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the beginning
sulli/krystal; nc-17; approx 3k
warnings: none yet, though hints of prior abuse if you search real deep
disclaimer: messing around in danie's petau.

Jinri is dressed to impress this morning. Her dress is a lace-embroidered cotton, white so as to make her bright, pink cheeks stand out. The neckline is modest, but there is a hint of her cleavage there that makes her elder brother want to wrap her up in a shawl, even as she insists it's too warm out for such a thing. She shrugs it off her shoulders and straightens her sleeves, tugging so as to fluff them up further.

"I don't know why you can't just go in one of your drawing room dresses," Siwon says with a sigh of exasperation.

Jinri grins as she hooks her arm in his, ready to be escorted to the carriage. "As they're all going to be at their best for inspection, it's only fair I look my best, too. Who would want to go home with a mistress dressed so plainly as I am at home?"

Siwon shakes his head, but there is certainly a bigger difference between a young lady made up than a young lord made up. He helps his sister into the carriage before climbing in himself and the moment the doors are closed, the coachman starts for town.

In a week's time, it will be Jinri's nineteenth birthday. And on such an auspicious occasion her parents have decided to gift her with a pet. Not one from the old shops, like Siwon had gotten on his nineteenth birthday - Jinri insisted she be allowed to select from a shop using the newer training method.

"I want a pet with personality," she had argued, and flashed Geng a pretty smile that had gained her full pardon even before she said, "I can't hope to be as lucky as my brother was with you."


Heart thrumming with anticipation, she practically tripped out of the carriage after Siwon, as he went to ring up the owner of the establishment before them. It was a cozy-looking house - large with so many floors to house all the pets currently available for rent or sale.

"A young lady's pet, please," Siwon had clarified, as he was asked to put down their family's name. "One preferably as little used as possible. And if-"

"Siwon." Jinri was tempted to step on his feet. "My pet, not yours," she reminded him. She turned her eyes to the shrewd owner before her. "Please, just show me around. I'll make the choice on my own."

That's how Jinri puts down her name on a pet called Krystal, with fiercely attractive eyes that belie her almost frail figure. She's smaller than Jinri, but seems older though they are of the same age. Her trainer informs Jinri that Krystal is a pet meant specifically for a mistress. Unfortunately for Siwon, her record is not so clean, but Jinri doesn't mind in the slightest.

"There's something about her- She's special, Siwon. I want her."

And what Choi Jinri wants, she gets. Even Siwon has no power to sway her decision and he can only watch as his younger sister pens her signature before making the arrangements to have Krystal brought home the following week.

"That will give me enough time to prepare her for my birthday party."

As she is helped into the carriage once more, Jinri glances up at the house. Her eyes catch the curtains to Krystal's room opening and she beams, waving. There is no response that she can see from where she is, though Krystal's shape is just an outline to her, anyway.

"Come, we have a lot of work to do. I want to prepare a proper wardrobe and set up her room for her before she arrives."


Her mistress is exactly as Krystal had expected. Bubbly, bright, spoiled. But she supposes that works to her advantage, as she looks at her surroundings and takes in the lavishly decorated room she'd been told had been prepared for her.

There is a large wardrobe against one wall and a spacious canopy bed in a separate corner. The sheets are a plain white, a variety of bed covers stacked atop them that are clearly intended for her to choose from. She runs her fingers over smooth, dark silk - purple in the sunlight but nearly black where the shadows reach.

Her desk is a dark mahogany, lacquered and new. She's not sure why she would need a desk, especially with so many drawers, but that question is answered when she opens one and finds a large collection of jewelry - earrings, rings, bracelets. They're all stunning.

She decides to peek into the wardrobe.

As expected, it's already half full, with gowns of all sorts and designs. There are plain cotton ones, no doubt intended for her use at home, and more extravagant ones.

She had heard it would be her mistress's birthday in a week. No doubt she will be in attendance, but which gown did she have in mind for Krystal to wear?

