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surrounded on all sides
sutaohun; nc-17; approx 700
warnings: double penetration, bdsm themes
disclaimer: messing around in danie's petau.

They decide to try something new every once in a while when Tao has the time and Sehun has the energy, when Suho comes up with brilliant ideas that leave his master and his mate lying wrecked and boneless, curled up around him as he lets the warmth from their bodies lull him into a sleep that lasts only until he's feeling recharged again. Feeling ready to break them again in his gentle, smiling way.

This time, he notes casually how nice it might be to be more than only wrapped up in their arms, but filled with the both of them. This time he whispers into Tao's ear about being stretched wide enough for the both of them, before leaning over his master's shoulder to kiss Sehun long, and slow, and deep.

It's in moments that he's on his knees, on all fours, small, pretty mouth wrapped around Sehun's cock and wringing agonized moans from the younger boy as his master prepares him from behind. Two, three, four oil slicked fingers in total working slowly to stretch his walls, because Tao is always careful with Suho, always careful not to hurt Suho even when Suho is asking to be broken. (Though not in so many words - a pet like Suho would never ask outright.)

Suho hums, lips tight around Sehun's arousal, and the younger boy hisses, fingers digging into the sheets as he fights the urge to fuck himself into Suho's mouth. There will be time for that later. Right now he's watching Tao, watching Tao's eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration as he curls his fingers upwards, dragging out a soft, keening noise from the back of Suho's throat as the smaller pet collapses on one elbow, lips falling from Sehun's cock with an obscene sort of pop.

Tao withdraws his fingers, voice a little hoarse, a little rough as he commands Suho to get up, crawl on Sehun's lap.

Suho does so immediately, dragging himself up and moving over to straddle Sehun's thighs, still on his knees. He rests his arms on Sehun's shoulders, fingers in his hair, pulling him in for a comforting kiss as Tao settles behind him.

Sehun gasps against Suho's lips as Tao gently lowers Suho's hips over the crown of Sehun's arousal, letting just that much in, before his own is pressed to the smaller pet's entrance. Sehun moans as Suho seats himself, fights hard to stay still as he and his master, side by side, slide further into him.

Sehun's arms reach around the smaller pet's waist, locking him in place. He can feel Tao's arms snaking over his, holding onto his bicep as he starts to move. The tightness, the friction, is already beginning to feel like too much. It seems like the stretch is doing plenty for Suho, as well, Suho who is already panting between them, head lolling against Sehun's shoulder as he starts to beg, starts to plead for Tao to move faster, harder, Master, I can take it, I'm okay.

Tao obliges, hips snapping with purpose upwards. Sehun groans, but waits for permission - permission that comes with a squeeze from his master's hand against his shoulder, a look that says more than the lord is capable of at the moment - before he starts thrusting upwards, as well, matching every slide of his master's cock against his.

Suho can't speak anymore, mouth hanging slightly agape as he moans loud enough to cause echos in the spaciousness of Tao's bedchambers. Suho is pressed warm and pliant between them, entirely at the mercy of their rocking hips, stretched as far as he can go and filled to the brim with them - filled with their affection and protection and everything they could possibly ever want to give him.

Tao kisses the pet's shoulder, one hand moving around his waist, between his body and Sehun's to take his arousal in his hand. Suho sobs against Sehun's chest as his master assaults his senses from this end, as well, wrists snapping as quick as his hips, urging Suho to climax.

He knows nothing but their warmth when he comes, eyes closed tight, clenching around them and bringing them to completion without even realizing it.

They all collapse into bed together and Suho falls asleep once again with two sets of arms around him, holding him tight, close, safe.
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