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fic dump

perfect for you
xiumin/exo; pg-13 ; approx 700
warnings: implied sex?

in which kris likes girls who are sweet and innocent and at least minseok looks the part. he likes holding his small hands and seeing the way his eyes turn into little half moons when he smiles. he likes the way his gummy smile shows off cute little pearl white teeth that make him ook even younger. he likes how small he fits in his arms on chilly winter days. and how he will without fail always shake him awake in the mornings he finds it hard to roll out of bed.

in which kyungsoo is actually looking for something cute but sassy, sexy. and minseok is daring and dangerous in their private time. kyungsoo enjoys the rush of secret moments behind supply closet doors and secluded stairwells and most definitely the shows minseok puts on in the privacy of his bedroom.

in which baekhyun honestly likes them a little chubby and minseok /isn't/, not really, but his cheeks are soft and round and rosey and he is funny, athletic, and real. they laugh, make toilet jokes, and baekhyun is perfectly satisfied with how minseok's thighs are so strong as they wrap around his waist.

in which chanyeol is the take charge kind of guy and the only person whose attention he /can't/ get is minseok's. but let's face it, chanyeol likes the chase and so chase he does and minseok rewards him with small games like ride-the-luggage-cart and small kisses stolen between extra dance practices where chanyeol thinks he is the one changing things up, calling the shots by directing minseok on the things he should be directing him on. minseok finds chanyeol endearing and chanyeol likes to think this is his charm at its best so they both go with it because the end result still leaves them both pretty satisfied.

in which junmyeon needs that bit of support at the end of the day, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen and minseok is older, wiser, happens to give pretty good shoulder rubs as he listens because talking was never his strongest suit anyway.

in which sehun is still impossibly young and minseok has been there since their late night meals and train rides back home and it only seems natural to lean into him for support and comfort and stability when things start moving too fast and sehun isn't able to keep up.

in which tao is equally young at heart and he can find comfort in kris's words but he finds a totally different kind of comfort in minseok's arms when they're bored and curled up together, into each other, and it feels entirely natural how things progress from there.

in which jongin is the kid who sits behind the pretty girl in class and pulls on her pigtails because thats his way of showing interest. minseok doesn't have pigtails so he makes fun of his height and young young face instead and he is only lucky minseok is old enough to recognize the patterns because when he winds up flat on his back gasping for breath after minseok has flipped him, he is rewarded rather han punished with something like a black eye.

in which jongdae is into girls with pretty smiles and minseok isnt a girl but he has a pretty smile especially in china when it is only jongdae he really understands, only jongdae who understands him so they laugh at all of each other's jokes and jongdae feels a little less lonely. especially on those nights minseok crawls into his bed and reminds him.

in which yixing practically blooms in his home country and minseok can't help but notice. in which minseok shrinks so far away from home and yixing can perfectly understand. in which they both sit for hours in silence because words aren't from these two who understand each other so well despite the vast differences in /when/.

in which minseok wonders why he isn't in love with yixing but you can't really choose things like that and for all that luhan is too touchy and childish and really incredibly poor with words, minseok kind of loves being dragged into the fun, being lifted and thrown around, and most of all loves waking up to his face the most in the mornings.

chanyeol/baekhyun; r ; approx 700
warnings: sex under the influence of drugs/alcohol, mentions of violence, alcohol and substance abuse
note: danie started this off with their first meeting and i went on with the rest. ><

they met when baekhyun couldn't even walk a straight line and chanyeol's world was a blurry spinning tunnel of wonder.

they fell into bed after baekhyun threw up his stomach's contents into the toilet of chanyeol's trailer and chanyeol came down from his high enough to be able to grab baekhyun's wrist and pull him on top of himself.

they fucked when baekhyun couldn't remember his own name and chanyeol thought that baekhyun was his ex-girlfriend.

but when they wake up the next morning and chanyeol offers advils for baekhyun's pounding head and baekhyun's eyes are pretty and dazed in the morning sunlight, both of them think that /maybe I could still love him sober/.

they exchange phone numbers - well, chanyeol hasn't exactly got one, so it's really more baekhyun scribbles his down on a pretty piece of note paper from chanyeol's ex. he's been using her letters as napkins and baekhyun doesn't even blink twice at the chocolate stain smeared across where her name used to be.

