both of them taking their time because recently it feels like all they've got is time, and it's wonderful. But when Chanyeol pulls back, he reminds himself this wasn't the only thing he came for.

"Master, why have you been hiding in your office all day?"

Minseok blinks at him - feigned ignorance. "Have I been?"

Chanyeol nods, insistent. "I've noticed... It isn't all the time, I'm not asking that you give up your work to spend more time with me. But is something troubling you?"

Minseok could say no. There's always a chance of that, because there are still things Minseok doesn't like to talk about. But now he just stare sup at Chanyeol, and the pet goes on.

"Is it because of Lord Jongdae?" he asks, at last.

Minseok's smile is both relieved and concerned. "I'm that obvious, am I?"

Chanyeol smiles back, leaning in to kiss his master yet again. It's harder, rougher, and Minseok squawks when he's got his back pressed against the headboard with his hips arching upwards towards Chanyeol's, the pet's grip firm under his ass.

"Chanyeol," he gasps.

And the pet sits up, only to divest himself of his shirt, his very evidently tight slacks.

"Master. If you don't forget everything about whatever makes you go quiet when Lord Jongdae and I are in the same room after tonight, I insist you punish me. For I would have failed in my duty."

It doesn't take much to get Minseok out of his clothing, Chanyeol's lips and teeth a rather favorable distraction on Minseok's skin as they drag along the path of his shirt being pulled down his back. His pet has become bolder and Minseok is easily lifted and shifted into position on the bed, shivering slightly as Chanyeol's large hands slide up his sides, before he's pinning his hips down.

There's a devilish smirk that Minseok barely catches, before Chanyeol raises one of Minseok's legs, lifting it over his shoulder and pushing upwards to spread him open, just before Chanyeol drops his mouth in one quick go around Minseok's cock.

Minseok moans, letting Chanyeol's tongue work its usual magic, wrapping impossibly tightly around his cock and dragging, pulling, sucking him so hard he thinks he might very well be bruised after.

"Chanyeol," Minseok moans, when Chanyeol stops, lifting his head to smile at Minseok with lips that are swollen, eyes glazed from going down so far that Minseok knows he must have knocked into the back of his throat a few times.

Before Minseok can ask if he's all right, he's moved back down, but this time his tongue doesn't wrap itself around Minseok. This time, his tongue laps at his master's puckered entrance, and Minseok bites back a whimper at how sensitive he is already.

Chanyeol's works quickly, but thoroughly, and when he's got his tongue and an index finger pressed deep inside Minseok, licking him open, Minseok has to press a pillow to his own face to stop from making so much noise.

He thinks he could finish like this, his cock already so hard and sensitive that every time Chanyeol accidentally grazes his cheek against it, he wants to cry out.

But Chanyeol is perceptive and Chanyeol always knows when to pull back. Minseok breathes heavily against his pillow, unable to see what his pet is doing. But he's got some of idea what he wants, when Chanyeol lifts both Minseok's legs, spreading him wide.

Minseok tosses the pillow from his face just as Chanyeol thrusts into him, going so far that Minseok can hear the harsh slap of his balls against his ass. Minseok cries out, whimpering his name because the quick intrusion had burned. And Chanyeol is thick, so thick, stretching him so much he wonders if he'll ever really get used to this.

"Chanyeol," he whispers, raising himself up on his elbows. His pet rises up onto his knees and Minseok drops his head back as his hips are lifted, legs wrapping around Chanyeol's waist tightly as his pet holds his hips up. He sinks his shoulders back into the bed, elbows pressed down as Chanyeol fucks downwards, going in impossibly every deep every time.

"Chanyeol, Chanyeol, Chanyeol," Minseok moans, and Chanyeol loves how he can make his master call out like this, make his master practically beg for more of him.

Minseok is light in his arms, but his legs are strong, and Chanyeol knows he depends on the strength of them pressed tightly around him to make this work.

"I'm gonna-" Minseok always gives warning, whether verbal or not, and Chanyeol has picked up on the nuances of those signals. He stops, opts for a new position, even as his master is whining for him not to tease him so much.

"I told you, Master," he whispers into Minseok's ear, as he holds him against the wall and presses against his back, lifting up one of his legs to spread him wide open again. Minseok's ass is red already, his skin mostly flushed and sweating. His hair is a mess and he looks nowhere near as composed as he had been when Chanyeol first entered the room.

But it's not enough, because Chanyeol wants him wrecked even more than this, wants him left with not even Chanyeol's names on his lips anymore.

"Master, you're so warm, so tight," he murmurs against his ear, as he slides back in, slowly this time after slicking himself up with a bit more oil. His master is no doubt raw already.

