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problem sets
xiumin/luhan; pg ; approx 300
note: the beginning of girl!lu verse lol i blame mano

so it begins like this. the teacher has called for them to pair up and before minseok can even look around for a partner, one lands herself in the seat beside his, big eyes turned to gaze as if into the very depths of his soul. but if she sees the fear hidden in those depths she does not seem to register it.

minseok swallows and nods, because what else can he do when she's got her hand at his elbow like a captive. their teacher is marking down names, anyway, and soon distributing the samples of paramecium they're meant to be inspecting.

"how about you write and i observe?" minseok suggests because math and science are more his area than luhan's, judging by her grades. she beams and with the way her eyes crinkle at the corners, he thinks she could be pretty.

things go well until the third sample, when he feels a weight on his knee. it's light, but there. when he glances down, he realizes it's luhan's hand. before he can ask her just what she's doing, she's slipped from her seat onto his lap.


she reaches for the microscope and then leans forward to peer in. "teacher told me i couldn't let you do all the work."

minseok swallows because all he can think about is how her bony butt feels pressed into his thigh. it isn't very comfortable. but she's not actually doing anything other than using his lap as a seat cushion. in the end, he reaches his arm around her and leans forward, asking her to tell him what she sees so he can mark it down on their worksheet.

with him sitting like this, one arm braced around her waist to keep her steady and the other reaching past her to write, they complete the problem set.

on a timetable
xiumin/luhan; g ; approx 550
note: snowglobe!au as noted by els

the clock strikes the hour and minseok steps out from the main building, central to their world, and touches his hand lightly to the badge at his chest. a simple gesture, it looks delicate and handsome, giving a sense of nostalgia to anyone watching as he looks up to the sky and watches the snowdrops fall.

his job is done and with a smile he looks down the steps from the main building to see a familiar sight skidding across the icy street and into yifan sitting at a nearby bench with the usual empty canvas resting beside him.

that's different, but it's always a little different with luhan, who somehow manages to take a new course every time the clock resets.

minseok takes the first step down to meet him.

"sorry!" luhan exclaims when he runs into minseok. today seems to be one of his more clumsy days, but minseok finds himself endeared rather than annoyed. laughing, he helps luhan stand upright again and shakes his head.

"my fault." it was his intention to get hit, though perhaps not so hard.

"in a rush?"

luhan is always in a rush, hurrying off to greet a mysterious girlfriend or sister or aunt with a box wrapped identical to the one in minseok's arms.

"ah, well- not really."

and after all this time, minseok still finds himself ducking his head, hiding his blush as luhan decides wherever he was going isn't as important as where he'd just found himself.

"are you? to get somewhere, i mean. I mean, are you free and can I buy you a drink or something?"

luhan's lines are never the smoothest, but minseok always finds himself smiling and going along. behind them, yixing has reached yifan, their story unfolding the way it always does, the way it always will.

minseok wonders if perhaps it might be better that way, rather than his repeating the same story a thousand different ways, knowing that when time is up, he is left with the memory of everything that has happened before, only without any of the effects.

his own fault, he supposes, for interfering that first time.

his own fault for being unable to stop since then.

this time, they sit at a small bistro and luhan tells some stories minseok has heard before, some he has never known. somehow, and this is what had attracted minseok in the first place, something always changes with luhan.

that bit of background embedded within each of the usual characters is generally set, solid, but luhan's is ever changing. some days he is meeting his girlfriend. other days his aunt. today he was just on the way to drop off a donation, but it can wait until after lunch.

he sometimes asks minseok about the box in his arms and minseok makes up a quick lie. this time luhan doesn't, and the ten minutes they've got goes by fast. just as luhan is about to hand minseok his phone number, tao steps out from his usual spot and snaps his fingers.

minseok closes his eyes as the clock resets, because he doesn't want to look at luhan's smiling face as they shift, he disappears, and minseok finds himself inside the main building once again.

sometimes he thinks about asking tao not to. but just as it is his job to make the snow fall, tao has his own duties to attend to.

untitled (pt 1)
xiumin/chanyeol; g ; approx 600
note: my own wolves!au, xiuyeol for shelbi and jojo

Fire and Ice. Generally not a good combination, but Minseok is oftentimes more cool and relaxed than cold and stiff that he can handle Chanyeol's remarkably high levels of energy. There must be something to be said for balance, Junmyeon always says in that unnaturally wise-beyond-his-years tone of voice that must have picked up from all those meetings with the clan elders. Yifan just watches in wonder as Chanyeol somehow convinces Minseok to try supermarket cart surfing, something he'd never consent to if anyone else asked.