"call me."

but chanyeol doesn't promise to and neither of them expects they'll meet up any time soon. that's just not how their lives work.

but they do and it's at the same club, around the same time, and they fall into bed in very much the same way.

except this time chanyeol looks up and doesn't see amy riding him - he sees baekhyun. and maybe it's the drugs, maybe it's the high, but baekhyun is positively glowing. maybe it's the pot, maybe it's the e, but baekhyun feels absolutely amazing against and around him.

when he wakes up in the morning, catches a glimpse of baekhyun curled up at his side, make-up smeared and lips parted, fluttering slightly with the way he snores, he still thinks he's beautiful.

so chanyeol digs out that piece of note-paper, calls baekhyun that weekend before heading out, and finds that baekhyun's already at his intended destination.

they fuck again, after a night of flirting and bar games and chanyeol whines that since baekhyun teased him for his ears, he owes him a blow job. it must have been a pretty convincing argument because that's exactly what baekhyun gives him in the tiny stall of his shower that night.

they're perfect like this. they have /fun/ and that's all either of them has ever been after.

when baekhyun gets kicked out of his parents' house after trashing the car - he's lucky he didn't trash himself, his mother reminds him through broken sobs - it's chanyeol's he goes to. he doesn't explain until the next morning, but chanyeol does something unbelievablee, something that shocks even him when he opens his mouth to say it.

"you can always stay with me."

and just like that baekhyun is living with him.

they're not a thing. they refuse to be a thing, because it'd be too /domestic/ and /normal/ and they aren't their parents, they don't want that life. they'd rather have the passion brought on by too many drugs and too much alcohol.

because then they can blame the drugs and alcohol when baekhyun comes home to find chanyeol with two girls in his bed and starts screaming at him for supposedly no reason at all. they can blame the drugs and alcohol when chanyeol slaps baekhyun and then holds his face and cries himself as he kisses him and promises sorry, next time he'll do better. they can blame the drugs and alcohol while chanyeol fucks baekhyun over the sink and lets three dangerous words slip out as he comes spurting hot and hard inside him.

the longer they stay together, the less they talk. they laugh, they curse, they fuck. they don't dare to do anything else.

twilight. it's a typical thursday. after a few rounds in chanyeol's "new" car, they sit atop the hood and baekhyun's got his usual bottle dangling between his legs, leaning back into chanyeol's arms around from behind. he can feel chanyeol's breath warm on his cheek, the sharp jut of his chin in his shoulder.

the sun is going down, but they watch without seeing it. neither is aware that they're both thinking the same words they can't say, that they're both picturing the very future they'd sworn off. neither is brave enough to admit this game might have become something real.

exo; g ; approx 300
note: not really a fanfic, more like a summary. i was toying with the idea after the win ending episdoe.

au in which it was exo-m v exo-k. leaders kris v junmyeon. dancing machines kai v yixing. rappers tao v chanyeol. vocals kyungsoo and baekhyun v chen and luhan. sub-dancers sehun v minseok.

in which minseok wonders why he wasn't with k, yixing wonders if he can measure up, kris wonders if so many years here weren't just a waste.

in which luhan realizes this isn't just a game, tao is forced to grow up fast, and chen takes the first step forward with determination.

in which junmyeon shoulders responsibility for not only his so many years of training but jongin's and chanyeol's and sehun's, as well.

in which baekhyun quietly carries his so many years of waiting deep within himself until the day results are revealed and he is sobbing with the rest of them.

in which kyungsoo meticulously as ever does his best and holds junmyeon's hand to reassure him everything will be okay.