Minseok whimpers, when Chanyeol's other arm snakes around his waist, hand fisting around just the head of his cock before he's thumbing the slit.

Chanyeol mouths along the shell of Minseoks ear as he starts to move, rough but slow. Minseok's eyes are closed, his lips parted slightly as he pants warm and wet into the air.

Chanyeol is throbbing with the desire for his own desire for release, but he knows how to hold back. And he wants to hold back, wants to wait for the perfect moment.

He strokes his hand down Minseok's cock, before wrapping his thumb and index finger tightly enough around him that he's restricted.

Minseok nearly chokes on a sob, fingers curled in against the wall, grasping for purchase though there is none to be given.

Chanyeol's voice is low and husky in his ear. "I want to show you the best of my training, Master. I want to please you like I was born to. I want you to know that my body, my everything, is yours and only yours. I want to come inside you and have you swallow me up, make me yours."

Minseok's breathing is deep, steady, but his body is hot and his fingers still can't seem to settle. Chanyeol waits, just a little longer.

"Master," he whispers. "My master. May I...?"

With a faint nod being the only signal Minseok can afford, Chanyeol lets go, closing his eyes as he thrusts hard into Minseok once more, before spilling into him. His hand moves up along Minseok's cock, sticky now with his master's own seed as Minseok's entire body shudders against him.

It takes a while, before Chanyeol finally sinks down onto his knees, taking Minseok with him carefully into his lap.

Minseok is breathing unsteadily, breath warm against his pet's throat, and Chanyeol carefully lifts him into his arms to carry him to bed.

Part of a pet's duties are to clean up afterwards. Chanyeol always does this gently, but he is especially tender today, as he wipes Minseok up first, then himself.

Minseok lies boneless on his bed, staying awake only long enough to welcome Chanyeol into bed with him, curling up against the pet's side immediately.

"Good night, Master," Chanyeol whispers.

And Minseok lets the scent of Chanyeol's body wrapped around his lull him into a dreamless sleep.


Minseok wakes up to the sunlight streaming through his curtains and sits up to survey the mess around him. Although he's been cleaned up, his room lays in disarray, the papers he had been working on strewn all around in Chanyeol's haste. The pet remains oblivious to the chaos, laying comfortably on his side with one arm still wrapped around Minseok's waist, holding him close.

Minseok smiles at how Chanyeol's affection shows even in his sleep and reaches to brush stray strands of hair from his forehead, causing the pet to stir slightly.

"Master." His voice is even lower than usual, thick with sleep, and Minseok lays back down so that Chanyeol can wrap himself more firmly around him again.

"Go back to sleep, pet." Minseok intends to slip out of bed soon as Chanyeol's dozed off, to start the day and tidy up some of the mess in his room. But his pet seems to have other ideas, shifting to pin Minseok down with the weight of his body, lips warm against his jaw as he kisses a path along his neck.

Minseok sighs with feigned exasperation. "It's still early, darling. You don't have to-" The words die on Minseok's lips, when Chanyeol has his hand wrapped around him, already stroking him to arousal. Minseok both hates and loves how easily he comes undone under Chanyeol's touch.

It doesn't take long for him to come, teeth biting into the pet's shoulder as he clings to him for stability.

As he's floating back down to Earth, he hears Chanyeol's voice in his ear. "Sleep, Master."


When Minseok wakes up the second time, it is to a much cleaner room. He’s sure the papers Chanyeol has stacked together are all out of order, but at least he can look through them now to sort them himself.

“Good morning, pet,” he says, with a fond smile as Chanyeol sets a tray of toast and jam across his lap.

“Good afternoon, Master,” comes the amused response.

Chanyeol joins Minseok on the bed, settling behind so that his master may lean back against him. He opens his mouth as his master feeds him from his own plate, as usual. The kisses he presses to his master’s shoulders are gentler this morning, not as urgent as the night before.

“Master?” Chanyeol asks, arms wrapping around his master’s small form when Minseok has set the tray aside on his nightstand to be cleared later.

“Mm?” Minseok turns, smiling at Chanyeol in a way that still manages to speed up his heart rate. Though now he knows these smiles are real, are only for him, he’s still coming to grips with the impact they have on him.

But he can’t think about that now.

“Does it bother you very much, when Lord Jongdae and I are together?”

The light dies a little in Minseok’s eyes. But his master is still smiling, ears pink in a way that lets Chanyeol know he’s just a little embarrassed. This isn’t a topic he would have ever thought he’d have to breach, as a pet. After all, pets belong wholly to their masters, and their sole job is to prove that. Perhaps he hasn’t been doing his job.

“Should I stay away from him?” he asks quietly.

