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three's company
xiuhankai; nc-17 ; approx 300
note: written for danie, a kind of spin-off of her girl!seok au, based on this

It is a peculiar feeling for Luhan, being both trapped within someone and filled by another. It does things to his senses that cannot be articulated, so all that comes out are shallow breaths and moans choked at the back of his throat. Minseok's small hands are massaging at the nape of his neck, urging him on. But it is only with a sharp thrust from Jongin behind him that starts him off.

He leans his head down to look at Minseok, sees her sweat slicked hair clinging to her smooth, pale forehead, eyes half lidded as she gasps and pants and whimpers in response to the way he is stroking her from inside. He kisses her and feels Jongin shift, movements faster and angle sharper. He gasps and when he loses control of the kiss, has Minseok pressed to his chest, Jongin steals her lips, steals Luhan's taste right out of her mouth.

Luhan can't even complain because it feels too good, too good to be inside Minseok like this, too good to have her soft, warm curves pressed up against him, too good the way Jongin is filling him.

Without warning, when Jongin manages to find just the right angle, he tenses up, comes spilling out. He cries out Minseok's name and she whimpers something unintelligible against Jongin's mouth. But it is a surprise to them all when Jongin gasps out, "Hyung!"

In the end, Luhan watches Jongin finish Minseok off, mouth pressed to her clit as he uses his tongue expertly to wring out sounds Luhan himself didn't know she was capable of making. But it is with Luhan's hand around him, his body pressed to Jongin's back, when he finally comes.

They fall asleep with Minseok between them, her head to Luhan's shoulder, Jongin wrapped around her from behind. And it isn't her hand he is holding in the end, his grip somewhere by Luhan's elbow.

home is where your heart is
xiuhan; nc-17 ; approx 700
note: written for danie, based on not at all real events lol

Minseok introduces Luhan to his parents not for the first time this Chuseok, but it is the first time he has been invited to his home. It's quaint, being out in the country. Minseok's family is just as quiet and gentle as he is and Luhan is greeted with a warm hug and an invitation to have his run of the house. He doesn't know why he had been so nervous.

"Are you sure it's ok?" Luhan had asked, fingers tugging at the sheets compulsively, apprehensively. "Chuseok is a family thing."

"You're family," Minseok had replied.

With those two words and a soft, almost carelessly laid kiss to his forehead, he had made it impossible for Luhan to make any further arguments. Had taken his ability to form words at all, really.

He steals his breath away once again in the privacy of his former bedroom. Though not really former because, like most parents, his mother had insisted on keeping things the way they were. It isn't much different from his room at the dorm. It is neat and organized, everything in its place. But the stars dotting the ceiling add a wistful, youthful touch.

"I wanted to be an astronomer," Minseok had confided when he sent Luhan toppling onto his back on the bed. Luhan traces made-up patterns as he lays staring up at them, distracting himself from the way Minseok has him with his legs spread, hard and heavy cock gripped at the base while Minseok teases the head with his tongue.

He is trying to hold back, because this is just the way Minseok likes to prepare him. Sometimes he thinks it would be so nice to come and spill himself all across Minseok's pretty, fine features. But Minseok hates a mess and what he does after makes the wait worthwhile.

"Seok ah..." he moans now, fingers twisting in the other's hair as he twists his hips and pushes himself up to the back of Minseok's throat. Minseok doesn't choke, takes him in, and Luhan continues. "Is that picture you?"

Of course it is. Anyone can see it from the gummy smile to the bright eyes, even if they are bespectacled.

Minseok laughs and the quiet rumble of it has Luhan trembling. He pulls back, answers, "Sexy, wasn't I?"

Hardly, but there is something attractive about this younger, chubbier him. "Happy," Luhan corrects him. He looks happy. Luhan glances down, sees Minseok smiling, and the resemblance is even more striking.

They don't need words. Both know when the other is ready and Minseok can see now from the way Luhan is looking at him that he is. He slips on a condom, protection from mess rather than anything else. They're both clean and they know it. He moves over Luhan's lap, lowers himself onto his cock with a nearly inaudible groan matched shortly after by Luhan's. They have to be quiet, considering the company outside.

When he has Luhan in down to the hilt, he sets the rhythm, the angle. Luhan lets him move as he wants, because no matter how he does, it's always good. Minseok takes care to please Luhan as much as he does himself.

