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xiuhan (friendship); pg ; approx 300
note: written a while back for my xiustan friends :) based on this

Performing overseas leaves Minseok with equal amounts of excitement and dread. Flash back to just a little over a year ago at their debut stage, see them disregarded as a group over two members who didn't belong, hear them criticized for lack of etiquette they didn't yet understand, and one can easily see why. So on the way to Kazan, he smiles, but it is that smile borne of stress and anxiety that is trying desperately not to show.

At the transit, he is quiet, barely waves, though Russian fans seem friendly and orderly and he should be grateful, but he's nervous. What if he messes up on stage? What if one of them slips outside of formation? They're performing at a huge arena and he is representing his entire country in just a few days' time.

He continues to practice the choreography even as they're waiting, reinforcing the steps in his mind. He stumbles, because he hasn't had enough sleep, all thoughts of what could go wrong making it impossible on the plane.

Luhan notices it when he's walking over to Sehun, ready to sit and wait, and realizes that Minseok isn't right behind him as he'd thought he was. With a gentle pat to the younger's neck pillow, he walks back. Seeing the concern in his eyes when he raises them, he can't help reaching up to touch his face, a gentle reassurance. They've got time to worry later. Right now what Minseok needs is a break.

As he slings his arm playfully over the other's shoulder, he is relieved when Minseok closes his eyes and relaxes, head turning into the embrace, breath warm against Luhan's neck. He takes full advantage of this opportunity to drag Minseok away, to find a chair on the other side where he can sit him down for a few moments before it's their turn to check in luggage.

/Don't worry. We'll make it through this together./
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