Minseok shakes his head emphatically, turning sharply in Chanyeol’s arms to look at him. “No! No, that’s- That’s not it.”

“Then… What is it?”

His master looks a bit at a loss himself, as to how to explain it. But when Minseok speaks, it’s always careful, always clear. “I’m not worried, about you and him. I just wish I could be more like him, for your sake. That I was a master you laughed so much with, a master you open up so easily to. I wish I was a master that deserved any of that.”

Chanyeol pulls his master in closer, heart feeling unbelievably full. “You do make me laugh, Master. And am I not speaking to you now? I admit – it’s not always easy. I don’t like to bother you. But Master, you’re as good to me as I or any other pet could ever hope for.”

Minseok’s cheek is soft against Chanyeol’s shoulder. His master feels tiny and vulnerable like this, so all Chanyeol wants to do is protect him. But it’s difficult, when often it seems his master is fighting against himself. He can sense it, in the way his body stills, the way he tries to hold back.

“I’ve hurt you so much, Chanyeol. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better, if Jongdae had taken you with him earlier. Perhaps he could have made you as happy as you always deserve to be.”

Chanyeol’s grip on his master tightens. “No one could make me as happy as you do, Master. I know- I know we’re meant to please whoever we’re to be with. But if I could choose, I would always, always choose you.”

Minseok raises his head, smiling fondly at Chanyeol. And the pet smiles back, accepting his master’s kiss.

It will take convincing – Chanyeol knows that. But having put the words out there is a start. He intends to prove them to his master one day, to have Minseok stop suffering so much under his own harsh criticism of himself.

part ii.

Chanyeol has never met Minseok's sister before. Though she has come up in conversation a few times, Minseok had not divulged much information about her. But Chanyeol recalls that he always speaks warmly of her and often there is a letter on his desk with her name and address - somewhere far off in the East - directed on it.

Because she lives so far off, Minseok does not seem to often call on her. The journey would take too long and he doesn't like to take time off work, if he can help it. Still, today is an important occasion - her first son's christening - and thus Minseok had made plans during the brief few weeks off from council to see her.

Chanyeol feels a little guilty, all these things considered, when they arrive ten or so minutes late. It was, after all, his own fault.

"Did you get lost along the way, Brother?" she asks, smiling at Minseok through an almost identical face. Her eyes are wide, like his, and her cheeks her stand out feature. The resemblance is uncanny and Chanyeol finds himself staring.

Actually they've been near the grounds for an hour. But because Chanyeol had decided to distract his master during the carriage ride just a few miles before reaching, they'd had to take some time to finish up. Perhaps a bit too much time, because Chanyeol had insisted on being very thorough.

Minseok clears his throat, ears turning pink, and Chanyeol ducks his head demurely to avoid Jongdae's meaningful gaze.

Once his sister has been introduced properly to Chanyeol (she smiles at him, taking his hand and squeezing briefly with a quiet, "Thank you," that he doesn't quite understand), she turns to lead the party inside. Jongin's taken up a spot beside Minseok, an uncharacteristic smirk on his handsome features.

"Your shirt's untucked," Jongin mutters.

"He wasn't even late to his own surprise birthday party," whispers Suho from somewhere behind Chanyeol.

Chanyeol can't help grinning back a bit at Baekhyun, when the pet winks at him.

His smile disappears entirely, when the main doors open and he hears a voice call out his master's name. At first, it's just startling. But then Minseok is being swept up in a tall lord's arms and Chanyeol can see his eyes disappearing into crescents, gums on display in perhaps one of the brightest smiles he's ever seen on his master.

The lord's eyes fall on him in an instant, and Chanyeol lowers his eyes. When he looks up again, the lord is grinning and he still hasn't let go of his master, his arm wrapped around Minseok's shoulders as he leads him further inside.

"Perhaps you'd all like to retire to another room for some refreshments," Minseok's sister is saying, as her maids remove their coats and start to usher the pets down the hall. Chanyeol can't very well disobey when all the other pets are following them.


Minseok's family is well known and well connected. This gathering is full of distinguished families who have relations not only to Minseok and his sister, but even their parents and grandparents. The number of people in attendance requires a large part of the house to be opened up as well as the outside courtyard. It's nothing that Chanyeol has ever witnessed before in his master's own household as there's never been an occasion this big for Minseok to call upon so many people.

Normally, Minseok doesn't like crowds and doesn't even like to be left alone at the council members' grand parties. Chanyeol will accompany him for the entire night, going off only when it seems his master is in deep conversation with someone. But at present, his company does not seem to be needed, his master tucked under that same lord's arm who had greeted him when he came in.