"Do you like them?"

The voice startles her and Krystal slams the door shut, turning around to greet her mistress's bright, laughing face.

"Sorry. Did I scare you?"

"Good morning, Mistress." Krystal gives a small curtsy, in the manner she'd been taught was appropriate. They had given her little training beyond the basic formalities, though, and she wonders if it was all right to look through her own belongings before her mistress permitted it.

But her mistress doesn't seem offended. Even so early in the morning, Jinri's eyes are bright and her smile warm. Her plaited hair has slightly come askew from sleep, but she looks fresh and ready for the world even her cotton sleep gown.

"Good morning," she says, returning Krystal's greeting with a barely concealed amusement. Though what she is amused by Krystal is unsure of. "Your journey must have been tiring. You should come join us downstairs for breakfast, when you're ready."

Before Krystal can respond, Jinri has turned to walk away.

But masters aren't required to wait for a response. Krystal already knew that.


Jinri has a cushion ready for Krystal right beside her at the breakfast table. It's only the women of the household dining today, as Lord Choi has already left for a council meeting and Siwon is at his other residence in the city to overlook preparations for Jinri's birthday party. Geng had naturally gone with him.

Lady Choi sits at the head of the table, trying to convince Jinri to settle on daffodils for the party, as they are her birth flower and most appropriate. But whatever Jinri might have said next is forgotten when Krystal enters the room and her eyes fall on her pet. Krystal has redone her hair, brushing it and tying part of it back modestly with a few stray tendrils framing her pretty face. She looks younger than she had at the shop, practically bare-faced with only a bit of blush to her cheeks. But her eyes are sharp as ever as she curtsies to greet Jinri and her mother, before taking her spot at her mistress's feet.

"Pretty thing," Lady Choi remarks with a soft smile. Jinri beams proudly, as she nudges a plate of toast and cold breakfast meat towards Krystal.

Krystal looks between the two of them. "Thank you," she murmurs, but she doesn't blush, as might be expected.

She doesn't know how to feign modesty.


Jinri beckons for Krystal to follow her after breakfast, once Lady Choi has retired to the study to pen a letter to Siwon based on the decisions made at the breakfast table - not that there were many.

"Did you decide on which covers you'd like?" Jinri asks, taking a seat on her bed once they are in the privacy of Krystal's new bedroom.

Krystal remains standing, until Jinri beckons for her again to come sit beside her. "I think I like the purple ones."

"I thought you might have a preference," Jinri says, looking rather proud of herself.

Krystal smiles for the first time, a wry twist of her lips. Her mistress is a silly one. "A pet's preference is always her master's, isn't it?"

Jinri smiles back, sincere and amused. "No. I don't think that's the case with you, at all."


A week goes by far quicker than Krystal had expected. Jinri's birthday preparations take up the majority of her and the entire household's time. She finally decides on daffodils with blue hyacinths surrounding them for her flowers and her mother happily places the order. Siwon has volunteered his town house as the site for the celebrations and so the day before, Jinri and Krystal are to make the trip into the city to meet him.

"We'll be sharing a room," Jinri says with a smile that can only be described as infectious. Krystal walks with her down to the carriage, behind the servants carrying her bags with the gowns, accessories, and other essentials required for the party. "Do you know, I don't think I've ever shared a room with anyone other than my parents before?"

Krystal doesn't understand the appeal - she's always preferred going to bed alone. But Jinri is different from her in many respects, as she's discovered over the course of this brief week. And she can guess the real reason Jinri wants to share a room on the night of her nineteenth birthday. She's purchased Krystal for a very particular purpose, after all.


Parties are a headache. Krystal still can't deal with crowds, though it's rare that she has to. It's even rarer - in fact, she's never had to be in such a big crowd as this. But Jinri has to socialize and, as a pet of the hostess, she knows she isn't to leave her mistress's side.