Actually Minseok and Chanyeol are quite close. Perhaps it comes from sharing the same room, something that had originally been advised against, but the others found worked because Chanyeol constantly needed someone to wake him up in the morning and Minseok was the only one who 1) got up early enough and 2) wasn't afraid to do it. But in truth it is more likely because of times like whe someone had dared to shove Chanyeol to the ground over a minor go-stop dispute and Minseok had been the only one to sneak visits to him during his probation period. One set, mind, because he in his rage had incinerated the eyebrows off his aggressor's face.

"Chanyeol's a lot warmer than you'd think," Minseok always says when the topic of Chanyeol's latest misdemeanors comes up.

"Fire and brimstone when he isn't snippy and rude," Jongin chips in as Minseok turns a frown on him. He shrugs, continuing along his way with the milk carton from the fridge in his hand, leaving Minseok behind with their newest housemate, another foundling from China named Luhan.

"There must be something about me he doesn't like," Luhan says with a bit of a frown. He looks as if he doesn't understand, as if he isn't used to the idea of anyone not liking him. He probably isn't.

Actually Luhan is very likeable - handsome, easy-going, good at sports, passable in school, and always smiling. SInce he's the same age as Minseok, the clan heads had asked Minseok to make sure he adapts well, and Minseok had takes that responsibility very seriously. They spend a lot of their time together, but Minseok doesn't mind it when Luhan is so easy to be around and they've got soccer in common.

Actually Minseok does find it odd, especially during one of the weekly-mandated late night study sessions. This is when the elder members of the pack help the younger ones with their assignments as another form of bonding. Minseok has been assigned Sehun for this year's coursework, because Sehun has expressed an interest in mathematics and science. Actually Luhan is doing the same basic coursework as Minseok, so he's helping him out, as well, but he arrives late and as soon as he does, Chanyeol makes a snippy remark about grand entrances that leaves Luhan's ears red. Minseok offers him a soda and tells him to sit down while Chanyeol slinks into a corner to read quietly beside Kris and Yixing, who are only faking actual work in favor of playing on their phones.

"No need to be so cold," Minseok teases once they're back inside their room that night and he's tucked himself into his covers.

"No need to be so warm," Chanyeol mutters, clearly not intending to be heard. But that's the thing about wolves is that their hearing is quite sharp. Minseok doesn't get it at first, then recalls the way Chanyeol had scoffed earlier. Handing Luhan a glass of cola had of course meant nothing to him, but he is beginning to see why Chanyeol has been behaving so oddly recently.

He only has half the story.

untitled (pt 2)
xiumin/chanyeol; g ; approx 500
note: my own wolves!au, xiuyeol for shelbi and jojo

Minseok tries to reassure Chanyeol that just because someone else has a little bit more of his attention, it doesn't mean he won't have any left to spare his friends.

"I'm just helping him out." He looks up from where he's tying his shoelaces at the front door and offers Chanyeol what he hopes is a reassuring smile. "I'll be home for dinner."

Chanyeol's sulky expression doesn't get any better and Minseok can only sigh as he leans back and reaches to kick Chanyeol lightly in the shins with his soccer cleats. It earns him a withering glare and he shakes his head, giving it up for a lost cause before heading out with Luhan for soccer team tryouts.

Strictly speaking, they're to be careful when engaged in sport with normal humans, because they have something of an unfair advantage. But it's no point trying to keep teenaged boys away from such activities, as was learned long enough ago that the rules were bent under the condition that they held back if they were going to participate.