Chanyeol tries not to scowl too openly, sticking close to Tao as both have been left to wander the grounds freely while their masters get lost in the throng of guests. Suho and Minseok go far back, so there's plenty of family and acquaintances for him to catch up with here, as well.

"You're going to crush the glass in your hand, Chanyeol," Tao teases, an amused smile on his face as he glances down at Chanyeol's white knuckles.

Chanyeol forces his grip to loosen a bit. "Who is the man beside my master?" he asks, straightening a bit as a young lady passes, her eyes not so subtly looking over his tight fitted leather pants. Minseok had convinced him that since this was a christening, he had to wear a shirt. But Chanyeol had picked out the sheerest material available.

Tao shrugs and Chanyeol sighs exasperatedly at his friend's uselessness. If Jongin didn't have Baekhyun latched to his side almost twenty-four-seven, Chanyeol is sure he could find out from him. The talkative pet seemed to know everyone and everything about them.

Chanyeol finds his master in the crowd again and nearly drops his glass when he sees the lord rubbing his master's elbow in slow circles with his thumb, leaning in to whisper something into his ear that makes him laugh as brightly as he had when he'd been wrapped up into that embrace earlier.

He can't take this for very long. Chanyeol takes Tao's wrist. "Come with me."


Minseok is obviously surprised, when Chanyeol appears beside him. His master is in conversation and Chanyeol isn't so rude as to call his attention away, so he waits until the handsome, smiling face beside him notices him first. He's not sure he likes the blatant appraisal the lord takes of his form, but his eyes don't linger long, before he's leaning down to whisper something into Minseok's ear. No doubt announcing his arrival, because Minseok suddenly turns around.

Minseok's eyes are smiling, as he reaches for his pet's hand. But it is incredibly awkward for Chanyeol to put his hand around his master's waist as he normally would, as there is already one arm resting around his shoulders.

"Master, I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Of course not. Chanyeol, this is Lord and Lady Shim, my sister's father and mother-in-law. And this is-"

"Changmin," the handsome lord interrupts, squeezing Minseok's shoulder. "You can just call me Changmin." His eyes are dancing with amusement and Chanyeol takes it for a challenge.

Now that he's directly in front of him, Chanyeol can see this lord is roughly his height, if a bit more broad shouldered. It's difficult to tell under the formal wear, but he looks fit, his skin tan and an obvious sign of his spending most of his time outdoors. Chanyeol wonders if he's in the same line of work as Jongin - military.

Not that it matters, because right now he's just a lord with his arm wrapped around his master's waist, as if he has some sort of claim to him. (Though it isn't as if Chanyeol as a pet has any claim to him, either.)

"Pleased to meet you, Lord Changmin," Chanyeol says, his tone demure.

Tao looks back and forth between them and it looks like he has to suppress a laugh. He tugs on the hem of Chanyeol's shirt, signalling they should go. But they've just gotten here so Chanyeol disregards him.

"Were you lonely without me?" Minseok asks, taking a step towards Chanyeol and one away from Changmin. But the taller lord tugs him back and if Minseok looks confused, he doesn't seem offended. Chanyeol is flaring up inside, however, only the size of this party keeping him from saying something he will most likely regret.

"I'm not used to being away from you for so long, Master," he says instead, deliberately ignoring Changmin's eyes on him.

Minseok opens his mouth to say something, but the music changes, signaling the start of the next program. His sister appears, as if out of thin air, and instantly the handsome lord has his arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her into the air.

"Time for our dance, is it?" he asks, laughing as she hits him lightly with her fan. He sets her down on her feet and leads her away, winking over her shoulder at Chanyeol.

Chanyeol is gawking after them, ears a bright red when he finally turns to face his master.

"Such a scoundrel," Lord Shim is chuckling.

"Your son is hopeless," Lady Shim says, with a fond smile, as they walk off.

Chanyeol's entire face is red now, as his master is staring at him curiously.

"Are you feeling sick? Is it too hot?" he asks, reaching up to touch his forehead.

Chanyeol groans as he sweeps his master up into his arms, trying to ignore Tao cackling behind him and the crowd of people staring at them.

part iii.

Jongin brings Baekhyun over frequently, because the masters have caught onto how well the pets get along. In addition to that, Jongin seems to be taking advantage of Minseok’s invitations, as after Luhan passed, they became fewer and farther in between.

Whenever they arrive, of course Minseok will greet both parties. And it is after a few visits that Chanyeol notices how affectionate his master is with Baekhyun. Their relationship seems a rather playful one, Baekhyun teasing Minseok lightly while Minseok affectionately strokes his face.