She can't recall who she's being introduced to at this point. Her mind has blocked most of the noise out so that she doesn't have to deal with it and Krystal stares with an unaffected expression as her body goes through the motions - curtsying, murmuring a quiet, "Pleased to meet you" that she clearly doesn't mean - without actually being aware of them. Most of Jinri's guests - which, as it turns out are not actually her friends, but her parents' friends or their children - don't seem to pay much notice. They're too busy fawning over the lace embroidered blood red gown that Jinri had helped her pick out earlier in the week. They're too focused on her pretty lips and what's on them to notice what's coming out of them. They're too busy complimenting Jinri's choice in pet to actually pay attention to her.

"Are you all right?" Jinri asks, as she steers Krystal towards the refreshment table. A few people are gathered there for conversation, but there's hardly anyone by the beverages laid out, and Jinri takes advantage of that bit of solitude to check on Krystal.

"I'm fine," Krystal replies, looking down at her hands clasped inside Jinri's.

"You don't seem terribly impressed by the company. Should I call everyone to dinner a little earlier?"

The party has barely started, at least according to the timetable she had been given when she'd inquired into this before. She knows dinner isn't schedule for another hour and a half. "I'm fine," she repeats, insists.

Jinri lets go of one of her hands, moving her own to cup Krystal's cheek lightly. She smiles, and without even realizing it, Krystal's breath is taken by how her eyes curve up into little crescents. This, Krystal thinks, is Jinri's real charm - not the clothes, not her status, not the pet at her side.

"Then we'll just stay here a little longer. I'm suddenly very interested in that fruit tray."

Jinri's body is warm against Krystal, as she turns her pet around and wraps her arms around her. She steers her towards the chocolate fondue fountain, surrounded by assorted sliced fuits, and feeds her a slice of chocolate dipped watermelon. Her fingers brush over Krystal's lower lip before pulling back and the contact is brief, but Krystal can still feel it well after.

Krystal feels her stomach twist slightly, recalling a conversation she'd overheard earlier this week. Jinri's mother had been in a quiet discussion with her father, wondering why Jinri had made such a choice in a pet - one so quiet, so cold, so different from her. Jinri is warmth and naturally they had hoped their daughter would pick someone more like herself, so that she might have a proper companion.

Krystal herself doesn't know why Jinri had selected her, aside from the obvious.

Tonight, Krystal quietly promises, she'll show herself worth the purchase.


The servants have done a quick sweep of the area downstairs after the celebration is over and either returned their homes or quarters. Jinri's mother and father had wished her another happy birthday, kissing her both on either cheek before leaving for home. She's to join them in the morning, to see the surprise they have waiting for her. Siwon goes to bed early, because he has appointments in the morning.

Gripping her pet's fingers loosely in her own, Jinri takes Krystal upstairs to retire to their room.

"What a night," she says, dropping into bed with her gown still on. It will probably wrinkle, but the maids can iron it out later. Grinning up at Krystal, still standing nearby, towering over her for only this brief moment, she reaches her hands out for the pet to take. When Krystal does, climbing onto the bed to sit beside her mistress, Jinri settles herself so that her back is facing her pet. "Help me out of this dress, will you?"

Krystal's fingers are sure, but slow, as she undoes the buttons holding the gown together at Jinri's back. As it parts, revealing more of Sulli's pale pink skin, Krystal admires the curve of her back.

"Will you plait my hair for me, as well?" Jinri asks. "Mother normally does it for me."

"I rather like your hair down like this," Krystal replies, before she can stop herself. But Jinri has never minded her speaking her thoughts thus far, and this time is no different. Her soft, bubbling laughter fills the room, as she shifts, her bodice dropping to around her waist. She's swimming in fabric, breasts barely covered by her long, flowing black hair, her jewels pretty but out of place across her bare chest.

"Then I'll wear it down all the time, just for you," she says, eyes sparkling. She looks beautiful, pale and pure and Krystal wants to ruin her.

Jinri is the one to initiate the kiss, hand gentle as ever on Krystal's cheek, as she pulls her in.

