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crossing into new territory
xiumin/hakyeon (n); nc-17 ; approx 800
note: In which Hakyeon dresses up as Enmi for one of his dates with Minseok. I have no idea what this is, I'm sorry. orz

Hakyeon snaps a picture of himself as 'EnMi' and, before posting to twitter, sends it first to one recently renamed 'XiuHee' on his phone. By the time his tweet has been made, he's got a reply.

XiuHee: Are you serious?
EnMi: Better than the Beatles.

He snaps his phone shut and ignores the vibration that comes with Minseok's reply. Closing his eyes, a small smile on his lips, he falls asleep on the car ride home. His exhaustion is as good an excuse as any for not changing out of his outfit right away.

When he sneaks to the EXO dorms late that night, he is lucky not to run into anyone on the way up. Even the most 'dedicated' fans have gone home or fallen asleep waiting outside. Minseok, when he comes to get him at the door, has the sense not to turn the lights on.

"Are you serious?" he repeats, when he's got Hakyeon locked up with him in the bathroom, flourescent lighting allowing him to see the finer details of tonight's ensemble.

"You don't think I'm pretty, oppa?" Hakyeon says with a teasing smile, hands on Minseok's hips as he steps towards him, closing the distance between them. Minseok responds with a kiss, which is all Hakyeon really needs in terms of confirmation.


Their reputations preceding them, Minseok had been aware that the VIXX members might be somewhat eccentric. But eccentric seemed to be his type and getting close to Hakyeon had quickly turned into getting involved with him. There was something charming about the way he talked - perhaps it was just that he talked so much. In a group of 12, Minseok had gotten used to sitting back and listening.

Sometimes, like tonight, he sat and watched. Watched as Hakyeon, sitting back on his knees, wrapped his glossy lips around Minseok's cock and take it in. He bit back a moan, having learned by now how to remain silent even under duress. And this was indeed a situation of distress, because he was used to seeing Hakyeon in this position, but not used to the way his pretty mascara'd eyelashes fanned over his cheeks as he whimpered in delicate tones. Not used to the way his hair was done up in pigtails to look sweet and vulnerable and damn, it was all a bit too much to handle.

"Whose idea was this?" he finally mutters.

Hakyeon responds with a soft moan and Minseok hisses, reaching down to stroke his cheek, then touch his curls.

Hakyeon looks up at him expectantly and Minseok mumbles, "Pretty." It earns him a bright-eyed smile, before Hakyeon picks up the pace and has him tense and gasping against the porcelain of the toilet seat, coming down the other man's throat.


Hakyeon is aware that Minseok doesn't like the Sohee comparisons. Doesn't like to be called pretty or cute, though he'll put up with it when it's the fans because that's the image he's trying to sell. It's the image that works.

But Hakyeon knows Minseok better than they do, better than most might. And he knows that Minseok may not be pretty, but he certainly likes pretty things. He has a taste, a type, judging by his past girlfriends. (Hakyeon, as it turns out, is his first real 'boyfriend,' if they wanted to attach labels like that.)

Hakyeon is trying to fit the image and he can tell Minseok likes it. Can tell because Minseok hasn't forced off the wig or the dress, instead has him bent over the sink with one leg raised, supported on the side of the bathtub, as he fucks him between his panties against it.

Looking at him through the mirror, he can see Minseok admiring his features, fingers once more brushing over the curls of his hair, and gasps when Minseok's fingers brush over his throat as he thrusts hard and sharp against him. Minseok is slicked and moving faster, angling Hakyeon now so that he can drive even deeper into him.

"Oppa..." he whimpers.

Minseok doesn't protest, and so he calls out to him again, in the same practiced, delicate tones.

"Hakyeon..." Minseok mutters, nearly growls.

"EnMi," Hakyeon corrects him.

It sounds sweet on his lips.


But when Minseok finishes, it is with his hand gripped tightly around Hakyeon's cock, deft fingers pumping him to his own orgasm. He knows what this is, and he enjoys it, but he knows what they are as well.

When his body has managed to stop trembling, he finally lets go and slides out of him. Hakyeon takes a few moments before he can drop his leg and stand upright again, shimmying to get his panties into proper position before turning around.

"Did you like that, oppa?" he asks, with a cheeky smile.

Minseok pulls him into his arms, wrapping them around the other's waist, and pressing another kiss to his lips.

Round two has the both of them in the bath, warm water around them, and Minseok gasps out only, "Hakyeon" until he comes.
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