Chanyeol knows how Baekhyun is with Chanyeol. (Has often had Baekhyun in his lap, his nose affectionately nuzzling Chanyeol’s neck as he rambles on about the latest gossip from court.)

And Junmyeon. (Has seen Baekhyun appraise his suits, found them distasteful, and joked about how Sehun might tear them off him as a favor to him that night.)

And Sehun. (Has watched as Sehun carried Baekhyun back to Jongin’s carriage while Jongin stays back to wrap up a conversation with Junmyeon.)

And he knows how Baekhyun can be. But it is not so often he sees his master respond in this way.

“Do you see over there?” Jongin asks, amusement in his voice as he nods towards where Minseok is helping Baekhyun out of his coat, since the pet had apparently complained of being overheated.

Chanyeol looks over from where he’d been in conversation with Tao. The party they’re at is in full swing, but it’s small enough that Minseok feels comfortable enough to go off on his own. To be kept company by others that he knows and trusts enough to let some of his guard down. Currently he’d been standing by Baekhyun and Junmyeon, discussing court matters with the latter while the former chimed in with mostly unhelpful advice.

Chanyeol swallows as Jongin continues. “They’re cheating on us again.”

Chanyeol watches as Minseok’s eyes smile with infinite fondness at Baekhyun, who is once again loudly chattering. Loudly enough that Chanyeol can hear it now that he’s paying attention.

“Seriously, don’t you ever want something you can pin down?”

Minseok grins, mischief in his eyes that Chanyeol rarely sees, as he passes the pet’s coat over to Junmyeon, who is rolling his eyes more out of habit than actual exasperation, and then moves to lightly grip Baekhyun’s arm, pretending to knock him backwards into the wall.

“Someone needs to teach you manners,”

It’s breathtaking, the way Minseok’s eyes have darkened, the way his voice is a little lower, a little huskier. Chanyeol has never seen him like this, but it has arousal building at the pit of his stomach. It quickly sours, when he realizes Minseok could never be like that with him, but perhaps he had once been like that with-

Jongin steps behind Baekhyun, arm going around the pet’s waist as he nips him playfully at his ear. “If you wanted to be pinned down, pet, you just had to ask.”

Baekhyun grins, turning in his master’s arms to wrap his arms over his shoulders. Minseok’s eyes are bright again, smiling as he turns to Chanyeol and holds out a hand to take his. “Dinner, pet?”

Chanyeol swallows again, as he takes Minseok’s much smaller hand in his. All of a sudden, he doesn’t feel it’s a very good fit.

Chanyeol is quiet throughout dinner, which Minseok notices enough to raise an inquisitive eyebrow at him as he strokes his hair. It’s Minseok’s way of comforting him and Chanyeol has become accustomed to his master’s fingers through his hair when he’s feeling ill or particularly thoughtful. Particularly quiet.

He does his best to muster up a bright smile for his master, because this is certainly nothing to worry his master with during their time out. ‘Tired,’ he mouths.

Minseok nods, feeding Chanyeol another bite from his own plate. Chanyeol licks the tip of Minseok’s fingers when he pulls them away and it earns him a small laugh.

Minseok calls Chanyeol to his bedchambers that night and Chanyeol comes as usual after a hot bath, making himself presentable for his master and working himself to a state of half arousal. He thinks of Minseok’s eyes, dark with desire, looming over him. He pretends for a moment that he is smaller than he is, that his master might have him as he wants to.

He starts off on his hands and knees, his master’s fingers in his hair, applying pressure to the back of his head as he has his mouth around his cock, tongue sliding over it expertly. It doesn’t take long, never takes very long, when he’s in full control like this.

“Chanyeol,” Minseok groans, when he comes, down the back of Chanyeol’s throat. The pet tries not to choke, swallowing what he can and moaning softly at the way his throat closes around the head of Minseok’s cock, pushed against the back of his throat.

When he raises himself upwards, Minseok is smiling at him fondly, and Chanyeol finds himself a little flushed when he realizes how he must look, lips swollen and hair now a tangled mess. He’s still only half hard, but then Minseok’s oil slicked hand – when had he even found time to do that – is wrapped around him, and Chanyeol moans as he rests his cheek against Minseok’s shoulder, closing his eyes and giving in to the heat building up from his master’s touch.

It’s in moments that he finds his master laid out before him, legs spread as Minseok watches him, a silent order in his eyes.

But Chanyeol hesitates. “Master…”

Minseok is wiggling his hips slightly, trying to get comfortable or trying to look that much more appealing to his pet. And Chanyeol’s bred instinct is to hike up his legs over his hips and take him until he’s red and raw. But he holds back.

“Master, would you- would you like to do it differently today?”