But it isn't long before Krystal's hand is at her mistress's waist, head tilted slightly so that she can angle herself for a deeper kiss. Jinri gasps as Krystal cups one of her breasts, her thumb brushing faintly over her already pert nipple. Krystal takes advantage of this moment to slip her tongue into Jinri's mouth, tasting the wine Jinri had taken that night during her brother's toast.

The most they've done up to this point is kiss. Quiet, stolen kisses, as Jinri had looked Krystal over at the seamstress's while altering her gown. Soft, gentle kisses before going to bed. Sweet, sleepy kisses at the breakfast table. And Krystal has still yet to see Jinri as exposed as this. It's difficult to resist, she realizes, and perhaps that's why she keeps taking and taking, until Jinri is laid out on the bed below her, moaning softly as she kisses her breathless and lets her hands explore the expanse of her body.

It's Jinri's nineteenth birthday. Krystal is determined to make it an unforgettable one.


Jinri is untouched. Krystal had already guessed as much and she had prepared herself for the fact that she would be the one to initiate her mistress, so to speak. But she hadn't anticipated how pliant and eager Jinri would be in her arms once all the jewels and fabric were gone. She hadn't expected she would want it just as much, with Jinri's tongue in her mouth as she curved two fingers inside her, thumb rubbing over the small nub between her mistress's legs, so sensitive to her touch.

Jinri is covered in a light sheen of sweat, body writhing on the satin sheets. She's wet and dripping all over Krystal's fingers and Krystal wonders what she might taste like. Probably something heady, like the faint traces of wine still on her tongue from the toast earlier this evening. As she turns her face to the side, apparently unable to take how Krystal's fingers are working inside her head on, Krystal trails her kisses to the long, white column of her neck.

"Krystal, please..." Though it's obvious Jinri has no idea what she's really asking for, but she's so eager for it that Krystal can feel her throbbing around her fingers.

Krystal shushes her, leaving small bruises all over her shoulders and collarbones. Her thumb works a little faster and Jinri's fingers twist in the sheets. When the pressure around her fingers intensifies, Krystal pulls back. Jinri whines, not wanting the feeling to stop, and speads her legs a little further.

"Open your eyes, Mistress."

Only when Jinri is looking at her straight on does Krystal take her own fingers into her mouth, licking them clean slowly, her tongue wrapping around them as she sucks them dry. Jinri's eyes are hooded with desire.

"How do I taste?"

"Sweet, Mistress." And as if to demonstrate, Krystal leans down, kissing Jinri so that she may experience it for herself.

Jinri moans against her lips, and Krystal slips a finger back inside her, pumping slowly. "More..." Jinri moans, already beginning to sound impatient.

Krystal obliges this time, breaking the kiss and scooting down Jinri's body. With two fingers now pumping inside her, she takes Jinri's clit into her mouth and sucks, wringing a choked sob from her mistress as her body arches off the bed, breasts raised and chest heaving when she drops back into the cushions.

Jinri is whimpering, nearly incoherent as Krystal doesn't hold back at all this time, tongue working quick in sure strokes over her slit as her fingers push mercilessly fast in and out of her. Her free hand is holding Jinri's knee down, keeping her spread apart and open, so that she may take as much as she wants. Jinri's taste is addicting and Krystal closes her eyes, well aware of the mess she's making as Jinri's juices start to drip down her chin.

When she curves her fingers, Jinri comes with a scream, clenching around her as her hips arch off the bed.

Krystal strokes her through her climax, waits for her breathing to even, though her soft whimpers don't seem to stop.

"Good night, Mistress," she murmurs, as Jinri's eyes flutter close.

Krystal cleans them both up, resisting the desire to finish herself since she didn't receive express permission from her mistress to do so. She goes to bed with a slight ache between her legs, settling herself at Jinri's side as she had the night before, head cushioned on Jinri's arm. The heat radiating from her mistress's body lulls her to sleep.
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