Luhan had asked once if he ought to wear a condom, as well. "Feels better for you this way, though, doesn't it?" had been the reply. "And no mess for me."

Luhan had laughed, but quietly reveled in the knowledge that every time they did this, Minseok meant to make him feel as good as he possibly could. He trusted it.

It doesn't take long, they only have a little time before dinner is scheduled to be served, and Minseok moves with urgency. Luhan grips tight to his hips when he comes, letting him ride himself through his orgasm, letting the way his muscles constrict around him drive him to his own orgasm. He sees nothing but bright white for a moment, then finds himself staring open mouthed up at the stars dotting the ceiling. Minseok eventually slumps forward, face coming into view, and Luhan smiles.

"Welcome home," Minseok whispers before their lips meet, swallowing Luhan's words before they can be uttered. You're my home.

let the past stay in the past
xiuhun; pg ; approx 300
note: written for danie

Tuesday night marks the beginning of their brief, two day vacation. As some members are on their way out the door, others are still packing. But most are in a haste to leave. As much as they enjoy each other's company, Chuseok is a family holiday and they're mostly eager to return home.

Minseok waves Kyungsoo off, leaves Yixing and Luhan to their excited chatter over what they will do on their respective trips home, and finds Sehun still trying to sort through his socks.

"Don't you have enough at home?" he asks, squatting down beside him.

"These are /gifts/," their youngest insists

Some cheap gifts, Minseok wants to tease, but Sehun looks serious. He ruffles his hair as he stands up instead. "Well, ready when you are."

It doesn't actually take long and with their last goodbyes to their bandmates, they're out the door. It's almost like old times, though they know better than to ride the subway with their luggage like they used to. Things aren't the same, not really. But they pretend they are in the backseat of Yongmin's car - they laugh and tease and shove at each other like they used to, always have, really. They don't buckle up, make announcements at every stop light and arbitrarily assign exit doors though they all know no one will be alighting till their final destinations.

On the ride, Minseok falls asleep with his head on Sehun's shoulder. Just like old days. With Yongmin's eyes on the road, Sehun knows he isn't looking, so does something he never would have dared to back then. And whether or not he should have is still up in the air, but he isn't the same person he was then, and the person he is now is bold enough to turn his head just enough to rush his lips over Minseok's temple.

They arrive, at last, and Sehun is the first off, as usual.

"See you tomorrow, hyung."

Minseok smiles his gummy smile and waves him off, totally oblivious. Some things never do change.

xiuhan; g ; approx 400
note: written for danie, in an au in which exo isn't as successful

So EXO was a mistake, but as it turns out, you can still make a decent living off of a tiny bit of fame from a very small part of a fairly big fanbase.

Minseok is technically tied to his contract for a couple more years, but that's nothing to get in the way of him starting off a small venture such as this. There is a steady flow of fans - some are his, some the other members. K is still doing well and will occasionally visit. It is another matter for M.

But Minseok doesn't mind so much. He is on stage rarely these days, but private sessions for the trainees who live near Guri allow him the opportunity to grow even as he is teaching. His aspirations are no longer about shining with sharp moves on the stage - he wants to live life in the moment and enjoy whatever it is he is doing. Fortunately, he enjoys teaching. Fortunately, business is doing well.

But some days are frustrating. When Jongdae visits three times in a row and gives his greetings behind designer sunglasses, trying not to be noticed but eager to catch his hyung up on the latest news in his life. Minseok doesn't always want to hear it. When he sees Jongdae - Jongdae who was fortunate enough to sign with another label and break free from his contract - he sees too many what ifs. But Minseok knows he would have had nowhere to go even if he had tried to follow the same path.

Not that it really matters because the only place he would have really wanted to end up at seems far too out of reach.

Luhan and Tao and Kris have all returned to China. Kris is back to being Wu Yifan, acting and gaining equal amounts of praise and criticism depending on the audience. But most admit he is improving and he is a success if only because he continues to land role after role after role. Tao took on stunt jobs and is rising to fame with a new position as a lead in some upcoming movie. Luhan - well, Minseok hears from Jongdae anyway that he is doing very well.

It isn't that they didn't try to keep in touch. But busy schedules made regular phone calls impossible and Minseok doesn't really know how to use weibo. Twitter is blocked in China and people keep hacking Luhan's kakao story account.

They both give up on trying to arrange to meet for coffee. Instead, on his own, Minseok opens up a cafe. It is something they had always talked about running together, one day.
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