Minseok arches a quizzical eyebrow at him, forcing Chanyeol to go on. He tries not to focus on how inviting his master’s opening looks.

“I mean – would you like to… to pin me down?”

There’s a pause, as Minseok lets that sink in. And then he’s grinning, brow still slightly furrowed with confusion. But his eyes are darker, glazed over, and Chanyeol realizes he’s stroking his own fingers around his puckered entrance.

“Chanyeol. All I want right now is for you to fuck me until I can’t stand, much less walk.”

Chanyeol swallows. And gives into instinct.

Afterwards, he expects his master to fall asleep, perhaps to forget about his silly question. Because there’s no denying he’s good at what he was trained to do, and he’s fairly certain his master is going to have difficulty rising out of bed in a few hours time.

He’s wiping Minseok down gently, when his master’s voice breaks the silence.

“Why did you ask that, earlier? About wanting a change?”

Chanyeol sets the rag aside, pulling the covers up and over the both of them as he slides into bed with his master. Minseok props himself up on Chanyeol’s chest, eyes boring into him. Chanyeol still thinks his master’s eyes are the prettiest.

“I just- I saw you earlier, with Baekhyun. Your eyes- I thought you missed- I thought you might want a pet like- like him again.”

Minseok still makes him nervous, unable to properly express himself lest he say the wrong thing. Lest he reopen barely closed wounds.

Minseok moves in closer to press a kiss to Chanyeol’s lips. The pet closes his eyes, letting Minseok’s kiss soothe him, until Minseok is whispering into his ear.

“I like all the ways we do things together. I like your long legs, your strong arms, and your careful hands. I like how it feels when you hold me, Chanyeol. You needn’t worry what kind of pet I want because the only pet I want is you.”

Chanyeol’s heart feels both swollen and hollow at the same time. He squeezes his master closer, letting the soft sound of Minseok’s voice lull them both to sleep.

part iv.

Luhan had come from a conservative shop. Minseok himself is something of a conservative person. It is no doubt that he enjoys Chanyeol’s body – his broad shoulders, strong arms, firm chest and abs. But he prefers to enjoy it himself, not to allow the entire court to enjoy it with every public function he takes Chanyeol along to.

He hates when mid conversation, the eyes of whichever lord or lady he’s talking to blatantly roam over his pet’s body. He hates when passerbys always turn their heads or stop and stare directly. He hates it most that Chanyeol always seems to revel in the attention, though he knows the pet can’t help it. After all, Chanyeol was made to be on display.

It doesn’t help that when Sehun takes Tao out shopping, they invite Chanyeol along. While Minseok knows that Junmyeon’s tastes are closer to his own, Sehun’s are far from it. In skin tight leather with various buckles and studs in silver or brass, Tao is often a magnificent sight. Sehun likes to show him off and he clearly enjoys it, as well. But while pets with his and Chanyeol’s sort of training seem to believe their bodies a symbol of pride for their master, Minseok is only further mollified with every new garment (if one could even call them such) he brings home.

“That’s nice,” Minseok says, eyebrows furrowed in. Sometimes they are shredded. Sometimes they are so thin Minseok wonders if spiders from the ancient myths had woven them themselves.

“You don’t like it, Master?” Chanyeol will sometimes ask, to which Minseok can do nothing but kiss his pout away, because he doesn’t like to make Chanyeol feel any more inadequate than he already does.

“You look very nice in it,” he answers, because that much is true.

But as nice as Chanyeol looks, Minseok still wants to be the only one looking upon him.

“Thirty winter coats will get you through the cold months, but in summer, he’ll only be wearing less,” Jongdae warns him with a playful quirk of his lips. Minseok has ceased to wonder why he brings these issues up with his friend, because often Jongdae is anything but helpful.

“It’s fine. He can wear what he wants.”

“And you can simmer in your jealousy?” Junmyeon asks, skeptical.

“Well how do you put up with it?” Minseok practically snaps.

But to his surprise, Junmyeon’s lips spread in a grin. “Well others may look, but I’m the one who gets to take him home at the end of the night. Have you tried to think about it that way?”

“It’s still uncomfortable,” Minseok grumbles, since he knows his jealousy is entirely unwarranted considering Chanyeol’s devotion and his ability to drop kick just about anyone who might dare to approach his pet. It’s completely irrational, but he’s never had this problem before and never realized he could feel this way before. (Luhan rarely attended public functions.)

“Just tell him then. He’s not stupid, he’s going to wonder why you hate everything he brings home.”

Minseok sighs, because as usual, his friend’s may be idiots, but, they’re oftentimes right.