Tryouts go pretty well and they're both expected to make the team, though officially the roster won't be out until the following week. Luhan insists on celebrating anyway and Minseok lets him drag him out to a bubble tea shop that he's recently discovered on a walk home. "You and the bubble tea. Isn't it too sweet?"

Minseok learns that Luhan doesn't actually like to drink anything that isn't artificially sweetened, save for water. Luhan asks Minseok for a piece of trivia to even the "score." Not that Minseok knows what score they're actually keeping.

"What do you want to know?" he asks, easily enough.

"Why you aren't alpha." Luhan asks the question like he's been waiting for just the right moment to pounce on it. Minseok just blinks at him, then laughs.

Of course, it isn't such a strange question. The eldest among them and not the alpha of the pack. It must have been surprising to Luhan once he'd learned. But the truth is-

"I'm not really alpha material."

Luhan cants his head to the side, expecting more, and Minseok takes a moment to find the words to explain. "I mean... I thought about it. But... Junmyeon does a better job. And he- well, he wanted it more. I didn't."

It's as simple as that, really. In the end, Minseok didn't want it. Minseok didn't want the responsibility of caring for an entire pack, though in his own small ways he took care of them fine as a hyung. But hyung and alpha are two different things, and he's aware of how much heavier the responsibilities are in one compared to the other.

"I see," Luhan murmurs, going back to sipping his taro bubble tea. And Minseok wonders just what he does see what he looks at him from over the glass.

When he returns that night, it's to find Chanyeol seated at the kitchen table. Dinner must have long since finished, since nobody else is around. Luhan gives Chanyeol a nervous look and runs upstairs as Minseok mentally slaps himself.

"Shit, I'm sorry."

Luhan hightails it for his room with a quick greeting to Chanyeol and doesn't seem to expect a response back.

untitled (pt 3)
xiumin/chanyeol; g ; approx 400
note: my own wolves!au, xiuyeol for shelbi and jojo

"I'm not mad," Chanyeol says, slamming down his mug so hard that the sound makes Minseok wince, even as he's got his arms wrapped around the taller boy from behind, cheek nuzzling against his back in an effort to calm him down.

This close Minseok can feel the heat of his feelings radiating off of him and he's certainly not happy, not okay.

"Right. Not mad. But I'm sorry, all the same."

Sorry because he had forgotten and Chanyeol knows Minseok /never/ forgets, so he's going to read more into this than he needs to. Minseok is kicking himself, because it isn't like he had /really/ forgotten, he's been thinking about this for weeks, but of course on the day of-

"I already have your present. Don't you want to see you?"

That at least captures Chanyeol's interest. Chanyeol loves getting presents. Chanyeol loves it being his birthday, because it's the one day everyone in the pack has to be nice to him, and usually Minseok plans something to do as a team. But he's been so wrapped up in helping Luhan out-

Maybe there is reason for Chanyeol to be reacting in this way. He pushes the thought out of his mind for the time being and lets his arms drop from around Chanyeol's waist only to take him by the hand and lead him upstairs to their shared room.

"We'll do something tomorrow, I promise. But you can at least see what I spent weeks working on for you." He gives him his best gummy smile and is glad to see the corner of Chanyeol's mouth perk up just a tiny bit.

Minseok did spend weeks figuring it out, because when you've lived practically your entire life with someone, celebrated almost as many birthdays as they've lived through, it becomes harder and harder to come up with new ideas. The last few years his gifts had been somewhat superficial, though Chanyeol had appreciated them all the same. But this year, Minseok had come across a brilliant idea.

"It's a protection charm," he says, hooking the chain around Chanyeol's neck and letting the tear-shaped pendant rest heavy against Chanyeol's chest. "My own protection charm, so you won't need me around to fight your battles anymore," he teases. But now that he's old enough to perform this kind of magic, he thought he would make the first spell count.

It's enough to bring that typical Chanyeol smile back and he grins as Chanyeol laughs and holds up the pendant to admire.
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