in which sehun practices till all hours of the night with jongin but still makes time for bubble tea with luhan bc "we're still friends."

in which sehun wishes minseok "good luck. good night." at the end of one of their long train rides home, because it's a week till d-day and they won't be seeing much of each other until then.

in which kris finally calls home just to listen to his mom reassuring him that no matter what, he's come this far, and she's proud of him.

in which he does his best to repeat not only the words, but the sentiment to tao before they go on, because he looks like he's about to puke.

in which minseok squeezes luhan's hand because it's no longer a question of why wasn't he placed in k, but what if they can no longer be m?

of quaint dreams
luhan/minseok; g ; approx 200
note: just a small drabble, from flavia's stripper!seok au.

it's sitting on his couch with a hot mug of vanilla latte in his slowly thawing hands that luhan first hears of minseok's dream.

"this is good coffee," the conversation had started out, and then somehow they were discussing coffee chains and lamenting the trend's affect on regular mom-pop shops.

"you could be mom," minseok teases, nose pressed to luhan's cheek for a moment before he plants a very soft kiss there. but he's entirely serious when he says, "i want to open up my own place one day."

luhan's eyebrows raise in surprise. "really? you want to do something like that?" something so simple seems incongruent to the man luhan saw dancing that first night. but with a mug of coffee in both hands right now, bangs shielding his face as he looks down into what he's just brewed with quiet contemplation, luhan can see it matches him pretty well.

"do you think it's silly?" the other boy asks, no small hint of challenge in his voice.

luhan grins, leans over and gives him a kiss. "i can be mom."

caught up
luhan/minseok; g ; approx 200
note: just a small drabble, from danie's girl!seok au.

boys like minseok because she's small and little and they want to put her in their pocket. they want to wrap their arms around her and call it protection but what they're seeking is /ownership/. they want to hold her hand and see how theirs can wrap so fully around it because there's satisfaction in being so big and powerful you could wrap somebody else up in your entire existence.

luhan is the first boy to hold her hand and lace their fingers together. he likes the way her fingers peek between his because he likes the idea of belonging to her as much as she belongs to him. he likes to lift her and swing her around not as a display of his own strength but because he likes seeing her soar. he lets her take him by the wrist (and never the other way around) and she takes the lead with no complaints from him.

because the truth of it is that she doesn't belong to him, but she's entirely swallowed him up in her own existence.

kris/minseok; g ; approx 50
note: half a drabble.

kris likes minseok coz he thinks he is small like a toy. he wants to and believes he /can/ own him.

minseok lets him.

until one day kris thinks he is finally getting what he wants but it's /him/ on his back, legs in the air and cute, sweet minseok is smiling all gums and pearly teeth over him.

lean on me
junmyeon/tao; g ; approx 300
note: for aga.

junmyeon is the leader of a twelve member international boyband and that means a lot of responsibilities. responsibilities like waking up a dragon every morning, sending their youngest off to school, preparing snacks and meals for long car trips - all in all, his job is a lot like a mother's.

that's why he makes no protests when somehow his role goes from the papa of exo k to the mama of all exo.

tao is especially fond of calling him this, especially fond of teasing him by confusing him with related nicknames he can't understand in mandarin.

tao is the one he winds up babying the most, because from junmyeon he will accept how much of a child he still is. he lets junmyeon check on his injuries rather than faking okay. he lets junmyeon hook an arm around him to support him while walking. he lets junmyeon send him off to bed with a warm glass of milk and a hug.

and then there are days junmyeon is the one who needs the pampering. when his eyes have dark circles that could rival even tao's. when he's gotten up so early and stayed up so late making sure everyone has completed their individual schedules successfully. when he's taken on another schedule just because he doesn't have it in him to stay away, stay too far out of the spotlight, and all his insecurities come out in quiet confessions to tao as they lay curled up in bed waiting for a few restful hours of sleep to come.

tao rests his head on junmyeon's shoulder, lets him lean in against him, and together they hold each other up.
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