Advice is always easier given than followed, though. Minseok says nothing to Chanyeol about it for months, as Spring goes and Summer comes. It isn’t until Chanyeol comes home with a new purchase that Minseok seriously considers taking away Sehun’s visitations rights.

“You can’t wear that to the ball,” Minseok tells him point blank. The way Chanyeol’s face falls has him feeling vaguely guilty, but then his eyes catch sight of the thong with leather straps to be fastened around Chanyeol’s torso and he’s distracted with trying to stifle the hysterical scream he can already feel creeping up from his throat.

“But Master-“ Chanyeol hardly ever has to ‘But Master’ “-isn’t this a very important event? Lord Sehun said- I mean I thought you should make an impression.”

“You mean you'll make an impression. If you want to wear that, we aren’t going at all. That’ll be impression enough.” Minseok’s tone comes out harsher than he intends and he hates when Chanyeol shrinks back from him like that, like how he used to do.

The air is quiet. Chanyeol bows his head and Minseok feels his frustration fading, taken over by alarm that he’s perhaps gone overboard again. But the idea of Chanyeol on practically full display is not one he’s comfortable with.

“Find something else,” he says, sinking back down in his seat. (He hadn’t even realized he’d stood up.)

“Yes, Master.”

What Chanyeol does find is barely any better than what he’d brought home in the first place. But Minseok had made the mistake of trusting his pet to dress rather more sensibly, and what he’d gotten was Chanyeol in shorts that covered only what was required, the same leather straps around his torso, and a hat of some sort resting atop his head.

“When I said cover up…”

“Master, you have to present your very best.”

Sometimes Minseok wonders what they teach them at the pet shops. And sometimes he wonders why Chanyeol seems to think he knows better what’s best for Minseok. Getting to know Chanyeol has been amazing, but he’s still ambivalent about his stubborn streak.

Minseok manages to convince Chanyeol to put on one of his trench coats for the carriage ride to the venue, but it’s removed due to the heat emanating from the crowd, and Minseok can feel all eyes on Chanyeol (and himself) as they make their way through the throng.

The way Chanyeol is beaming has Minseok clenching his fists at his sides. He hates this attention and rears around suddenly, knocking himself into his pet, and it’s only with Chanyeol’s arms around him that he manages not to throw himself backwards onto the ground.

“Let’s go,” he says, through gritted teeth, because it’s entirely unfair how attractive Chanyeol is in this ridiculous get up, but he doesn’t want anyone else to catch on. (Though it’s obvious everyone already has.)

“Master?” Chanyeol seems confused again, looking around as if trying to figure out what’s made Minseok change his mind about attending. But naturally he’s looking in the wrong places.

“Fine,” Minseok says, tearing himself away from his pet. This is irrational and irresponsible and he’s causing a scene and he hates scenes, but he can’t deal with this right now. “You stay, have Sehun take you home. I’m leaving.”

He doesn’t see the stricken look on Chanyeol’s face as he stomps off, somehow pushing himself through the crowd (it’s easier when you’re this small) who honestly barely spares him much of a glance because all eyes are on Chanyeol.

Minseok is halfway to his carriage when he feels a strong grip on his wrist, strong arms spinning him around and knocking him full force back against a familiar body, familiar warmth.

Minseok feels his frustration fading, adrenaline wearing away as he comes back to his senses and his arms reach around to hold his pet to him. “I’m sorry, pet. But please, can we go back home?”

They make it into the carriage, but before Minseok can give the orders, Chanyeol is resting his head against his master’s shoulder, tilting his chin upwards to face him, hand hovering dangerously close to the zipper of Minseok’s pants.

“Master, may I?” he asks, in a soft low tone that Minseok can’t seem to resist. He nods and Chanyeol wastes no time, lips suddenly warm against his master’s jaw, throat, kissing and sucking expertly as his hand undoes his breeches and slips inside, wrapping around Minseok and drawing a stifled groan.

Chanyeol winds hunched over in the carriage, mouth on his master’s cock, ass in the air with one of Minseok’s hand roughly stroking through his hair, the other slipping inside his shorts to tease with lithe fingers at his entrance, while he fucks himself up into Chanyeol’s mouth.

It’s only when his master comes with a shuddering groan and Chanyeol has swallowed every bit of it, licking him clean, before Chanyeol sits back up. He’s unbelievably hard, but focuses on other things – on the way sweat has Minseok’s hair sticking to his forehead, the way his master’s pink lips are parted to draw in deep breaths, the way his eyelashes are long and pretty against his flushed cheeks.

“Master, you’re beautiful.”

Minseok chuckles, eyes fluttering open as he reaches forward, one hand on Chanyeol’s hip and the other pressed right between his legs.

Chanyeol moans as his master’s hands squeeze roughly over him.

“You look so good like this,” Minseok whispers, as Chanyeol moves closer, hips moving to gain more friction, more of his master’s touch. It’s a tight fit, because Chanyeol’s limbs are so long, but he manages to press close to Minseok again, as his master turns to kiss his temple, hand working furiously over him now. But it’s not enough, not through the leather.

“Good pets don’t come without permission,” Minseok reminds him, and Chanyeol tries very hard to listen, tries very hard not to get too distracted by the heat building inside him, but not fast enough, not nearly enough to take him to where he wants to go.

“You look so good like this,” Minseok repeats. “So good and so perfect. But I don’t want anyone else to see you like this. I don’t want them to know how firm your body is, how strong your legs and arms. I don’t want them to be able to fantasize how they could have your mouth on their cock, your cock inside them.”

“M-Master,” Chanyeol nearly chokes when Minseok’s hand slips inside his shorts. It’s a tight fit, but his master manages to fist him roughly, murmuring what sounds pretty much like nonsense when he can feel nothing but blood pounding through his eardrums.

All he gets from it is, “You’re mine, Chanyeol. Mine, mine, mine.“ And it seems endless, holding himself back like this, until Minseok is kissing him, tongue searching deep in his mouth, hand working faster over him until he feels like he might burst.

“Come for me, pet. Only me.” The command is a whisper, but the reaction an explosion.

Chanyeol comes with a groan, all over his own chest and Minseok’s starched white shirt. His master’s words ring through his ears and Chanyeol’s euphoric with the knowledge that Minseok had been jealous.

“Home,” Minseok calls, rather hoarsely, to the coachman.

Chanyeol slumps against him, eyes falling shut as he holds onto this moment. As he holds onto the way Minseok’s arms are tight around him, possessive – like he really wants him and only him.

part v.

This is perhaps the grandest ball Chanyeol has ever been to. His master seems to have been preparing all week for it - he even took Chanyeol into town himself to prepare new clothes for him to wear.

"It's not that kind of party," he had said with a fond smile when Chanyeol asked why he couldn't wear one of his existing outfits.

Chanyeol did rather like the dark blue coat lined intricately with white lace his master had asked to be tailor made for him. The pants to match are neither skintight nor leather, but at least he didn't need to wear a shirt underneath.

"You look very fine," his master had said, upon final inspection before leaving. And Chanyeol had returned the compliment, because Minseok did look especially handsome in his own specially tailored ensemble. He had never seen his master pay so much attention to dress before, preferring to stick to his usual black suits. But perhaps royalty has the same effect on just about anyone.

The ride to the palace grounds is long, but Minseok looks excitedly out the window with anticipation. The Crown Prince's coronation is to take place today and he repeatedly asks Chanyeol if his offering of gifts is appropriate. Chanyeol chuckles, for as a pet he has never seen so many jewels, so much gold, so much finery stacked up altogether before.

Minseok practically skips out of the carriage and Chanyeol scrambles quickly after him, just as eager to get a view of the vast grounds surrounding them. He's never been to such a large event before and is eager to take it all in.

They are hurried inside, to where the party seems to have already started. Though the coronation is a more somber affair to take place in a few days, the days leading up to it are intended for feasting and festivities. There is a grand ball to kick off the events, all of which have been desiggnated in order to show off the Crown Prince and his excellence in all areas - dance, speech, archery, the hunt - and Chanyeol is looking forward to this few days of a virtual vacation with his master.

But somewhere in the first hour, Chanyeol loses sight of his master. Not that it matters, because he had been in deep conversation with Sehun and Tao over the practicality of nipple clamps at a public function, so it was his own fault anyway. When he realizes his master had walked off without telling him, his eyes scan the vast room, though he doesn't expect he'll be easy to spot.

"He's over there," a familiar voice chimes in. And Chanyeol smiles, because it seems Lord Jongin and his pet have arrived.

Chanyeol's eyes follow Baekhyun's gaze, to a dark corner by the tapestry, where his master is deep in conversation with a tall, handsome man he's never seen before. His master is holding a wine glass, fingers tapping nervously against it. And his cheeks look flushed, though Chanyeol is fairly certain he hasn't had so much to drink yet. He frowns, as familiar arms wrap around his waist, and he turns to see Lord Jongdae grinning at him.

"Who's that?" he asks.

"That would be the Crown Prince, Jung Yunho. And your master's first time. You can see why I thought you might be a nice fit for him."

Chanyeol can't help how his stomach drops down to his very feet. A prince. His master's first time had been with a prince. Jongdae is wrong. Just how is he supposed to compare to that?
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